| 32 | Phantom Whispers ||

“There’re seven in total. Two in the main hanger, three out front, two out back.” Stitch handed Devlin the binoculars.

“Just like the Hyann brothers said.” He peered through the lenses, but his mind was elsewhere: somewhere like back at his long overdue dinner almost two weeks ago. The shipment got delayed, but by that time, she was already with the Popes, so he got word for her to stay longer.

He couldn’t get her reaction to his death off his mind. He didn’t want her to be cold and stiff, but the thought still made him want to fuck her, again.

His father’s failure at bringing the Hyann brothers down kept also fuckin’ with his head. “Are we sure we want to do this?” The words came out before he really had a chance to decide if that was the best thing, the right thing, to say at that time.

Stitch frowned and looked at Devlin who handed the binoculars to Lucas. “It’s your call, Prez,” Stitch said.

“No, it’s all our lives.” Devlin crossed his arms and looked at his VP straight on. “Long Sack Jack is still in recovery from the warehouse ordeal.” They should have brought him to a hospital, that would have been the best chance for him, but with what they did. When they were dealing shit, they couldn’t risk it.

They had a doctor, a friend that his mother went to school with. The man was sweet on Emilia Sinn, but he dared not say anything. Luscious, the bastard, a scary son of a bitch when he wanted to be would have beat all the schoolin’ out the man’s head, had he ever.

Devlin’s mom had a way about her. She was fierce but fair, and warm, and nurturing, but she had no problem setting you in the place you belonged.

When he was fifteen, she swiped his legs from under him for saying some stupid shit. Before he could tell what happened, he was looking up at the sun. “Mind your words, Devlin Michael. Mind your words.” She reached out her hand and helped him to his feet right after.

Stitch crossed his arms. “That entire situation was fucked up and not your fault. We’re all free men, and we make our own decisions. I’m following your lead. That’s my decision.”

“All I want to know is how do we know Baby Spice over here actually put this shit in the right order before we go down there and get our asses blown off.” Flesh said, in his raspy voice.  He’d been wary about the deal from the get-go, mostly because he had bad blood with the Hyann family.

“Leave the fuckin’ kid alone,” Stitch mumbled, his attention was acutely on Devlin. Flesh had been down Lucas’s back despite everyone else’s, even Stitch’s acquiescence to let him in. Devlin didn’t understand why the man voted him in, maybe to torture him.

“How do we know they won’t pull the same shit on us? It’s hard to imagine the knock off Sinn’s cock is as magical as he thinks. Bitches are fickle,” Flesh grumbled, leaning on his bike.

“We don’t know,” Devlin said, adjusting the gun in the back of his pants. “All we have is a brother’s word. Is that good enough for you?” Devlin stood toe-to-toe, eye-to-eye with the man whose scarred face would scare off any asshole in an instant.

The scowl loosened and he hollered in the air. “Holy fucking shit. Do you see that shit little man?” He addressed Lucas. “That’s that deep, loyal, blood brother bond right there and don’t you ever forget that shit. Let’s get this done.” The man spit off to the side and hollered again.

The men got off their bikes and all piled into the big white van they had a pledge driving. As planned, they were allowed entry into the docks and made their way to the Hyann brothers’ port.

“Start loading up,” Devlin instructed. The sooner they got this shit done, the better. He wanted to hold his woman. Smell her hair, feel her curves stuck to him like a magnet.

A chill rode up Devlin’s spine, then Lucifer took a stand beside him. There was a long silence that was filled by the whispering of the wind through the air off the water. Seagulls called above, the splashing of water against the pillars. “This shit seems too easy, doesn’t―” They dove to the ground when gunfire peppered the area.

Devlin’s eye trained in on two of the young recruits laying in growing pools of their own blood. The crates they were carrying was shattered on the ground near them. “Fuck,” Devlin whispered to himself.

“Grenade!” Someone yelled before a hot pressure shoved against Devlin’s chest, followed by ringing in his ears. He tried to get his sight and thoughts together. Everything around him was muffled. He struggled to pick himself up off the ground. The world seemed off center. He pulled his gun out and started firing in what he thought was the right direction. He looked around. Where was his brother? The little bastard, had he run off―

Devlin’s thoughts stopped when he saw Lucas held up behind some oil canisters with Joker. Blood stained the boy’s face as he peeked around the barrel to fire his weapon.

That nagging I told you so kept whispered in the back of his head until it grew into a shout.

All this shit was a mess. Devlin’s thoughts drifted over and over to Lacey. Was she safe? He hoped this didn’t spill over into her world. He thought about their discussion. Thought about the way her body reacted to the thought of his death. Would she have to experience that? Would he put her through that?

He took a deep breath. He needed to focus on getting out of this shit. Where the hell was Lucas’s DEA agent?

He peaked around the barrel and saw where the assholes were laid up. He pulled his head back on the safe side of the barrels when gunfire speckled it. He peeked around the other side and fired, taking out two men.

Devlin’s hearing was slowly returning, but it was spotty. He heard his name, which made him look up. Stitch was running toward him. The man’s mouth was moving but Devlin couldn’t make out any sounds or words over the commotion of firing weapons and shouting from both sides.

A huge explosion erupted behind Stitch as he tackled Devlin into the water behind them.

The air escaped Devlin when the water smashed into his body with Stitch on the other side. The water rumbled with the continued explosions as they all shook the dock and blood darkened the water around him. He felt the sting in his side, but he couldn’t focus on the pain.

Where was Lucas, Joker and the others? Did he just do what his father did, only took out all his brothers in the process?

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