Bad Daddy

Bad Daddy

""What?" His insides warmed at her cool gaze that took him in over the rim of the wine glass. She shrugged diverting her gaze to her wine. "Nothing at all.""


|[COMPLETE UNEDITED DRAFT:  Rated "M" for Mature]|


When her sister isn’t able to pick up her fiance's niece, Abigail, Tabetha Knight volunteers to do it. She gets herself into a precarious situation when she runs into an old crush and feels pressured into saying the little girl is hers.
Abigail agrees to go along with the rouse but nothing is free. When Tabetha drops the little girl off, Tabetha has a hostile encounter with Abigail’s father.
To add insult to injury, Abby wants Tabetha to go on a date with her father. There is tension during dinner, but it’s not the kind Tabetha was expecting.
|1|Bad Deal
Tabetha opened the text from her sister with the woman’s soon to be niece-in-law’s photo in it. With all the wedding planning, Taylor couldn’t get to the school to pick up her fiance’s niece. He was overseas somewhere closing a multi-million dollar deal, and where was the dad? Tabetha wondered in her head tapping the steering wheel trying to hold back her rising anger.

Flaked again.

That’s the bullshit that pissed her off. Competent enough to make a baby, but when it came to really stepping up to the plate, dud. Honestly, didn’t make any sense to her.

She pulled up the text when she heard the bing. The only thing the little girl shared with her uncle, Samuel, were those emerald green eyes. Where he had dark hair she had blonde hair. Where he had a long aristocratic nose she had a short cute little button nose. Where he had wide thin lips the little girl had well shaped lips and a defined cupid’s bow. Tabetha started when someone knocked on her door. She rolled down the window.

“Sorry, ma’am, you can’t wait here. It’s a no parking zone.”

“I’m not parking. I’m just waiting.”

The woman rolled her eyes. “Unless you’re a bus, you can’t park, wait, stop, stand, idle, sit or pick your nose in this zone. See the sign?” Tabetha followed the woman’s chubby digit. Then, presented a fake smile while biting her tongue. Oh, the things she could say, but were socially unacceptable. She was in the wrong and just needed to move the hell out the way.

“Sorry, First time picking up.”

The woman’s frowned loosened. “Happens all the time. You can park in the lot right around the corner.”

Tabetha followed the woman’s instructions and parked in the adjacent lot then climbed out of the car. She knew the school was notified she was coming to pick up the little girl, Abby, but she wasn’t sure if Abby would know who she was.

Tabetha jogged up to the front of the building scoring the troves of children rushing out going to their prospective busses, or idling cars in the bus drive as the traffic lady yelled at them too. At least Tabetha wasn’t the only one.

She waved when she saw the girl searching near the edge of the curb. “Abby?” The girl looked her direction shielding her eyes from the sun. She frowned taking a couple tentative steps toward Tabetha. Tabetha cleared the rest of the space taking in the little girls slim figure, and large emerald green eyes.

“I’m Tabetha your uncle Samuel sent me.”

The little girl laughed. “No one calls him Samuel accept grandma and he hates it.”

“Sorry. I should probably know that considering he’ll be my brother-in-law soon.”

The little girl’s eyes lit up. “You’re Taylor’s sister?”

Tabetha crossed her arms. “The one and only.”

“I love auntie Taylor. Why didn’t she pick me up?” The two started walking together toward the parking lot.

“She got caught up with wedding stuff. Uh, if you don’t mind me meddling, where’s your father? I thought he was the one supposed to pick you up.”

The girl’s upper lip curled. “Where is my father? That’s a damn good question.”

“Hey, watch your language.”

The girl smirked at Tabetha from the corner of her eye. “Oh shit!” She stopped walked. Tabetha faced her and crossed her arms ready to scold her again for trying it.

“I forgot my science book. I’ll be right back!” The girl took off toward the school. What were young people coming to these days? Didn’t have any kind of respect for their elders. Just talked any kind of way. She could only imagine the girl’s father. What parent would forget about their child?

She tempered her rage when she heard her name.

“Tabetha?” She turned to find a tall well built man in a suit jacket, tie and dress pants. “Tabetha Knight?”

Her breath was stolen when recognition smacked her like a ton of bricks. She was baffled words were not coming even though she knew they should. “M-marcus Daily.” She loved him since she was in middle school; yet, she hadn’t seen him since they graduated from high school over ten years ago. Her insides moved still captured by his good looks and wide smile.

“Wow, I can’t believe it. It’s been a while.”

Again words should have came but they didn’t.

“I uh recently moved back my mom.” He confessed sadness tainting his fine baritone.

Tabetha blinked and brought her stare to her feet. “She’s sick?”

He nodded. “Yeah. Has been for a while. My brother was looking after her, but his wife got an opportunity overseas that she couldn’t pass up so now it’s my turn.”

“I’m sorry to hear about your mom.”

“Thanks. So goes life for some.” He stuffed his hands in his pocket. “Last I heard you were taking the world by storm. Started your own business making moves.” His smile was a gift from god she was convinced.

