Naughty Interludes: (Decadent Dessert Collection) Red Velvet

Naughty Interludes: (Decadent Dessert Collection) Red Velvet

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"Happy hour starts with one shot"

Naughty Interludes brings you quick, fast, dirty erotic delights in a potent little package! Get your weekend kicked off to a sensual start with these delectable cock-tales ;)

Decadent Dessert Collection: Delightful little treats after a meal.

ABOUT Red Velvet:

Deep chocolate skin with a touch of red dye is how musician Regina Grove got her stage name, Red Velvet. She’s no stranger to male attention, but a more than friendly flirtation with the laid back bartender at the club she performs at, is a delightful and unexpected treat. Almost as delightful as the cake flavored cocktail he mixes up for her leaving her thirsting for more: of him.



He’d been chasing after her like a puppy dog, at least in his head, ever since he started a few years back. She was with some undeserving idiot at the time, so, all he got in return was her stunning ass smile which was sufficient. That night, if he wasn’t mistaken, she was actually being flirtatious and he loved it. It made his evening go really well especially with the ladies. 

“Got damn it!” Regina grumbled behind the aperture.

He balanced the assorted box of liquors he’d just retrieved from the cellar and knocked on her door. “You okay in there?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess. Um--” It sounded like she was struggling with something.

“You need some help or something?”

“Uh, no. I’m good.”

He raised an eyebrow, shrugged, and turned to walk away when the door opened.

Her pretty perfume hit him along with her astounding brown eyes, soft looking full lips, and her honey-colored skin. Soft, old school jazz music met his ears. “I suppose I could use a little help. I think the zipper is stuck. She turned her back to him and he saw indeed the seam around the zipper got caught in it.