| 30 | Vision of Perfection ||

Devlin kissed the back of Lacey’s neck, eliciting a giggle from her before he turned over and set up in the bed with his legs hanging over the edge.

He rubbed down his face and exhaled. His muscles tensed when he felt cool soft hands glide along his back and wrap around his middle. He leaned back into Lacey when her soft curves formed against his back. Her legs wrapped around him, and he rubbed the smooth skin.

“Thank you for this evening.” She kissed his shoulder. “Everything was perfect.”

He laughed. “That shit’s why I have to keep Frannie around to tell the damn truth.”

He frowned when she unwrapped her legs around him and pulled away. He glanced over his shoulder when he heard the bed creak and her weight release off the surface.

“Lacey, what are you―”

She silenced him with a finger over his lips. She straddled him from the front and rested on his lap. His cock started reacting to her heat, to the pending promise of her slippery oasis.

She linked her arms around his neck and kissed him soundly. “It was just what I needed, so it was perfect.” She pressed on his chest and he let his body lay back on the bed. His abs flexed under her gentle caress up his chest, along his arms. She paused at his palm then broke out in laughter.

“Devlin, does that say ‘absolutely no fucking her until after dessert?’” She started laughing again.

“Mhm.” He tossed her on her back and nuzzled his face in her neck, eliciting the fit of giggles he was after.

She squealed and pushed him off her with a red face washed in a silly smile. “Your facial hair tickles.”

He smiled at the way her pretty face scrunched up to emphasize her point.

Her laughter sobered, and her eyebrows pulled together. “This is what we could have had five years ago. It’s my fault.”

Devlin grumbled, hoping he would never have to get back to this place. “Lacey,” he laid on his back and stared up at the stark white ceiling.

“No, Devlin it’s true.” Lying on her side, she propped herself up on her arm, facing him.

He rubbed his hand down his face. “I went to Jacob’s grave.” He confessed, barely above a whisper. His voice sounded strange in the long-extended silence that, for a long period, only held their labored breathing.

He felt Lacey move beside him, even though he didn’t look her direction. “Why?”

He let out a heavy sigh. How the fuck was he competing with someone who was long gone? It was all in his head, but he couldn’t help but remember Lacey’s very distinct and clear vision of her life, of her lover, of a man that would have her beyond a few nights of sweaty, hot, satisfying copulation. “To have a man-to-man conversation.” He mumbled.

“Man to granite slab, you mean?” He heard her amusement and glanced over at her. Her waves were wild, untamed tresses that framed her pretty face and big, brown exotic eyes. Her lips were swollen from his attention, and her caramel skin had a flushed tone even in the dim lighting.

“I had to,” He faced away from her. “I had to know.” He didn’t like feeling ― the way he was. He could only hear his father’s voice reassuring him that a man was strong, and that strength did not include exposing your innermost demons. A man protected. A man did what was necessary. Doing what was necessary meant suppressing anything that was looked at, or could be interpreted, as weak.


Her gentle touch sent a sharp thrill up his spine as her hands stroked across his shoulders. She wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his shoulder. His cock started to rise at the soft feel of her breasts on his side. Peaceful moments like that didn’t last for him; so, he closed his eyes and let it soak in.

There was no good time for what he was about to say. So, after a while, he just started talking. “I’ll need you to stay with the Popes this weekend.”

“Oooo, another weekend up there!” She giggled. “I think we should bring a gift―”

“Not us.” He swallowed, and a chill ran through him. He had no idea what she would say or do with the news, but he feared the worst. She thought she knew him, but she knew very little.

She abandoned him and laid on her back next to him instead. “What’s going on?”

He set up and ran his fingers through his hair. “It’s some shit with the M.C., dangerous shit, and I need to know you’re safe.”

He felt her move beside him. “I can handle myself.”

“Lacey,” he glanced over at her and his insides clenched. He couldn’t begin to imagine what he’d do to anyone that hurt her. It hit him in that moment that’s what his father felt when he lost their mother, accept something bad did happen to her, but it wasn’t a person that did it. There was no one for the man to point his rage at.

Devlin returned back to the present moment. “There’s no reason to worry about me. I’m a black belt.”

He wasn’t surprised. She definitely didn’t lack the discipline. “That will mean very little if someone has a gun pointed at your head.”

Her dark, full brows pulled together. “Then teach me how to use a gun.”