“Uh, yeah.” She nodded upset that she couldn’t find one intelligent thing to say. What was wrong with her? She always had intelligent things to say. If not intelligent at least whitty, something, anything.

“You picking up your kid?”

She nodded. “A girl.”

He nodded. “Got a boy divorced about three years ago.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” But she wasn’t.

He laughed, “I’m not. You still with your daughter’s father, husband, boyfriend?”

She shook her head. “No.”

Somehow his smile grew. “I’m taking Braden for ice cream a place just a block away. You and--”

“Abigail, uh, Abby.”

“You and Abby should join us.” He looked up when a handsome little boy with the same caramel eyes and brown skin called to him. Braden was walking with Abby. That’s when reality came crashing down on Tabetha. What the hell was she doing? This little girl wasn’t hers, until a few minutes ago she hadn’t even met her before.

“Hey Abby,” Marcus put his arm over his son’s shoulders. “I invited you and your mother to ice cream. It’s down the block.”

“Mother?” Abby glanced at Tabetha over her shoulder then mischief flashed across her eyes. “Uh yeah, my mom.” Abby grabbed Tabetha’s arm. “I’d like to have a talk with my mom for a minute.”

“Sure we’ll wait at the corner for a few minutes if you decide to come.”

When they were alone Abby crossed her arms over her slim chest and eyed Tabetha.

“I-I’m sorry I have no idea what came over me. I haven't seen this guy since high school that was over ten years ago and I just froze--”

“Ten years? That puts you around, what late twenties early thirties?’

Tabetha frowned. “What? Uh, yeah  thirty-one.”

The girl nodded and tapped her chin. “Listen mom.” SHe emphasized the word. “I’m willing to go along with this but you’ll owe me.”

Tabetha glared. “I don’t like open ended deals.”

“I promise it will be of equal request.” The corner of her mouth pulled up. “Now you’ve got to ask yourself. How badly do you want to stare into those beautiful brown eyes.”

Tabetha raised an eyebrow. Clever, and mischievous. Now she really wanted to meet the father. “What do you know about any of that?”

She rolled her eyes. “Please, I’m not two you know.”

It was a dumb childhood fantasy she knew it, but she couldn’t help wonder what it would be like to know this guy like she’d wanted to so long ago. This is stupid. She coached herself, but time was running out and she had to make a decision. She glanced over her shoulder and met Marcus’s eyes and he revealed a full set of straight white teeth.

“Gah! Fine! But you can’t tell anyone.”

“Your secret’s safe with me, mom.”

It was an hour later when Tabetha dropped Abby off. It seemed Tabetha couldn’t stop finding words the entire ride to her father’s house. The little girl was attentive and sociable and Tabetha rather liked her. Before Abby could put the key in the lock the door jerked open.

“Where the hell have you been!” A scruffy mountain man gruffed out from under days of facial hair growth. Emerald green eyes glared from under long dark lashes. “Who the hell is this?”

“Aunt Taylor’s sister.”

“Who? You don’t have any aunt Taylor.”

The little girl rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. “Uncle Sam’s fiance. You are so slow dad.”

“Don’t talk to me like that! You’re the kid I’m the adult.”

“Could have fooled me.”

His eyes darkened. “That’s it you’re grounded!”

She pushed past him and walked into the house before turning to face him. “What kind of adult forgets to pick up their kid?”

“What? Your nanny was supposed to pick you up.”

“Oh, the one you fired?”


“ You fired her for not putting your socks in the right drawer or something lame. ‘Get the hell out and don’t dare come back.’ I think, were your exact words. That was two weeks ago.”

The man ran his hand down his face. “Who the hell’s been picking you up then?”

“Uncle Sam or Taylor. They couldn’t today so Tabetha did.”

“Why didn’t Sam call me?”

“When was the last time you saw your phone dad?”

He turned on Tabetha and eyed her critically. “Do you usually pick up stranger’s children?”

“Uh, I think what you meant to say was thank you. SOmeone manners must of got lost in that beard on your chin.”

The man’s eyes danced with a amusement for a moment. “Oh yeah, thank you for bringing my kid back an hour late. What the hell were you doing for an hour any way. And you young lady, I called that damn phone you begged me to get you and you didn’t answer.”

“Look, I don’t have to listen to this shit--”

“Watch what you say around my kid.”

“THere’s nothing I can teach her that you already haven’t. THe girl’s got a mouth, Mr. Quinn. I’m leaving.”

“The hell are you implying?”

She turned and headed back to her car.

“Tabetha wait!” Abby grabbed her arm and the two faced each other.

“Abigail Marie Quinn get back in this house!”

“I’ll be there in a second.”

“Two minutes.” The man ent inside leaving the door ajar.

“What is it Abby?”

“You still owe me.”

Tabetha grumbled. “Oh that. What do you want?”

“A date?”

She frowned. “What?”

“I want you to go on a date with my dad.”

She must have been hearing things. “What!? Did you miss that whole exchange? No way!”

Abby crossed her arms. “You owe me. You made a promise.”

