Tech King CEO Collection

Brilliant business minds, exorbitant displays of wealth, and aggressive plays for power and influence  : hardly the atmosphere to nurture deep, heartfelt connections. This collection is my money, power, and influence series. Our alpha males are charming, direct, and intense leaders that are building thriving empires. Ruthless, decisive, and intelligent with a weakness for a woman who nurtures his bleeding heart of gold and strokes his big ego.



Book 1: Burnham

Short Story ~13K Words

Tropes: millionaire | escort | blind date |  fish out of water | older woman younger man | Interracial Romance |

Awkward tech genius, David Burnham, hires a high end escort to accompany him to a fancy Gala. It might be wise for their night to end there, but what if it doesn’t? 

Vivica Han is the perfect lady to have on his arm navigating the tumultuous shark infested waters of the city’s elite. He can’t tell if their connection is fabricated by their exchange of goods and services or if she feels what he thinks he does.


Book 2: Black

Short Story ~12K Words

Tropes: millionaire fairy tales | enemyTOlovers |  redemption | love/hate | Interracial Romance | damaged lead finds happily ever after | anti-hero romance | bad boy |

He’s mean. 

When Steven Black loses his twin sister to cancer, he grows cruel and distant. To get out of legal trouble, a friend suggests he participates in a charity fundraiser called Heroes of Maidens Fund specifically to help young girls with cancer themed after fairytale princes and princesses. Starting off on the wrong foot with the curator of the fund, Gem Silver, doesn’t help his case. They go on a journey together, despite their distaste for each other, to bring hope, faith and healing to the young girls apart of the fund. 

Will Cynical Steven rediscover the power of hope as it weaves magic, love and faith back into the pitch black caverns of his mourning heart?

Book 3: Wolfe

Short Story ~14K Words

Tropes: millionaire | bossXsecretary | wrong side of the tracks |  single mother | afraid to commit | Interracial Romance | rescue romance |

After Carson Wolfe catches Ariba Simmons taking food from his catered event he offers to feed her family and a job as his administrative assistant. The beautiful, outgoing woman unexpectedly woos a difficult client opening up just as many doors in their impromptu relationship as in his business.

Book 4: Law

Short Story ~12K Words

Tropes: millionaire | genius | playboy |  virginal innocent | wall flower noticed by the rake | similarities attract |

Frasia has heard of the smooth talking tech CEO Lexington Law. She wasn’t expecting herself, being an expert in social psychology and human behavior, to get caught up in the man’s charms. While helping him with a speech for a Gala he’s hosting, she finds that underneath his articulate words and tailored suits lies a secret he hasn’t entrusted to anyone before her. This revelation could be the key not only to mastering his speech, but also to claiming her heart.


Book 5: Stein (COMING SOON)

Tropes: millionaire | revenge | one night stand |  scars from the past | fling | Interracial Romance | rescue romance |

Revenge was what drove Darwin Stein’s success. When a sensual siren saves him from a detrimental social situation and offers him one night of bliss, he’s pulled from his malice long enough to see the light. An ugly truth will force him to choose between the hope of light and the familiar pull to darkness.