| 20 | If Three’s a Party, Then What is Four? ||

Lacey swung her legs over the edge of the bed. She was thirsty when she laid down, but once she got under the sheets, she was too comfortable to get back up. Now it was, she checked the clock on her phone, 4 A.M, and she was parched beyond ignoring.

She opened the bedroom door, pulling down the edge of Devlin’s borrowed shirt to make sure it was covering all her bits and pieces, save for her legs that felt exposed hanging out the bottom. She looked down the hall, and when she didn’t see anyone, she stepped out into the hall.

She was expecting him to take her to her house. Once she was on the bike, she closed her eyes and just felt the bike rumbling under her, the solid man in front of her. She took in his scent, the intense feeling of the fast-moving vehicle, the air that pressed against them. It felt amazing. She was shocked to end up at the place that Devlin called home. She was even more shocked when he brought her to his room, in silence, tossed one of his shirts on the bed and left her alone. She was disappointed because she expected him to at least try to peel her panties off, but he didn’t.

Once she closed the door silently behind her, she froze. A woman’s moan followed by a man’s made her heart pick up. She closed her eyes, remembering that she was in― well, they called it a clubhouse, but it seemed to function more like a brothel.

Her eyes grew when she heard the familiar grumble of Devlin’s voice. Not just any grumble. She knew that grumble — the sound he made when he was sexually enraptured. She bawled her fists at her side and instinctively headed toward the sound, which brought her upstairs, past a massive statue tucked partly in a nook, a billiard table, and through an archway.

Fire light glowed from the space, but she stopped before she could look into the room. More sounds of pleasure mixed with light music. Another woman’s voice, different from the first. Sounds of suckling and the sharp smack of a hand on skin.

She swallowed and started to sweat. If she looked around that corner, she might see something she didn’t want to see, or worse, something she desperately wanted to see, but not in the way she wanted to see it. Would she be upset that Devlin was seeking pleasure somewhere else? It wasn’t like he was bound to anyone he had every right. Why would she even want to see it, whatever it was? She started biting her nail.

OH BAH! She faced the archway. She didn’t want to, but she did. It might have been wrong, but she would just take a little peak. She tiptoed to the opening and peered around the corner. Her breath caught when she saw Devlin spread out naked on the sofa like a Sultan. Two women diligently working the length of his hefty penis, suckling his balls while also touching each other with their free hand. She clapped a hand over her mouth and pressed her back to the wall after she saw dark eyes staring at her.

Oh shit! She thought, hearing the sofa creek. Disappointed whining came from both women followed by heavy footsteps coming toward her. She swore again and looked for a place to hide.

Why was she hiding exactly, she wasn’t sure, but she wasn’t sure what she would say to him if he did catch her. Hey, I was just snooping and watching these two rather pretty women sucking your penis. Don’t mind me. She slipped in the nook behind the massive statue and held her breath. She saw Devlin’s shadow on the floor in front of her as he approached her hiding place.

He paused just past the statue, giving her the perfect view of well-defined glutes. He turned around and peered over the banister, down into the space below before turning back toward her. His penis was swollen, hanging out in front of him just like she remembered. His well-formed thighs and trim waist, the broad shoulders now with dark hair grazing his collarbone. He was so sinfully tempting, it hurt.

He raised his face in the air. “Lacey.” He whispered, in the dark. “I know you’re up here.” He walked past her hiding place, and she exhaled. When he got far enough, she would slip out and back down to the room. “I remember the first time I smelled you five fucking years ago. Like springtime flowers or some shit. I’ll never forget it.” He wandered further away before a female voice interrupted his search.

“Who are you talking to, Devie?” One of them cooed.

Lacey ignored the irritation at the familiar pet name.

“Come on, baby. We’ll take care of you.” The other said.

Lacey leaned forward, just far enough to see the threesome. One woman took his hand; the other grabbed his penis. They both walked back to the firelit space. Devlin glanced over his shoulder one time before following them. She closed her eyes, exhaled and rested her head on the alcove wall for a moment, hoping her heart would calm down in her chest.

