Naughty Interludes: (Decadent Dessert Collection) Key Lime

Naughty Interludes: (Decadent Dessert Collection) Key Lime

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"Happy hour starts with one shot"

Naughty Interludes brings you quick, fast, dirty erotic delights in a potent little package! Get your weekend kicked off to a sensual start with these delectable cock-tales ;)

Decadent Dessert Collection: Delightful little treats after a meal.

ABOUT Key Lime:

Balanced, tart, not too sweet and don’t you ever present a green Key Lime Pie. World renowned chef, Rebecca Feer, meets her match in an arrogant, superstar chef, Kristopher Kane, who has yet to learn a thing or two about cooking.



She wasn’t sure why she was compelled to approach him. Or even why her hand reached out and touched his shoulder, but it did. She worked so hard for the space. She worked so hard to reduce the temptation. Attempting to console him was the most reckless thing she’d done, seemed, in her entire life.

The man looked up, easily finding her eyes. In the depth of his was, unmistakable desire... for her. She swallowed, her mind warning her that she lingered too long.

She gasped and tried to step backward, but it was too late, the man’s hand slid around her waist, the other cupped her cheek and he consumed her mouth, cyphoning her will, forcing the lava to erupt from her middle. 

Her fingers formed to his strong chest more out of having nowhere else to go. She exhaled into him, rubbed her palms up his muscles there and linked her arms around his neck.

He picked her up with ease by her waist, placed her on the solid wood top counter and started working on untying the apron that she forgot she was wearing. It was like a second skin to her, a part of her, like his branded kisses were quickly becoming.