Exchanging Time - 9 (UNEDITED DRAFT)

“Good Morning, Mr. Wolfe.”

He smiled at her formality. Probably one of the other snakish admins near her desk. He didn’t wrap himself up in office drama, but he heard things and saw things. Hiring Ariba seemed to rub a few people wrong, but he didn’t want any of those people in charge of his schedule or handling personal things for him. “Come in my office, please.”

“Ok, I’ll be right in.”

Moments later she graced his space with her natural beauty. Her hair was back in bountiful coils on top of her head. She was wearing a grey pencil skirt and a white blouse tucked in at her small waist. Black pumps completed the look.

She closed the door behind her and made her way over to his desk where she set on the other side pen and paper at the ready.

“New York.” He leaned back in the chair.

“Yes, flights booked, transportation from the airport arranged. Priority travel of course with lounge access.”

She knew how he liked things. He smiled at that. “Hotel?”

“Well, Mr. Remy, already booked you a suite. I confirmed with his secretary this morning.”

He leaned forward on the desk and when he got a whiff of her scent he was happy he did. In general, he felt like she was too far away although he knew it was the right distance to be especially from him in an office setting.  

She looked at her lap for a second then back up at him with a shy smile. She cleared her throat and stood placing something on the desk in front of him. “I took the liberty of picking your mother out a card for her birthday and some earrings.”

He laughed because he’d forgotten about that as soon as he saw Ariba the night of the Gayla.

“I just need you to sign the card.”

He dropped his gaze to collect his thoughts. “What about the Takahashi meeting?”

“You’ll miss that because your flight doesn’t get in until near midnight unless you want to take that meeting over video conference while you’re in the air.”

“No, I’d like to keep that one in person. See if you can reschedule please.”

She stood with a nod and made her way over to his desk where she retrieved the card her signed and a couple other items. She turned to walk away but turned back to him and perched on the edge of his desk. “Stacey is preparing a presentation for the New York meeting. She’ll have that ready for review by the end of this week.” She placed a piece of paper in front of him that he wasn’t interested in. She was all business and as sexy as that was he just wanted her on him. “I’ll need you to sign off on the 2 million we gave to Lexington’s fund for Dyslexic Children. The corresponding Gayla event is in a couple months.” She glanced over at him while he let his eyes roam over her attire, her long lashes, the way her mouth moved when she talked. “I have the new intern picking up your drycleaning today at two.” She took a deep breath and adjusted her perch on his desk. He loosened his tie. She frowned over at him. “Are you hot?”

He frowned at her. “Huh?”

“You keep messing with your tie. Are you hot. I can turn down the thermostat.”

That would do him little good. He couldn’t tell if she was flirting with him or if she was not interested in the secretary boss thing they had going. He hadn’t thought about it before, but at the moment... “I’m fine. Is that all?”

“Oh, no. It’s not. Scott Barnes and Greg Bowers want to take you out for lunch or dinner.”

“Them again.” He grumbled.

“What time should we set for them.” She raised her eyebrows and he had no choice but to smile up at her.

“Next year.”

She raised an eyebrow at him. “This month?” He rubbed down his face. He didn’t want to be talking about Scott and Greg, trips to New York or meetings with people on the other side of the world.

“Like a band-aid just rip it off.”

“Wednesday lunch forty-five minutes tops.”

“Perfect got it.” He watched her while she wrote on her notepad calm as if everything were the same but it wasn’t the same and he hadn’t seen her in four days and it was driving him crazy.

He paused his mental warfare long enough to look up at her.

She was so pretty.

“I’d say everything's in order. Was there anything else you needed from me right now?”

He frowned thinking of so many ways he could go with that. He decided to shake his head instead of saying anything at all.

“Okay.” She pushed to standing. “You’ll know where I’ll be if you need m--” She looked at his hand wrapped around her arm and he let her go.

He exhaled debating whether to say what came to his mind, how to say it.


“How can you focus on any of this when all I can do is think about tasting you again.” He met her eyes under his lashes. He stood and she took a step back until her bottom met the desk. He clasped the nape of her neck and slowly brought her lips to his.

She sighed into the kiss. He angled his mouth over hers devling his tongue between her teeth frustrated how much deeper he wanted to be inside her.

She pushed against him and he backed up. “We shouldn’t. I shouldn’t. T-they’re already whispering about the flowers. Luckily they still think someone from accounting sent them.”

He growled and started pacing combing his fingers through his hair.

“I shouldn’t care what they might think, but I--” She sighed righting her clothes with a furrowed brow.

“Let’s get out of here, then.”

“What?” She frowned up at him smoothing her hands over her skirt.

“Let’s, let’s,” he searched his brain like a rat in a maze trying to find a way to that coveted cheese. He could smell it because it was so close, but there were walls in his way. “Let’s go to L.A.”

She paused at her task of collecting the signed items she’d brought in. “L.A.?”

“You said you wanted to go.”

“I know but--.”

“If it’s your son, we can bring him.”

“It’s not Dylan. He’s in Seattle with my parents for a couple weeks.”

“Then what?”

“I-It’s so-- I mean there are things you have to do like book flights and hotel rooms--”

“Room is taken care of. I just have to make a two minute call to charter a flight.”


“You pack, I’ll make the call. Take a car they’ll take you to the air strip after you gather your things.”

“Your meetings?”

He made his way back over to her and pulled her into his arms. “I’ll cancel them while you pack.”  

“Carson,” She looked down for a moment then her big dark eyes found his from under her lashes.

He stroked her cheek with his thumb. “Just say yes.”

She smiled from her eyes first then her lips pulled up and she touched his mouth with her finger tips before nodding her head. “Ok.”  

His other hand easily found her slender waist and pulled her against him. Her hands were around him as well pulling them together.

He pushed her against the desk until she set on it. He moved her back and kissed down her neck pulling up the skirt until his hand she drift between her legs. He found her damp panties and resisted the urge to rip the lacey fabric out of his way. Instead of going the barbarian round he moved the flimsy cloth aside and stroked along her slick lips.

A strangled whimper escaped her and her fingers went to teasing the hairs at the base of his neck. He pulled her closer to the edge of the desk and kneeled before her catching her heavy lidded gaze from under his lashes. He wedged the skirt up to bunch around her waist and spread her legs. He let his gaze linger there taking her pretty pussy lips and the tip of her swollen clit poking out begging for his attention. He licked his lips and swallowed the saliva that collected there before wrapping his mouth around her pussy.

She arched toward him and let her head fall between her shoulder blades. She rotated her hips while he suckeld her, swirled his otngue around her sex, between her lower lips, up the slit. He inserted a curious finger and retrieved some liquid that pooled there before pushing the digit inside her. He summoned her g spot with his pointer.

She gripped his hair and rocked against his tongue play. He wasn’t sure how he got the top two buttons undone on her blouse, but he was inside the bra rolling her nipple between pointer and thumb.

“Oh fuck, oh shit,” she whispered and her body froze as her sex pulsed with her complexion. He milked her wondering how long he could have her in that moment? How long could she capture orgasm? He read somewhere women could orgasm for several minutes.



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