Tabetha let out a deep sigh. She hated when people didn’t keep to their word like the man that called himself her father. Her mother’s second husband was a slick talking liar and she hated him for it. “Fine. I’m a woman of my word. WHen and where?”

The little girls green eyes glowed. “Tomorrow at Travine’s at 8 o’clock.”

She kept her grumble inside. Travine’s was a really romantic seafood place near the water. What was the little ankle biter up to? Couldn’t be any good. Tabetha hated most that the girl was setting herself up for disappointment. There was no way she’d find common ground with the difficult man Abby called her father.

“Okay, I’ll be there. Good luck getting him there. You should probably leave my name out of it.” SHe headed to her car and pulled off her mind churning.

Did she mention, she hated open ended deals.

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|2| Bad Gentleman For A Bad Lady
Sebastian Quinn wasn’t sure why he was there going on some date that his daughter set up. He didn’t even like the woman, but Abigail incisted and he figured he owed her that much with his rash of recent behavior. He took a sip of the dark liquid before flagging the bartender over to fill up his cup. He recalled the conversation with his daughter:

“What the hell was that Abby?!”

“That was you agreeing to go on a date.” She crossed her arms over her chest and pierced her lips together.

Sebastian crossed his arms too and took a strong stance. The little girl had a lot of things from her mother, but her stubbornness, he couldn’t deny, was a direct descendant of his own. “I’m not going on some date with, with… her!”

The tween rolled her eyes. “And you call me dramatic. You’re going and that’s final.” She stormed off up the stairs and he followed trying to keep his temper under control.

“Excuse you? I’m the adult here. I say what fin--”

She stopped halfway up the stairs and turned on him. “Adult? That so? Could have fooled me. Stumbling in crazy times of night, forgetting to get up and take me to school, forgetting to pick me up from school. That’s why I had to call uncle Sam. That lady that you were an ass to just now. She was doing your job and that’s why you’re going on this date.” She turned and stomped up the rest of the stairs to her room.

Sebastian winced then bit his tongue trying and failing to come up with a good rebuttal. One that didn’t involve him pulling the parent trump card, because, no matter how much he hated it, the girl was on to something.

He exhaled and continued up the stairs to his daughter’s room.

“Abby,” He pleaded feeling much like a puppy who’d gotten a good scolding. To say he’d been a terrible father was an understatement. It started off as him missing Abby’s mom. He took her death especially hard, but that’d been years before and now he was so used to being miserable he wasn’t sure how else to be. “I’m just not ready to date yet.”

Abby looked up from her phone and found his eyes. “I miss mom too ya know. I wish she was still here.” The little girl sniffled. “But it’s been over three years. We have to move on.”

He took a seat on the edge of her bed. “We all have a different time of mourning.”

“You’re not mourning any more!” She snapped. “You’re just destroying yourself, wallowing in self pitty, drowning yourself in liquor.” How old was she again? “I need you--” She broke off wiping tears from her flushed cheeks. “I need you to--to--” She smashed her face in her palms her shoulders shaking with her sorrow. He folded his daughter in his arms his chest tight just seeing her in pain. Pain that he had a part in causing.

“Oh sweets, don’t cry. I- I don’t know how to do what you ask.”

She pulled away but her lithe arms were still wrapped around his waist. He sighed gazing down at her. He pulled her hair behind her ear, and cupped her face before he placed a kiss on her forehead. She looked so much like her mother it hurt sometimes. “Start with this date, please.”

He took another moment to look her over before he nodded in agreement.

How the hell could he say do to her?

He snapped back into reality when he heard the subtle undertones of the woman, Tabetha’s, voice. He watched her walk through the restaurant the back of the woman’s head a mass of tight dark brown curls. Her smooth brown shoulder was exposed in the asymmetrical dress. He rubbed away the tightening in his chest. She took a seat at their reserved table and immediately ordered some kind of wine from the list.

He sipped his scotch and watched her from his vantage point. He lied when he said he didn’t like her. He didn’t like that, for the first time in three years, despite all the women that he’d been with, this woman got to him. She seemed to know precisely what to say to get a reaction, to make him, make him feel something. He hated to admit it, but he enjoyed the banter almost as much as he enjoyed the sparkle in her eyes when she got his blood pressure up.

The gods spared no expense when they created her. She was gorgeous all gold and bronzed, smooth skin, those big brown eyes that taunted him with a good argument, and her lips, where to begin.

She checked the watch on her slinder wrist, then looked at her phone. He glanced at his own watch. He was late he knew it, but he hadn’t decided if he wanted to go over their. Maybe this whole thing was a mistake. He drained the rest of his drink his mind drifting back to the puffy red tear laden eyes of his dear Abby.

He started from his thoughts when his phone buzzed.

“You’re late.” The text read.

The corner of his mouth pulled up at the corner. He could imagine the rage in the woman’s dark brown orbs.

He laid money on the bar and pushed himself up. If nothing else, this-- he cleared his throat. This date could be, entertaining.

“Sorry I’m late.” He placed the bouquet of flowers, which were Abby’s idea, on the table next to Tabetha and took the seat across. He saw her eyebrows crease with confusion and then a smile spread across her full lips once recognition hit.

