Baddie Daddy Collection

DILF: Daddy’s I’d Love to...Find.  Sexy, strong, single fathers with a soft spot for a woman who can love them and their children. This collection is a celebration of all the men that step up to take care of their little ones. What’s not to love more than a man who handles his responsibilities and still manages to stay oh, so, bad?


Book 1: Daddy's Match

Short Story ~9K Words

Tropes: millionaire | DILF | father |  enemy to lovers | love hate | Interracial Romance | erotic fiction |

When her sister isn't able to pick up her fiance's niece, Abigail, Tabetha Knight volunteers to do it. She gets herself into a precarious situation when she runs into an old crush and feels pressured into saying the little girl is hers. Abigail agrees to go along with the rouse but nothing is free. When Tabetha drops the little girl off, she has a hostile encounter with Abigail's father and to add insult to injury Abby wants Tabetha to go on a date with her  father. There is tension during dinner, but it's not the kind Tabetha was expecting. 


Book 2: Daddy's Daisy

Short Story ~11K Words

Tropes: millionaire | DILF | father nanny | English Woman | Interracial Romance | erotic fiction |

 After his friends pass away, eternal bachelor, Dyan Lane, is stuck with his misbehaving goddaughter Irene Bell. How the hell was he supposed to raise a young woman when he couldn't keep one himself? So, he hires a governess. A pretty biracial woman from London, to help him tame the little hellion. Daisy Mcmann acts just like he'd expect from someone with the title of English Governess, but he was not prepared for her youthful beauty and warm heart.