Naughty Interludes: (Healing Hands Collection) A Place of Solace

Naughty Interludes: (Healing Hands Collection) A Place of Solace

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"Happy hour starts with one shot"

Naughty Interludes brings you quick, fast, dirty erotic delights in a potent little package! Get your weekend kicked off to a sensual start with these delectable cock-tales ;)

Healing Hands Collection: Human touch can be the best medicine.

ABOUT A Place of Solace:

A nurse returns home after working multiple shifts at the ER to a wonderful loving act of service from her spouse.



She found Curt behind the couch looking at the television. Had to be old sports highlights, because nothing new was coming out in the current climate. She slid her arms around him and pulled herself against his back.

“Hey, babe.” He turned to face her. “You look refreshed.”

“Thank you. I needed that, baby.”

“Yeah, I know. Despite what your mama thinks, I do pay attention.”

She laughed. “Don’t you go talkin’ about my mama.”

“I’m not talkin’ about her. I just brought her up. Totally different. I was waiting for you to come out before I put the steaks on so you could get it hot.”

“Get it hot, huh?” She raised an eyebrow. “They can wait another ten minutes.”

He pulled his face back with a feigned look of shock. “Ten minutes? What the hell is about to happen for only ten minutes?” She started pulling up his shirt. “Cynthia Mae, you know it ain’t about to be no ten minutes.”

She shrugged, still undressing him. “Twenty?”

He tossed the remote and picked her up, cradling her butt cheeks in his large palms. “Robe, huh? I see you came ready.”

“Mhm, now whatcha gonna do about it?”