| 4 | Never Going Back ||

She pelted him with questions, easy as breathing. Things he wouldn’t have thought to wonder about. Or maybe, he just wasn’t able to put it into words. He wanted to know most of all, what the hell Duprey’s motives were. Cryptic ass bullshit didn’t sit well with him.

Devlin glanced over at Lacey. She was still as fucking beautiful as he remembered. His eyes raked down her body while she walked. Her attention was on her phone. Something wasn’t meeting the impossible woman’s standards.

“Who are you texting?” It sounded less abrasive in his head.

She glanced over at him, looking over her shoulder. “My assistant.”

“So late?” His voice sounded calm to him, but she glanced back at him like he wasn’t fooling anyone.

She raised a skeptical eyebrow. “It’s not any of your business, but if you must know, there are a lot of preparations still to be made.”

He frowned. “For what?”

“Valentine’s Day, of course.” Her voice went an octave higher.

He smirked at the familiarity of her presence, of her passion, of her giddy joy in the sappy shit he mocked. It was sexy as fuck and reminded him why he chose her in the first place. “You’re still doing that?”

“You honestly thought I’d stop? Shows you don’t know me at all―” She gasped, when he stopped and pulled her flush to him. He cupped her face, and her eyes fell to his mouth. He traced her bottom lip, sending electricity through her. His body heat was making her feel hot jitters all through her body.

“D-Devlin―” Her eyes fell closed when his lips started to descend to hers. He paused a breath away from her mouth.

“I know you.” He whispered. “I know you like no one else will ever know you.” He recalled her look of shock and dread when she came in waterfalls for him the last time. Time did not dull the memory. He had planned, from that moment forward, not to get a wink of sleep until he showed her his entire bag of tricks. True, he wasn’t able to actually follow through on that, time limit and all, but he tried.

Her eyes opened, and he held them. He pulled away and clasped her hand, getting them back into a steady stride.

He slowed their walk after a while. “Home?”

She nodded, facing him. She composed herself and cleared her throat, leaving a safe buffer of space between them. “Thank you for not being my knight and still manage to save me from a rather embarrassing affair.” She let out a forced laugh. “And, uh, I guess, I’ll see you for the wedding.”

He stuffed his hands in his pant pockets with a nod. “Yeah.” He wanted to fuck her, already had a series of positions to start with, but he was hesitant only because how she left things at his shop. She was reluctant, and he hated that shit.

How the hell could he blame her? She knew who he was and she wasn’t a fool.

“Devlin!” She called, when he turned and started walking away. Before he could turn to fully face her again, she threw her arms around his neck and smashed her lips on his.

He was shocked, stiff at first, but he loosened up, his hands easily finding her waist before they ventured up her back, pressing her solidly to him. He took control of the kiss, his lips moving slow, languid, then he angled his face and slid his tongue inside her mouth, syphoning her will, her energy, filling her with want, need for one thing, and one thing alone: him.

He finally pulled away, took her hand, and led them inside her building.


Once they were in her apartment, she dove on him. Her fingers worked diligently to undo the buttons on his shirt. He looked so good and smelled so delicious she just wanted his hot bare skin on her.

He grabbed her hands and held them at her sides. His dark eyes captured her in a way that made her breath catch. She was expecting them to be intense, ungiving, but they were searching, sensual like melted dark chocolate.

She moaned as her want increased. “Devlin,” she whined.

One of his hands abandoned her wrist to stroke her cheek, trace her bottom lip, and clasp the back of her neck. He angled her face up to his and captured her lips with steady, meaningful strokes from his own. He deepened the kiss, making her lose herself, lose her ability to determine what was up and what was down. She held onto him for stability. Devlin Sinn for stability, it didn’t make sense, so she didn’t dwell on it. When he pulled away, somehow, her blouse was on the floor, and her skirt was sliding over her hips.

How did the clever man manage to get her naked first, again?

She stepped out of the skirt, closing the small space between them. She held his eyes as she reached for the buttons on his shirt. He watched her, allowed her to undo each button. She was well aware, however, of who was in control of the situation and it was hardly her.

Energy zinged through her body, making her stagnant skin cells come to life. She was surprised that she was still in solid form. She thought for sure she’d be in an evaporative state.

She pushed his shirt over his broad shoulders and let it fall to the ground, then pulled the t-shirt over his head. His long hair fell in straight distraught strands around his bare shoulders. She took in his tanned skin, strong chest with dark hair on its surface. Did she remember that he had chest hair?

When her fingertips gingerly touched his hot skin, he shivered. She found his dark, ungiving eyes and gasped. The sensual gentleness was replaced with desire, with fire, with one goal, one mission. She tried to retreat, but it was too late. She was in his arms, and he was tasting her tongue, wrapping her up in his longing, and she was helpless to resist. Helpless to deny the dreams when she woke and had wished were reality.

He pulled her up in his arms, and she wrapped her legs around his solid waist. He carried her to the bedroom and laid her there, standing between her legs. He pressed his pelvis into her, and she moaned when she felt his erection through his underwear. She freed him from the confines of the cloth, and he handed her a condom.

He tweaked her nipple, while she worked the contraption over his penis. His hand slipped between her legs, and he stroked her swollen clit in tantalizing circles, pulling out any remaining sanity she had left. She thrust her hips toward his fingers that slipped inside her. She struggled to breathe, as his trained digits found her g-spot and started teasing her while his thumb worked her needy clit.

She combed her fingers through his hair when he sucked her nipple in his mouth. “Dev!” She gasped, uncertain where the rest of his name got lost. She arched her body toward him, lost in the sensation, the feeling, the pleasure, the memory, the play, the building of heat and freedom just above that horizon somewhere, a cliff that she knew would be too late ‘cause once she found it, she’d―

She gasped, and her world exploded into infinite pieces where only Devlin’s dark whisper existed in that deep, weightless place. “There’s no going back from this.”  


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  • I’m shaken tbh

  • I loved the whole book finished in 4 hour can’t help but wish it was longer. Ps please 🙏🏾write some more on these two🙂

    Bird jones
  • Ahhh love this book already, definitely commenting to get the full ebook version because I cant wait!

  • Awesome chapter, I absolutely love it. I knew it was only a matter of time before they fell into each others arms and back in bed again ;) I absolutely love their chemistry…it’s so intense and consuming. I’m totally hooked on this story. Keep up the great work. You are Awesome :)

  • Good book so far my favorite

    Bird jones

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