Time is the Essence - 10 (UNEDITED DRAFT)


“I can’t believe this view!” She rushed up to the large floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the blue splashing water in the distance. Paradise. She was in Paradise. She’d heard about the traffic which was just as bad in the bay area, but they landed in a private strip near the mansion they were borrowing for the weekend in Malibu.

She had to get some new friends. She laughed at the thought. Truthfully she’d been neglecting the friends she had since she started back in school.

“How long can we stay here?” She felt the giddy joy bursting from her eyes just like those damn heart emojis with the hearts bursting from the eyes whenever she laid her eyes on Carson.

“How long do you want to? No school, you said Dylan was with your parents for how long?”

She smiled because he remembered her son’s name. In his office earlier that day was the only time she ever used his name. She wasn’t sure why that stuck with her but it did. “At least two weeks.”

“Then we’ve got two weeks.”

She turned toward him standing casually with his hand in his dress pant pockets. She strolled up to him and rubbed her pointer finger over his smooth jaw and chin. “But what about work?” She met his steady gaze from under her lashes. “I’m only a part-time employee, I don’t get PTO or vacation.”

The corner of his mouth lifted. “Your boss is a real cheap skate.”

She smiled up at him. “Maybe I should get another one.”

“Or,” her insides snaked around itself when his hand slid around her waist. “Maybe I should talk to the bastard and demand he give you what you deserve.”

“And what’s that? What do I deserve?” She held his dancing eyes searching the cool orbs, but he was playing it cool and it was sexy.

He picked her up and she wrapped her thighs around him and held onto his shoulders with her ass cradled in his palms. “Whatever you want.”

She cocked her head to the side and touched his mouth then stroked his cheek and traced his eyebrows with her thumbs. “Whatever I want?”

“Mhm.” She pressed her palm against his neck when he spoke. “Whatever you want.” He turned so she could see out to the ocean an eternal blue until it blended into the light blue horizon. “What do you want, Ariba?”

“Right now?” She arched an eyebrow trying to keep to the present.

He shrugged. “We can start there.”

She wanted him. “I want to see the view from the master suit.”

He laughed and squeezed her butt cheeks eliciting a yip from her. “That can be arranged.” He headed toward the grand marble stairs and started ascending as if she were weightless. She held onto him burying her face into his neck inhaling his scent as the excitement filled her.

“I hope you brought a lot of condoms.”

He laughed. She enjoyed the sound of his laughter, deep, dark and hearty. “If we run out, I’m sure Lex has more around here somewhere. And I bet they won’t be hard to find.”

“He was at the ball.” She remembered the handsome black man. He stood out in the crowd and it went beyond his dark skin.

“You have a good memory.” he didn’t seem interested in the conversation because his lips were at her neck his face buried in her hair that she just noticed he freed from the bun she fixed on top her head.

“He was hard to forget.”

“Yep, that’s Lexington Law.” He laid on her on the bed then set back on his heels and started unbuttoning his shirt, took off his pants, underwear, shoes, socks then paused when he caught her staring at the fine planes of his tanned skin.

She setup and reached for him running her hands over the taught rippling demarcations of his abs then up to his pecks. She let her fingers comb down his chest until she came inches from his erection. She glanced up at his face from under her lashes his expression honed in on her. His brow was creased in anticipation and she teased him stroking his thighs, legs then back up and around his hips.

“Touch me woman you’re driving me mad.”

She presented a sinister smirk before grasping him in her hand. She reconfigured her body so she was lying across the bed and his penis was near her mouth. She looked up at him her tongue extended near the tip of his penis. His lips were parted his eyes heavy with lust.

She licked the head of his penis and he closed his eyes with an exhale. He grumbled when she licked him again, then moaned when the entire head disappeared in the warmth of her mouth.

She rolled her tongue over the swollen head of his penis, stroked his length and brought him all the way into her mouth gagging before she had to pull back for air.

She stroked and suckled, licked and suckled, grabbed his balls and looked up at the growing desire in his eyes.

He retrieved a condom from a small pile on the bed and rolled it over the head of his penis then pulled her to the edge of the bed. He was standing on the side and pulled her so she was mostly beyond the bed before he slid inside her. He stroked her clit while he pumped in and out of the slick folds of her sex.

She grabbed her bouncing breast and licked the nipple lost in the sensation of their bodies connecting. She gasped when he found his place inside her and his thumb worked diligently to conjure the depths of her completion. It always seemed to slink back into a dark abysmal void, but this man knew how to call it forward. Call it to the light, show it where it could find solace in the heat of rapture.

This. This is what she wanted.

He was what she wanted.



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