“Well, okay. I see how you clean up.” She took a quick sip of her wine. “The only reason I’m not crushing your balls under my heel for being late, is that I like your daughter. Girl knows what she wants and she’s got the will to make it come to fruition.”

He winced at the visual of her heel exacting revenge on his favorite appendage but smiled when he found humor in her eyes.  

“Honestly, she continued. I’m surprised you made the effort.” She clasped the bottom of her wine glass and swirled the blend before smelling it. Her fingernails were long and well maintained even though they weren’t painted. “Why are you here? I thought our encounter on your front porch was evidence enough how well we get on.”

“A twelve year old girl is why I’m here. I assume she’s why you’re here too.”

The pretty woman nodded. “She’s a stubborn lot.”

“Ah, yes she got that from her mother.” He smiled at his own lie.

“Hardly fair the woman’s not here to defend herself.” They both chuckled holding each other’s eyes for a moment before looking elsewhere. “So, where is Abby’s mother?”

He sighed and looked down toward the table. The mention of Beth was still jarring. It didn’t cause pain like it had when she was first ripped from his life. It still brought painful memories.

“Ah, I’m sorry.” He looked at his hand where hers was covering it. He found her sincere brown eyes gazing at him.

He nodded. “Thank you.” How clear he could read the pretty woman sitting across from him was refreshing. He didn’t know it was something he’d find appealing.

“So,” She said retracting her hand. “How are we going to play this?”

He frowned. “What do you mean?”

“This date, thing. I mean what are we going to tell Abby?”

He raised an eyebrow. “I’m lost.”

“We made it clear in the beginning of all of this that we don’t really get on which will make this whole thing a bit awkward, right? Forcing yourself through two or more hours of small talk with someone you could care less about.”

He laughed at her expressive eyebrows and the mischievous set of her full lips. “Maybe, but we’re both here so--” He shrugged. “Besides, who said anything about there having to be small talk?”

The corner of her mouth slowly pulled up. “Well, if not small talk then what? Discuss all the deep things like religion, politics and the sanctity of marriage?”

He laughed. A real laugh that he was sure he hadn’t felt in years. “Who said anything about talking at all?” He opened his menu and started looking when she took his meaning exactly how he intended it. “Do you know what you want?” He looked up from the menu mustering the most innocent look he could achieve.

When there was no reply he peaked over the top of the menu. “What?” His insides warmed at her steady gaze that took him in over the rim of the wine glass. She shrugged diverting her gaze to the wine for a moment before looking back to his face.

“Nothing at all.” She set back in the chair. “Yes, I know what I want.” She pulled money out of her purse and set it on the table, stood up and covered his hand. He swallowed the saliva that flooded his mouth when he smelled her enticing collaborations of fragrances. His eyes traced her figure all the way up to her face. His lips parted when he saw the intent in her eyes.

She leaned over, her warm breath sent a shiver down his back when she whispered in his ear “I know exactly what I want.”

|3| Bad Touch, No Touch
“We don’t have to do anything you know.”

Dark green eyes met Tabetha’s. It’d been quiet since they got in the cab and she wasn’t sure if it was because he was having second thoughts, or he thought the entire thing was weird and awkward, which it was. She couldn’t even say she liked the man. Honestly, she might even go as far to say she didn’t like him. Then again she didn’t really know him, but first impressions did mean something, right?

Even though she was confused about a number of things concerning Sebastian Quinn, she was certain that she wanted him ass out naked between her legs.

“Having second thoughts?” His deep voice brought her back to the backseat of the cab.

She raised an eyebrow finding those lovely eyes in the dark interior before she placed a hand on his knee and slowly let it slide up toward his crotch.

The corner of his mouth lifted slightly revealing a dimple. “You’re just full of surprises aren’t y--” He gasped when she grabbed his growing arousal through the loose fabric of his dress pants. His dark emerald orbs found her under furrowed brows. “Careful.”

“Of what?” She cooed making sure to keep her voice light, almost innocent.

He clasped the nape of her neck and claimed her mouth. Her instinct was to give in to melt into his heat his urgency, his lust, but the cabbie clearing his throat startled her out the moment, broke her trans.

“I just got this thing cleaned. You mind? Ten minutes tops and you two can gag on each other’s tongues ‘til the sun comes up.” The man said wiping sweat from his forehead.

She pressed a finger over his mouth before he could respond to the cabbie who was grumbling under his breath. Jade eyes met hers his eyebrows still pulled together. “Maybe asking for a little respect can present of unique challenge.”

His eyebrows relaxed and he set back in the seat. “I’m listening.”

“Men can be so hands on, but I wonder if you’re capable of making me come hands free?”

He raised an eyebrow still holding her in his gaze. “Quite the challenge as women can be-- how to put it, disconnected with their bodies, their desires. Touch, stimulates reminds us that we are, at our core, animals.”

