| About the Ashe |

Greetings Love Bugs!

Under my pen name Alexandria Ashcroft, I bring you steamy tales of passion and lusty desires. I bring you handsome rogues and strong ladies. I find massive amounts of joy in getting you off and making you weep with delight. I also, find devious pleasure in making you rant and rave, scream and shout and curse me out when those characters do something so duh-dumb! ;)

I'm a lover of the written word and the power it has to guide us on an emotional journey as well as embark on these fabulous adventures outside of space and time with people we grow with. I am also quite fascinated with the voices in my head. So much so, I spend hours typing them out on my laptop or thumbing them down on my cell phone.

I'm a proud mother of one rambunctious toddler, a sister, a daughter and the future partner of some amazing earthbound alien. LOL! Most importantly, I am a human being with air in my lungs and stories in my heart!

Writing, reading, fashion, design , and breathing are life!

Can't wait to share more work with you. Please feel free to email me or reach out on social media. Honestly, that's why I'm there, to connect with you!

Warm Regards,
 A. Ashe ;)