Naughty Interludes: (Healing Hands Collection) Canine One One

Naughty Interludes: (Healing Hands Collection) Canine One One

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"Happy hour starts with one shot"

Naughty Interludes brings you quick, fast, dirty erotic delights in a potent little package! Get your weekend kicked off to a sensual start with these delectable cock-tales ;)

Healing Hands Collection: Human touch can be the best medicine.

ABOUT Canine One One:

Vet provides healing services for a long time client she’s long had an attraction to and things get a little intimate.




“Yes.” She suppressed her surprise with laughter when he pulled her into a hearty hug. “Thank you so much for seeing us. You have no idea what it means.” 

She completed the hug and took a deep inhale of his smell, fresh deodorant, laundry detergent and light cologne. They pulled away, but his hand lingered around her waist and their eyes met and held each other for an extended period. Their smiles slowly faded as they searched the other’s face. His eyes fell to her mouth and hers to his. Her insides started fluttering around at the anticipation of something she’d fantasized about for years finally coming to fruition. He cupped her face in his hands and slowly moved his face down toward hers.

They both jumped apart when Parker’s loud, happy bark broke the moment.

She laughed and rubbed the back of her neck then cleared her throat. “Alright, Parker, I hear you.” She stooped down and petted the dog, who was wagging his tail. “I suppose I’ll see you later and you’ll get more attention than you want.” She looked up at the dog’s owner from under her lashes. He was gazing down at her with those cerulean eyes.

He placed the dog on the floor. “That’s for sure. Thanks again, Dr. Regis.”

“Please, call me Wanda.” The dog barked again, wagging his tail. “You can call me Dr. Regis,” she said to the nosy canine. “You two have a good afternoon. We’ll see you soon, okay?”