Her insides moved stealing her breath for a moment. She looked up the ceiling of the cab in thought mostly to clear her mind to formulate a coherent remark. “Perhaps, however, I happen to know, first hand, for women that 70 percent of reaching ecstasy is mental. That is where the true stimulation comes from.”

“Maybe that’s the problem. Too many rules.”

“Nah, not a problem. A unique challenge.”

He  frowned and focused his attention out the window and when he didn’t say anything for a couple minutes she goaded him. “Hmm, I would have thought you’d at least try. Then again, you could be one of those guys who’s one dimensional--” The look he tossed over at her made her following words catch in her throat.

“I don’t want to make you come.” His low voice grumbled.

She frowned.

“No, that’s too one-dimensional.” He looked out the window again. “I want to make every nerve on your body come alive.” He looked back at her his face difficult to read. “Just at the thought of my touch.” The corner of his mouth lifted. “Just at the mention of my name.” He positioned himself close to her. She could feel his body heat, his warm breath on her neck. She shivered. “Because when I do touch you, and I will get my hands on you, you will erupt from the inside. Open your legs.”

She looked over at him and her eyes fell to his mouth. She bit her lower lip entranced, mesmerized by his words, by their implication. She did what he ordered. The challenge would be quite impossible if she didn’t cooperate, right? He grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up her legs, to her thighs. He moaned closing his eyes. “You’re so hot. I can feel you. I bet you’re wet already.”

She tried to grumble but it came out as a moan instead. Why did she suggest this challenge? He was toying with her and she loved hating it.

“Run your finger from your knee to your inner thigh. Ah, ah--” Jade eyes darkened. “Slowly.”

She did his bidding feeling somehow, every pore on her skin, smooth and familiar, she wanted him to touch her. She knew her hand, her body did too, but somehow under the circumstances it seemed like a new feeling. It didn’t stop her from wanting him. From wanting to touch him.

“Do you feel the heat?”

She nodded.

“Touch your pussy. No, no.” He scolded. “Through your panties.”

She gasped when her hand touched the hot swollen lips of her flesh under the cover of her panties. Her panties were damp with her arousal, with her want, and growing need for the man so close to her.

“Tell me it’s not about touch. Tell me that you don’t want my tongue to slide between your pussy lips and tease your clit. Your mind would have nothing to do without the other 30 percent sending something to react to. I believe your mind it involved maybe even a key factor, but--”

“Alright.” The cab driver said stopping the car abruptly in front of her apartment. “I only take cash.” Sebastian shoved the money in the hinged money transfer flap in the plastic partition that separated the front from the back of the cab. He released his seat belt and hers and grabbed her waist his body pressed to her back. She glanced back at him over her shoulder.

The moment seemed to last several minutes even though it was probably seconds before he reached around her and pulled the handle to let her out. “Ladies first.” She held his Jade eyes a bit longer before making her way out the car.

She gasped at the door when a large warm hand circled her hip and slid down her thigh before moving higher and cupping her sex. She was grateful for his solidity behind her when she had to lean back from the unexpected pleasure. She had no idea how much she needed the tension relieved, but instead of relief, instead of satiation, she wanted more.

What had she gotten herself into? She knew he was trouble when she laid eyes on him at his front door. When she saw him at dinner, he might have looked like a gentleman in his tailored suite and Italian leather shoes, but she knew better. She moaned when his low scratchy voice reverberated through her being, “Now, I’ll make you come.”

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|4| Bad Girl Tendencies
She wasn’t expecting the excitement. Her expectations for the date were the lowest they’ve ever been. She was certain she’d spend the entire night arguing and scolding the man. Once she saw him all cleaned up in his suit that fit him like a second skin, she couldn’t stop her mind from venturing to the moment they were in.

She gasped when he pressed her against the door to her apartment. He keys jangled when they hit the floor. His warm breath made her insides squirm when he whispered in her ear. “Not what I expected.” He grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up to her thigh his other hand slid up the front of her dress and cupped her breast. He moved the top of the dress aside exposing her bare breast. “You come across reserved and controlled when in reality--”

She groaned when his venturing hand stopped at the inside of her upper thigh. “When in reality what?”

He grabbed her hand and placed it on the front of his pants. “When in reality you just want this. Why didn’t you say so?”

“I--” She braced herself on the door when he stroked her pussy through her panties. “Oh shit,” She whispered struggling to decipher what she was feeling as her mind and body seemed teeming with life, energy, anticipation, and a growing need for the man behind her to touch her anywhere, everywhere.

She rubbed him through his pants enjoying his sensual moan that slipped past his lips so close to her ear. He took her ear between his teeth and pulled. She glanced back at him over her shoulder and and smirked rather liking the mischief that danced in the depth of his green eyes.  

He trapped her bottom lip between his teeth and pulled. “You’re kind of bad aren’t you?” He kissed the corner of her mouth and she angled her face up granting him better access.

She shrugged pushing her hips back to meet the bulge in his pants. “I have bad girl tendencies at time--” She gasped when he pushed two fingers inside her. She lifted her leg to allow a deeper penetration so she propped her foot on the door.