His eyebrows raised with surprise. Then he rubbed his forehead. “There’s no time for a worthwhile lesson. I-I’m sorry for springing this on you, I just― and I didn’t want to disrupt―”


Her soft voice made him look over at her.

“I’ll stay with the Popes this weekend.”

A deep relief washed over him. When he found her heavy facial expression, his chest clenched and he looked down at his feet resting on the floor.

“I’ll never be the white knight that you want.” He cringed when he said it. Part of him was proud as fuck about that statement, and the other part wanted her to see him as someone she wanted to be with. Not just fuck, although that was good too.


He talked over her. “It used to bother me, make me angry, but now I figure there’s a reason why knights are extinct. I’m here, and he’s not.” But there were more out there like him and hell, more out there like Devlin too. More men that she could have if she wanted, but that shit didn’t matter. He had her in that moment.

Quiet filled the air and he could tell that Lacey was deep in thought. He didn’t mean to fuck up her life. He didn’t want this shit to touch her, but the way these people played he wasn’t willing to take any chances.

“After we found out that conceiving a child was not really in the stars, he struggled with it despite other options. No one knew him like I did. Or I thought.” She took a deep breath, trying to mask her shaky voice.

He might have been a lot of things: rogue, shit head, bad news, but for all that macho shit, he really was the type to feel deep. He’d been fighting it all his life, suppressing that which his mother tried to nurture in him. Instinct, judgement, especially about people, he was usually pretty good at. He wasn’t certain how to express this to Lacey, but he felt her struggle down to his toes.

“I still thought he saw a future with me, despite everything. I know he did. I-I―” She broke off, letting the silent night fill the gap between them.

He did this.

The realization punched him in the chest unlike he ever felt before and he’d had his bouts to the chest over a lifetime. The unmoving understanding that she was his, and he knew that the first moment he laid eyes on her at the Valentine’s day thing, and he caused all this shit was fuckin’ with his head. He was an idiot not to realize how deep and complete she was meant to be his. If he wouldn’t have been a dumbass, he would have saved her this pain. He hated thinking about his Lacey, not only fuckin’ some other guy, but also trying to have a baby with the prick.

She sighed. “I never really knew what was going on in his head, but I knew something was off. I did nothing. I just went through the motions everyday thinking about how best to complete my vision of some perfect family.” She paused again and let the night noises fill in the gap.

He brought his attention to her when she placed one leg, then the other, on either side of him. Somehow, his hands found her round ass with little effort. She held his eyes an extended period, her hips making tantalizing rolls on his already hardening penis. He shaped his hands over the rounds of her ass and squeezed slow and deliberate. She moaned, leaning down to taste him. Her nipples brushed his bare chest, and he shivered.

“Get a condom.” He rasped, motioning to the bedside dresser.

She rubbed her wet pussy lips along the length of his cock before nipping his bottom lip with her teeth. “I want to feel you, Devlin.” She kissed his jaw. “Inside me.” Kissed his neck. “If you’re worried about me getting pregnant, don’t.”

Truth was he wasn’t sure if he could take feeling her without any barriers again. He barely pulled out in time, up at the Popes’. He leaned over to the side table and got a condom, ripped it out of the wrapper and rolled it over his cock. “Fuck me.” He leaned back on the bed and watched her reach between their bodies and align him with her slick passage. He rested his head on his hands and just watched her intently.

She bit her lower lip when the tip of his cock spread her pussy lips apart. His mouth fell open, feeling her heat wrap him and set all the nerve endings free on the tip of his penis. He reached for her hips, but she slapped his hands out the way. “Jake was my past.” She let out in staccato gasps. “I’m here now with you, and I don’t want to be anywhere else.”

He gripped the sheets as she lowered her tight pussy on him, taking every inch of his straining flesh into her womb. “Fuck.” He whispered, the sensation incomparable every time.

When he was fully inside of her, she leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips.

He grumbled and gripped her hips, thrusting into her hot dripping core. Her breath caught in her throat and she yelped out into the silent night air. She bounced up and down on his cock then was grinding her hips on him while she rubbed the protruding swollen flesh there.

“Oh shit―” She moaned, then the walls of her pussy started convulsing in slow tight grips around his cock. He slammed into her as he powered through his own need to release, wanting her to hold her orgasm if her body would allow.

She was frozen above him the way she gripped her breast, her head tilted back, mouth open, poised, frozen in time while the endorphins drowned her mind, paralyzed her. The look and feel of her body partially silhouetted in the low lighting, and the bright moonlight was too much for him to hold off any longer.

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