Exchanging Eyes - 7 (UNEDITED DRAFT)

He helped her, and her dress, out the car. She was exhausted on some level, but excited on another. The feel of his lips pressed against hers still sent tingling electric currents through her. He tucked her hand in the crook of his arm where it’d been most of the night. She knew it probably wasn’t wise to do anything with Carson Wolfe for many reasons, but she was in the moment and content with being there.

They walked up the four stairs to her apartment building door. She pulled her keys out her clutch and faced him. His bow tie was loosened hanging off his neck a couple buttons on his shirt undone. He was focused on his shiny shoes before he looked up at her from under his lashes. He stuffed his hands in his pants pockets. He lifted his head scanning her face, her lips then to her eyes.

“Have a good weekend--”

“If you uh, want,” she cleared her throat. “If you’d like, you can come up.”

He held her eyes for an extended period of time before nodding.

Her heart pressed against her chest as she turned to unlock the door. She fumbled with the keys until they dropped. She crouched down to pick them up with a shy smile at him over her shoulder. Oh, you choose now to be clumsy. She scolded herself.

She finally got the door open with him not too far behind. “I usually prefer an upper unit, but at this price in this neighborhood I couldn’t pass it up.”

“I like this area. It’s peaceful.”

She got her apartment door open and walked in with a big exhale.


There wasn’t anything quite like the feeling of walking into your own home.

The familiar scent of vanilla candles and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies she made for her son and all his friends filled her olfactory senses.

She kicked off her heels. “Anything to drink?”

“No, thank you.”

“Ok.” She turned her back to him and took off her rings, necklace, and bracelets. She gasped when strong hands slid around her waist from behind and a solid mass took position behind her. She covered his arms around her and looked back at him over her shoulder.

Her lips parted when he cupped her face and angled it up to his. Her eyelids closed slowly as he closed the space between their faces. She turned in his arms smoothing her hands up his chest and around his neck. She pulled away from him enough to catch her breath. “I meant to get out of this dress.”

The corner of his mouth pulled up in mischief and she felt the zipper being pulled down on her dress all the way to the small of her back.

Her fingers tangled in the hairs at the base of his neck.

His eyes closed. “I love when you do that.” His eyes opened his intent clear in the depths of his irises.

She shivered with anticipation. The straps of the dress slipped over her shoulders and she wiggled the rest of the way out of the intrusive cloth until she could step out of it. When she looked up into his eyes he was watching her intently with a wolfish glint in his eyes. For the first time since she met the man she thought his name fit him perfectly. He’d taken a step back she noticed he was further away than she liked. She took a step to him running a hand up his white dress shirt and started at the buttons until she could open both sides of the shirt. She gnawed on her lower lip when fingertips touched the warm, smooth skin underneath the cloth.

A startled cry got caught in her thought when he grabbed her up in her arms, her legs wrapped around his waist, arms around his neck, lips smashed together as he placed her on the counter top.

Nimble fingers unhooked her bra freeing her breasts. She arched into his touch when he covered her sensitive nipples with his palms, squeezed then rolled her nipple between pointer and thumb. He swallowed her whine when he claimed her mouth his urgent, purposeful, set on a mission and that purpose was to drive her out of her mind.

She gasped grasping the back of his head when his mouth claimed her nipple. “Carson,” his name slipped past her lips when his fingers cupped her sex and the clever digits slid inside her panties and started teasing her clit.

He was in her mouth again tasting her, tonguing making her world spin to the point of disorientation. He grabbed her hand and placed it on the front of his pants. She groaned into his mouth when she found his desire pressing against his dress pants. He slipped two fingers inside getting the perfect angle. Her head fell back and she rocked her hips on his fingers. His lips were on her neck kissing, nipping. She fumbled with belt and zipped then pushed the pants and underwear over his hips.

A whimper slipped past her lips when the smooth hot skin wrapped over hardened muscle was in her clasp. She stroked his length with one hand the other pulling the shirt off. Her panties were the last thing to go before they were both naked and needy. Deep breathing was the only chorus in the space save for the crickets chirping outdoors. He retrieved something from his wallet which she decided was a condom because he took a moment to put it on, then his teeth pulled her bottom lip and his arms gathered her up.