Her mind was already heavy, but was swimming with a myriad of sensations that her brain was interpreting as pleasurable even though she couldn’t quite decipher one from the others. She let her head rest back on his chest as he continued his delicious play inside her while using thumb to stroke her clit.

She was no stranger to the carnal pleasures, and perhaps it’d just been so long that she forgot how damn good it felt to be surrounded by the heat, the passion, the pleasures, the sounds, the--

“Oh fu--” Her muffled cries we trapped in the hand he had clasped over her mouth as pleasure consumed her mind.

“Shhh,” She heard the mischief in his voice and it made her want to devour him. “You don’t want to be one of those that disturbs your neighbors do you?”


There was everything about her that was working against him. They finally pushed inside the apartment. He didn’t want there to be any space between their bodies, between his mouth and her skin. He closed the door with his foot and maneuvered them over to an island counter. She leaned over the surface splaying her fingers out.

Hunger was the only word he could use to describe how he felt. He was comfortable with this. Sex was something he had no problem with falling back into after Beth died. Fulfilling a need, it was human instinct.

This, however, what he felt looking at the woman’s round ass ready, waiting to be consumed was more a desire than a need. Tasting her would be him satiating a desire. Pressing her pussy lips against his mouth, his tongue--

He stopped the thought and moved into acting. He was painfully hard, ready to plunge into her, but there was so many other things he wanted to do as well and he wanted it all at once which was quite frustrating and impossible.

He helped her on top of the counter so she was ass facing him and he spread her legs, her pussy conveniently close to his mouth. He moved aside her panties wet from his earlier play and ran his finger up the slick folds of her sex. He bit his lower lip. He found the craftsmanship of her pussy to be something to behold, everything was tight. He consumed her sex from behind teasing her clit with his lips and tongue.

She ground out a whine and some curses combing her fingers through his hair as he worked diligently on his task. He spread her cheeks to gain better access taking note of the soft pliable meat gripped in his hands. He smacked her ass and watched the skin ripple.

Gorgeous. He mused in his head.

When he saw the pretty woman standing on his doorstep the day before with his daughter, he was shook. Shook by his own longing for her despite the fire that came out of her mouth. He figured his current position was an excellent time to get her back.

He grabbed her thighs when she tried to squirm away. He could tell she was about to come again at the protruding flesh  between her pussy lips strained on the verge, on the cusp.

A shiver wracked through her body and she closed her legs  abruptly narily giving him time to move out the way.

She turned to sit on the counter and put the ball of her heel on his chest and pushed him away from her. It gave him a rather nice vantage point to stare at his handy work. Her curls were a bit distraught, one tit pulled from the fabric of her fitted black dress, Her dress was hiked up exposing her panties which were pushed over exposing part of her pretty pussy.

She waited to speak until his eyes finally found hers.

She smirked and licked her full symmetrical lips. “Now it’s my turn.”
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|5| Bad Feels So Good
“Your turn? I didn’t realize we were taking turns.” A smirk pulled up the corner of his face as he backed up wiping his mouth. She slid off the counter and sauntered over to him, scooped his tie in her hand and pulled his lips down to meet hers.

She pulled away and undid the tie holding his eyes. She gently pulled it from around his neck and laid it on the back of an armchair, placed one hand at his side and stroked over his abs while she walked around him at a measured pace. His muscles flexed under her touch. She grazed the roaming hand over his ass and squeezed a smile on her lips.

Nice, firm. She thought.

She slid both hands around him pressing her body firm to his back and ran her fingers over the silky fabric of his dress shirt. She unbuttoned his shirt and parted it. She moaned when she felt firm warm skin under her finger tips. She could vividly imagine the smooth tan plains of his chest, dark nipples, and a cute belly button. She let her fingers follow the indent of his belly button before she let her hands move back up his chest, and down. Further down until she grazed over his thickening cock through his dress pants. She clasped her hand along the protrusion and rub him there.

His chest was struggling to pull in breaths, his body rumbled with a sensual moan. She peeled the dress shirt off his shoulders marveling at his back as it flexed with her disrobing. She allowed her fingers to run up his back and over his shoulders.

He tried to turn around and face her. “Uh, uh.” She scolded.

He grunted but complied letting her explore his torso. She unbuckled his belt and pants then moved them over his hips taking his underwear down with them. She combed her nails gently along his quads and inner thighs.

He sighed and groaned making her smile. Oh he was having a great time torching her in the hall. She had plans to return the favor in full.

She cupped his balls and grabbed his cock with her other hand. She stroked him with a steady pace rolling the liquid that seeped from the head of his penis along his length. His breathing increased his hips rocked back and forth to the rhythm of her strokes. She kissed his spine and picked up her pace. A shiver shaked his body, he grabbed her hands, and turned toward her.

“Enough.” He picked her up and claimed her mouth with a vengeance. His tongue licked her own deep and purposeful sending her mind into a dazey haze. He unzipped her dress and took it off once he laid her on the bed.

He climbed in the bed and kissed up her leg, nibbled her inner thigh making her gasp with pleasure and want and need. He kissed her pussy then ran his tongue up to her clit. She arched toward him lacing her fingers into his hair. He kissed up her body to her nipples, collarbone, neck, jaw as he settled between her legs.