When everything seemed quiet enough, she peaked around the alcove corner and looked toward the lit archway and stepped out the alcove when she didn’t see anyone.

She strangled back a coughed scream when she faced the stairs behind her and was greeted with a casual-looking Devlin. His shoulder was resting on the wall, his arms crossed over his chest.

“That was always my favorite hiding place when I was a boy.” He brought his gaze from the floor up to her face.”

How did he slip past her so quickly and quietly?

She swallowed and tried to coax her bulging eyeballs back into her head. He adjusted his lean on the wall, and she tried to keep her wandering eyes from drifting to his exposed sex.


“What excuse are you gathering right now?”

“I was being nosy, true, but now I’m going to―”

“You came up here because?” He paused, waiting for her.

“I-I heard noises.”

“So, you wanted to see people fucking?”

She wanted to see you fucking. She shook the thought.  “N-n―”

“I didn’t know you were into that sort of thing, but I’d hate for you to miss out on what you came for.” Even in the dim lighting, she could see his dark eyes dancing with mischief.

She stepped backwards when he walked toward her.

He stopped. His dark eyebrows pulled together. “There’s no need to act coy.”
She jumped when a warm, slender hand slid into hers from behind. She looked back and found one of the two naked women holding her hand. The woman coaxed her to the firelit room with a gentle tug.

She followed absentmindedly, not sure what else to do. There was no escaping the mountain of a man who was blocking her exit. She told herself there was nowhere to go. She knew better than most that all she had to do was ask and he’d allow her to leave. For some odd reason, perhaps it was her shrewd nature that felt better about feeling as if she had no choice. That way, if she didn’t like, or worse, did like what was about to transpire, she could blame it all on Devlin and wave it off as a one-time deal. It was so easy to point the finger at him. Look at him. She glanced back at him and her insides heated and liquid saturated her panties.

The space was warm from the fireplace. Sheets, and pillows were strewn on the Persian rug near the couch.

“Since I’m such a regrettable mistake, I won’t even touch you.” He whispered in her ear, sending a shiver through her body and guilt through her soul.

She had hurt him. Why the hell did she send the message with the courage of liquor? Regret made her chest sink. She was a coward. He deserved better than a coward.

The brunette that had her hand set her down in a chair, giving her a perfect view of Devlin who laid on the couch, arms spread, legs spread like he owned the world. The blonde who stayed in the room placed kisses up his leg. He let his head fall back when she reached his balls. His penis started rising and thickening when she took him in her hand and stroked up and down his length.

Lacey brought her attention to the woman kneeling before her. A smirk pulled up the corner of her pretty face. She ran a hand up Lacey’s bare legs and under Devlin’s shirt. Lacey pushed back in the chair, uncertain exactly what was happening and why her pussy was pulsing between her legs. The woman bit her lower lip and grabbed Lacey’s waist, pulling her closer to the edge of the chair.

“Let me take care of you, beautiful.” She said, kissing Lacey’s knee. “Just close your eyes and feel.” She pushed Lacey’s legs open gently and ran her hands up her thighs.

She bit her lower lip when her thumb grazed Lacey’s sex. She moaned, pushing closer to the edge of the chair, her throbbing clit desperate for more. The woman spread Lacey’s legs wide, using the chair arms to hold them open. She moved the panties out the way and stroked down the length of Lacey’s wet opening.

The woman smiled, looking over her shoulder to Devlin and the blonde. “She’s fucking soaked.” The woman bit her lip facing Lacey again. The two women’s eyes locked, and Lacey watched the woman descend upon her needy flesh.

“Oh shit.” Lacey sighed, rolling her hips to meet the suckling, flicking, teasing mouth of the other woman. Lacey’s drunken eyes opened just enough to find two dark eyes staring into her soul. The rhythmic building of her completion surged to the front of her mind. She rolled her hips in desperation, needing to release.

She watched the pretty blond woman suck and stroke Devlin. She remembered the way he felt and tasted, all her senses going wild at the same time until she exploded in an eruption of wet satisfaction.


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