Naughty Interludes: (Acts Of Indiscretion) Out of Body

Naughty Interludes: (Acts Of Indiscretion) Out of Body

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"Happy hour starts with one shot"

Naughty Interludes brings you quick, fast, dirty erotic delights in a potent little package! Get your weekend kicked off to a sensual start with these delectable cock-tales ;)

Acts of Indiscretion Collection: Spontaneous bouts of passion.

ABOUT Out of Body:

Practical Jillian succumbs to a bout of unplanned passion with a stranger on her way home from work. Surely seeing him again is impossible in such a big city unless she accidentally left something behind.



Jillian couldn't explain it, but she wanted to taste those lips and run her fingers down his cheek, rip his shirt off and taste his chest.

He was a stranger! She kept scolding herself, but the more she said it, the more it became clear to her that she'd be less likely to encounter him again. It was New York for heaven's sake there were millions of people that lived there and millions more like her that commuted.

"Bryant Hemry."

Jillian looked over slowly from her paper to meet hazel brown eyes with splashes of green and speckles of grey. He was talking to her? Oh dear, he was talking to her!

"Jillian." She said with a brief smile bringing her eyes back to the paper.

"Hmm, yes, I think that name fits you."

Jillian frowned. "I don't follow."

"Well, it's simple, yet unique, cute, cordial. Very Jersey."

She smiled shyly having heard something like that before. "Thanks, I guess."

"It was definitely a compliment."

Jillian shrugged. "Maybe, unless I was looking for something like bold, sexy, unpredictable."

Bryant smiled. "Are you those things, Jillian? If you are you would certainly throw me for a loop."

Was that a challenge?