She reached between her legs and grabbed his sheathed penis positioning him at the cusp of her sex.

He was still but she felt his gaze on her face. She looked in his eyes intense, searching. He held hers for an extended period even as he pushed his cock inside her.

Her breathing faltered and her mouth fell open releasing a breathy moan as he slid into her slippery sex.

“Oh god,” she whined when he pulled out then back in steady, measured. His attention was focused on her face, but she couldn’t hold his eyes. Hers closed of their own accord.

His sensual laughter brought her heavy eyes open.

“God?” He cooed kissing the side of her mouth his hips working steady to send bursts of heated bliss to her brain. “Does it feel that good?”

She nodded hiking her legs over his hips letting him in even deeper.

His breath caught and he quickened his pace. She was tingling everywhere hoving right on the precipice before she fell over in a dizzying euphoric bliss. He sped up pumping into her pistoning his cock in her pussy until his movements staggered and became jerky.  

“Oh fucking shit.” He whispered his face pointed to the ceiling. His eyes found hers again a silly smile pulling up the corner. “Mmmm, damn.”

She rubbed his back and a mischievous smile pulled up the corner of her mouth. “Again.”   


“You’re insatiable.” Sebastian collapsed on the bed while Tabetha headed to what he guessed was the bathroom. He exhaled laying on his back looking up at the ceiling. He’d had a lot of sex in one night before, but the bronzed beauty was making even him tired.

He took another deep breath and set up sitting on the side of the bed. He ran his fingers through his hair trying to figure out what the hell he was supposed to be doing.

He pushed himself up on wobbly legs. Got damn it. He conjured up some semblance of stability and headed out to the living space where his clothes were in a pile in the living room. It didn’t matter how tired he was he never stayed the night. He had to make sure he was home for Abigail. He got dressed. He might have been an epic failure at picking the kid up from school as was recently pointed out to him, but he got her to school. That was important, right?

He grimaced. No Sebatian. It’s all important. His dearly departed wife would have been so disappointed at him for forgetting about Abby. In all fairness, he honestly didn’t remember firing the nanny. Sometimes his temper got out in front of other matters.

“You running out on me?” Tabetha cooed leaning on the bedroom door opening with a robe wrapped around her slender figure.

“It’s getting late. I don’t want Abby to get worried.”

She nodded. “What are you going to tell your daughter because you know she’s going to ask?” She pushed off the door frame and headed into the kitchen.  

He shrugged. “I’ll come up with something.”

“A lie?” She pulled a water container and two cups.

“I never lie to my kid she can smell bullshit a mile away.”

She walked over to him and gave offered a glass of water. “I mean we’re not going to you uh you know do this again, right?” She crossed her arms over her chest after taking a sip of the cool liquid.

He frowned assessing her steadily. If he wasn’t mistaken he would have thought she might be disappointed by that. But of course he had to be mistaken. “That’s a safe bet I’d say.”

She found her feet but didn’t say anything.

He wasn’t sure why he cared but her expression, which he interpreted as sadness was making him uneasy.

She looked down at her feet. “You’re right. I think it’s pretty clear we’re not compatible. I mean on things that matter.”

He frowned. “What does that mean?”

“We fight a lot unless we’re fucking but even then it gets tense.”

The corner of his mouth lifted. He cupped her face then pulled her to him eliciting a yelp from her. He kissed her lips longer than intended, but before she could wrap her arms around his neck and pull him into another marathon mating session; he let go and waved over his shoulder. “I should go.”

“Tell Abby I said hi.” She said.

He dare not look back or he wouldn’t leave. He could still smell the remnants of her scent, perfume, lotion and body wash on his hands, his body, his clothes. It was going to be a long ride home.
|6| Bad Tastes So Good
He was careful to close the door quiet so he wouldn’t wake Abby.

He took off his suit jacket and hung it and his keys on hooks near the entrance. He exhaled. The exhaustion from the last few hours weighing hard on him. He could remember, with irritating accuracy, just about everything about Tabetha’s body. Her face when he entered her made him want to come.

He shook his head. That ship had sailed.

The living room light clicked on as he made his way inside loosening his tie.

He frowned as his eyes adjusted to the light in the room. “Abby? What are you doing up?”

“How did it go?” His daughter’s groggy voice filled the silent space. “It’s late. That must be a good thing.” The girl pushed off the chair she was sitting in a blanket left in her wake. Had she been sleeping down there just to assault him with questions when he came home? He’d be lying if he said he was surprised. “She didn’t ask you to stay the night?” She asked through a yawn while she stretched. She pouted and crossed her arms.

He stared at his child her eyelids still heavy from sleep. “Go to bed.” He strolled into the master suite, but she followed him.

“Come on dad.” She whined. “Tell me something, anything.” She flopped on his bed looking up at the ceiling.

He went into the large closet out of sight from where the bed was and changed into his pajamas.

