| 26| Lumberjacks & Bearskin Rugs ||

“Oh no, not this shit. I’m going to get more firewood.” Devlin stood up and skulked to the back door, despite Nan begging him to stay.

Ben pushed up off the couch too, adding to the commotion. “And you wonder why he won’t bring a lady up. Always trying to embarrass with your stories. Now he ‘on’t visit for a long while.”

“Oh, come on Benny. It’s a harmless little story. Oh, it’s cute.” She was following her husband up the stairs.

“A grown man doesn’t want to be cute ‘specially not in front of a lady friend.” Ben continued.

“Oh, what, you’re walking away like a young child now?”

“No, I’m going to bed, ‘cause I’ll have no part of it.”

“Oh, Benny―” Their voices faded into the master bedroom down the hall from the main double height space. The stone fireplace traced up the wall and terminated into the vaulted wood ceiling. Everything was so beautiful with its polished, rustic wood. It was warm with love and use, and Lacey found the entire wooden cabin scenery really attractive. It was strange and refreshing to see Devlin so at ease, so at home in the quaint rural, woodsman type role. She stood and pulled his plaid shirt further down over her bottom. Despite the leggings, she still felt a bit bare.

She strolled to the back door, which was left open because he was outside getting more wood like he said.

When she peeked outside, she saw his back as he retrieved the logs for the fire.

She crossed her arms and leaned on the door frame, watching him strategically place the logs.

“You just going to watch or are you going to offer help?”

She smirked when he glanced back at her over his shoulder.

“Well, I was going to wait for you to ask for it.”

Those dark eyes caught hers again, but that time, he held them. “I should never have to ask for it.” She caught the teasing in his voice and felt the heat that raced down her spine.

“Well,” She said, turning her back to him. She looked at him over her shoulder, not bothering to pull the shirt over her butt stretched in the thin fabric. “If you don’t ask, you may never get it.”

She faced toward the interior of the house, pushed off the door frame and smirked to herself, the dark intensity in his eyes made her breathing falter.

She squealed when she was grabbed up and tossed over his shoulder. Her butt was in the air, her upper body dangling behind him.

“Devlin, put me down.”

He slapped her butt, and she yelped in response.

“This is highly inappropriate.” She heard herself say despite the excitement that wrapped around her insides and filled her with hot desire. The time he had her on the stairs and carried her the rest of the way up in a similar fashion brought hot excitement and lust to her mind. It was then that she realized they hadn’t gotten to a point of pleasure the past few times they’d seen each other, which wasn’t per usual.

He pressed a kiss into her butt cheek with a deep malicious laugh.

“You’re acting like a neanderthaaaaa―” The man flopped her on the large bear skin rug that splayed out in front of the roaring fireplace. She wiggled into the animal fur and watched the beastly man crawl toward her. He used his muscled knee to wedge her legs apart.

She moaned, closed her eyes and arched her body toward its master. Her mind conjured up the muscle memory filled with pleasure, and heat, and want. Her arms were above her head, her hair wild and splayed out on the rug. She wondered what she looked like to him as he hovered over her with either of his arms on each side of her. His dark eyes gazed down at her, looking like liquid Obsidian stone.

He pushed his knee closer to the cusp of her sex until he was secured there, and she ground her hips against his leg. The devilish man’s mouth pulled up. He leaned down and pulled her ear between his teeth before whispering. “This might be the appropriate time to ask for it.”


Devlin set up and rubbed down his face. Lacey groaned and pulled her legs up to her chest. He tossed his plaid shirt over her and stood to get a blanket off the couch.

“Devlin, what are you doing?”

He looked over his shoulder with amusement to find a very tempting Lacey trying to follow his movements with half-opened eyes. He got the thick throw blanket and draped it over her, then stayed a moment longer to watch her snuggle into the warmth before he found his boxers.

“Where are you going?”

“To actually get that firewood.”  

Her attention shifted to the dying fire, and she blew some hair out her face. His cock started to thicken in response. She turned her head to the side, and he knew she was about to say something to get her pussy filled with his cock again. “Sure you don’t need any help?”

He finally broke eye contact and turned back to the door. “You should pee and get some water while I’m gone.”

He’d intended to get her back to her place so they could have a lot of time alone, but she asked if they could stay. He loved the Popes. They were just as much family as his own blood, and it made him happy to know she was enjoying time with them too, but he wanted time alone with her. The more he couldn’t be alone with her, the more agitated he became. He enjoyed helping out around their farm, but he wanted her naked under him. So, when the old chickens led by Ben went upstairs, he had his way with his beautiful woman.

He smirked, stacking the logs in his arms for the second time. Just when he wasn’t sure what to make of the woman, she goes and taunts him with her smart-ass mouth and tempting ass curves. He bared his teeth adding one more log to the pile. He wanted to bite her ass, it felt so good in his hand, bouncing on his stomach when he fucked her from behind.