“Where’s the bedroom?” His voice was low and rusty and sent a chill through her body. She held on around his neck.

“Behind us.”

Without preamble he carried her in that direction finding the door with the street lamps shining in from outside to help guide him. He combed his fingers through her long strands. She spent hours at the shop getting it flat ironed and she was about to sweat this shit all the way out.

He laid her on the bed settled between her legs. “How do you want me?”

She hooked her ankles together around his waist. “Like this, for now.”

She enjoyed his dark laughter at her ear before he pulled her earlobe between his teeth. She giggled at the sensation then gasped when he pushed inside her. She moaned and grasped his buttockes guiding his inside her. She arched toward him enjoying every blissful inch.

He kissed her deep and long  while she adjusted to his intrusion then started rocking his hips.

“Oh shit,” she whispered, maybe more to herself than to him. She groaned and let her head fall back. His warm lips pressed to her neck and she tangled her fingers into his hair then down his back as his stroke increased. Her breath caught when he caught the angle that she liked just in the right way she squeezed him between her thighs panting and moaning uncertain of when the world started spinning. What was up or down didn’t seem to have relevance in the void that she was escaping into. She was enthralled by the weight of his body the steady pace of his stroke the layer of sweat that was developing between them.

He slowed and laid on his back pulling her on top of him. She pulled from her deep long memory banks back to when she was last with a man. She straddled him rubbed her fingers over his chest tracing the hair there down to where their bodies were still connected. She cocked her head to the side allowing her hands to feel which was mostly all she could do in the dim lighting.

His large warm hand cupped her face and she leaned into his touch. He ran his thumb over her cheek then grazed her bottom lip. She angled her face to take the thumb in her mouth.

“Fuck,” he whispered and flexed his hips.

She pulled up and let her body fall down his length. She sighed at the sensation. Felt so delicious, felt so good. She continued to rise and fall on him letting him penetrate beyond just the carnal pleasures of her body.

She mumbled a series of incoherent words when his thumb started rotating over her clit in tantalizing circles coupled with the penetration it was too much.

Her body burst into flame and a hot flurry of liquid fire licked the walls of her entire being lastly consuming her mind.




It was the sun shining directly in his face that woke him from a deep slumber. He grumbled a protest until a warm body moved pushing a round ass into his morning wood. He opened one eye and the corner of his mouth pulled up when he saw the golden rays dance across mocha colored skin. This was way better than his daily office dose on the days he came in after her that is. Her mouth was slightly agape her facial features set in the steady calm of a restful sleep.

One hand ventured from its rest on her stomach up to cup her breast. He moaned and flexed his hips enjoying the soft feel of her ass against him. He squeezed her breast full and supple in his hand. She was so beautiful and soft. Her skin was like silk and poreless, flawless even with the scrutinizing light from the sun. She was aglow and he was in awe. He wanted her.

He reached behind him to the night stand where he retrieved a stash of condoms when he went to the bathroom the night before. He rolled one on and let his hand roam over her body. She moaned and hooked her leg behind his to lock her legs open and allow his fingers to play with her clit. He had every nerve to pull back the covers. He wanted to see her in the light of day in her entirety.

“Carson,” whimpered and that shit sang in his head. He loved hearing her say his given name especially when she had that desperate cadence to her voice. She reached behind her and grabbed his ready cock and slid it inside of her wet pussy. Her gripped her hips more for his own stability. She was tight and warm and sleek and he didn’t want to come too fast.

He took a few steady breaths before he rocked his hips wrapped up in the sensation of her body gripping him each time he exited and entered. He buried his face in her tangled strands and her neck. He nibbled her neck and she arched her back and started pushing back against him. She moved his hand gripping her breast to the strained yearning between her legs. He slid the slippery nub between pointer and middle finger as she whined and cursed in drunken sleep laden fragmented statements. He really enjoyed her antics. They were so unique to her. It let him know she enjoyed what he was doing.

“Are you going to come again, Ariba?”

She moaned and looked back at him over her shoulder with a pained desperate look on her face. She let out a low growl before all noises ceased, her eyes closed and her pussy pulsed around him in violent consistent throbs.



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