He brushed his teeth.  “Come one dad!” She said over the sound of the sink. As much as he thought a shower would be a good idea, he might fall down from exhaustion. He needed to recharge his battery.

His hands tingled at the muscle memory of gliding over smooth brown skin. He licked his lips that memory flowing into another where his hips were nestled between the woman’s legs. He wasn’t sure how she tasted so good. He loved the way her body moved under his touch, how wet she was. He growled and shook the thought.

The little girl propped her head up on her palm when he came out the closet, bathroom. “Just tell me if you’re going to ask her out on another date.”

He shrugged. “No. I don’t think so. We’re just different people.”

She frowed. “Gah!” She shouted. It startled him. “Are you going to stay alone forever!”

“Abby let’s not go there tonight. I’m tired.” He pulled back a corner of the bed cover and she scooted off. She faced him with crossed arms.

“She’s a good woman.” She presented a deep frown. “Did you mess things up?” Her knowing eyes assessed him carefully waiting to decipher fact from fiction.

“Seriously Abby. Stop meddling.” He left out the part that he was the adult and she was the child, that he was a grown ass man and didn’t need to answer to anyone else, especially not to the likes of her! But he also knew that she was just worried about him.

“Is this how you dated mom? A waffling, stumbling, bumbling fool?”

He flinched at the thought of Beth, knowing what he just did. Not the sex part that was natural a normal need. It was the other things he did, how he felt. “It’s not so easy you know.” He took off his watch and put it on the bedside table.

“Oh really? Explain.”

He shrugged his guilt starting to gnaw at him. “I don’t know. I just think like what would your mom think sometimes is all.”

“Nothing!” Abby shouted flailing her arms in the air. “She’s dead! She’ll think nothing because she’s not here any more.” She started to pace. “Look, I know you miss her. I do too, but there’s nothing wrong with moving one. You said those very words to me remember?”

He stopped his task and turned to find tears running slowly down her flushed pink cheeks. He took a deep cleansing breath. He nodded. When Abby was struggling the loss of her mother it was easy for him to comfort her, but wrestling with his own feelings was different.

“You’re not betraying me you know.” She continued when he looked down at his lap. “I know I look so much like her and you never want me to think you love me any less. I’ll never think that.” Her voice soften.

He frowned and glanced over at his daughter. She did look a hell of a lot like Beth and maybe he did feel what Abby explained. “What makes you say that? The bit about me betraying you.”

She shrugged. “That’s what uncle Sam said to me. Is it true? Do you think dating women is a betrayal to me?”

He patted the bed next to him. When she firmed her stance he perched on the be and patted it again then waited until she moped over and flooped next to him.

“Maybe,” He ran his hand down his face. “Maybe I am a little torn. I loved your mom and I might not ever find anyone like her.”

“So what.” The tween said. “Find someone better.”

He glanced over at his daughter with a weary expression. “You think Tabetha is that someone?”

She shrugged. “Doesn’t much matter what I think.” She said mischief in her voice.

He sighed then racked his hand down his face. “Tabetha and I are just so different.”

“Oh big deal dad, she challenges you. That’s not bad. I saw the way you looked at her when she dropped me off. You like her don’t you?”

He grumbled trying to think of a way to position it so it wasn’t a lie. “I like her. She’s pretty, but there’s more to relationships.”

“I agree.” Abby said pushing off the bed. She picked up his phone off the charger and handed it to him. “You’ll never know the more if you don’t make the effort. Set up another date.”

How old was she again? “Abby, it’s too late. That is assuming, if I thought contacting her was a good idea to begin with.”

Abby waved him off heading to the door. “She’s still awake.”

He frowned knowing the girl was bating him. “What makes you think that?”

She smirked her hand on the door knob. “Because, she just had a date with my dad. I’m sure she’s awake thinking about you.” She laughed. “Good night.” She sang leaving the room.

Sebastian rolled his eyes shaking his head at his offspring. He looked at his phone after his daughter closed the door. He pulled up Tabetha’s number and stared at her name.

Don’t be a chicken shit his inner voice whispered.

Afraid? He wasn’t afraid, really.

Tabetha’s pretty smile echoed in his mind’s eyes and he fell back on his pillow the phone resting on his chest.

Without giving it much more thought he smashed her number and let the phone ring. To his surprise his insides were swimming with anticipation. He hadn’t felt that foreign feeling since he was first dating Abby’s mother.

“It’s late.” Tabetha's familiar, sultry voice said on the other end of the phone. “What do you think this is a booty call or something?” She laughed making him laugh too.

“I know it’s late, but I wanted to know if you were interested in a date. Like a real one where we actually order food.”

He frowned when she was quiet for longer than he thought was a good.

“Abby put you up to it?”

His stomach tightened and his palms started to sweat. Would she say no to him? He hadn’t thought that would happen for some strange reason. Perhaps because he convinced himself he wouldn’t call her again. No matter how much he’d wanted to. “She attacked me at the door.”

The woman laughed. “That’s my girl.”

“But,” he continued. “I’m calling because I’d like to argue with you again.”

He could hear the laughter in her voice when she responded. “Well, in that case count me in.”