He paused when he walked back in the living room and found Lacey naked on the hearth, gazing into the slowly glowing embers. Her knees where up to her chest, but even in the dim light, he could see her pussy lips, a fucking temptation.

“Took you long enough.” She said, her big brown eyes finding his.

He brought his attention to building back up the fire. When it was crackling again and filling the space with warm light, he brought his gaze to her. She’d pulled her hair into a messy bun on her head. Her caramel skin seemed to hold onto the light, making her look aglow.

She was so beautiful it was impossible for him to forget one single detail from the highlights of her light-colored hair, long lashes and the flecks of browns in her eyes. He rested his forehead on her knees, and she let them fall away from her chest, and she gathered him on her lap. He closed his eyes and inhaled the medley of fragrances that graced her skin, hair, her pussy, and he smelled himself too which was the ultimate arousal. He’d laid claim and planned on doing just that all night until she told him to fuck off.

She pulled his hair free from the tie and started combing through the locks. The sensation was hypnotizing, and his mind started wandering a bit.


“Hmm?” He didn’t bother trying to open his eyes, because she didn’t stop massaging his scalp.

“Why did you bring me here?”

He shrugged. “‘ts where the road took me.” That was mostly true. In that, he had no destination when they set out that morning, and nowhere on their trip did he intend to end up at the Pope’s. Subconsciously, second to his mother, Ben and Nanny Pope were his family. He wanted Lacey to meet them. He hoped somewhere that she’d see he was more than just a fucking barbaric degenerate that could only fuck with no other redeeming qualities.

He set up, kneeling in front of her. He reached out and pulled her hair loose and stood with her cradled in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling her body closer to his, clinging to his mass. With anyone else, he would have found the gesture clingy and distasteful, but he wanted her to use his strength, to enjoy his assertion and bring her comfort. Even if he could only offer those things in a fleeting moment. Even if his security was only temporary. As much as he wanted to be more for her, somewhere deep inside, he knew that he wouldn’t be enough of any of those things to satiate her want. So, he strove to give her what he knew he could. When he was there with her, he was the best she’d ever had, even if it wouldn’t last.

He laid her on the bearskin rug, nestled between her open legs and brushed her hair out her face. He held her eyes for the longest time, looking deep into them, trying to read her mind. Trying to see what she saw in him. Could she see herself with him beyond a day, a weekend, a month? Did she see what he saw when he looked at her?

“Devlin―” He leaned down and kissed her. The pleading in her voice made zinging electrical current course through his body. He pulled away and let his weight fall on the rug beside her. He pulled her back to his front and nestled his face in her hair. He pulled the blankets over them and wrapped her in his arms where his hand formed perfectly to one of her full breasts. He played with the nipple and let the popping and crackling of the fire fill the quiet space up with sound.

She moaned and pressed her ass back against him. She rotated her hips, charming his semi-hard cock into a full erection.

He had hold of both of her breasts and was holding her tight to him while he kissed her neck, shoulders, spine.

She gasped, arching her ass to him, bending at the waist.

He sucked in air when she grabbed him, cocked her leg, exposing her sex and slid him inside. They both moaned, groaned, and sighed at the sensation.

“Fuck.” He whispered, letting the new feelings float around his mind. He wasn’t moving, more so because, he didn’t want to come so fast. Oh no, she wasn’t getting away that easy. “Lacey―”

His words caught in his throat when she started moving against him.

He grabbed her ass at first to hold her still, but he found it was a convenient lever to thrust in her from behind. He held her to him with the breast in hand and kept filling her. Her strangled cries and pants were fucking with his head

He turned her face back toward him and claimed her mouth to silence her, but then her mouth started massaging his. She twisted her body so her back was flat on the rug, the leg on top was tossed over his leg, granting him a deep angle into her pussy. His hips moved freely in and out of her slippery passage. She grabbed his face and deepened the kiss, pressing closer. The hand at her hip slipped around her flat stomach, up to grab her breast then further up to clasp her neck.

She moaned into his mouth. Her entire movement made him increase his trusts, holding her in place by her neck. She pulled their faces apart and started crying out incoherent words, maybe in Spanish, he wasn’t certain. He was only focused on the feeling of her body, soft and wet and around him.

He slowed his stroke and loosened his hold on her neck, letting that hand drift between her legs to tease her hard, swollen clit.

He pulled her earlobe between his teeth, feeling the growing heat in her body. She turned so they were face-to-face. He rested his forehead on hers. “I could be in you all night.” He whispered with deep, slow strokes.

Her eyebrows pulled together a look that was difficult for him to decipher until she grabbed his neck and kissed him long and deep before saying, “Just all night?”

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