| 13 | Stair Master ||

The startled cry got caught in Lacey’s throat when Devlin pulled up her dress on the way up the stairs to her apartment and smashed his face into her pussy.

“Devl―” her words faded into a moan when the fiendish man pulled aside her panties, spread her lower lips and ran his tongue along the length of her already-swollen flesh.

His play at gentleman had her pussy wet all afternoon and well into the night. He hadn’t touched her, at least not with his hands or mouth, not even for a kiss until the end, but those dark, brooding eyes followed her all night. Every time she caught him staring, her chest would clench, and her heart would skip some beats.

He spread her legs, grabbed her waist and pulled her back on his tongue where he devoured her from behind. She was on all fours in the middle of her stairwell where any of her neighbors could come in and see them.

“Mmm,” her eyes closed when his flicking tongue found the perfect rhythm. “Oh god, yes.” She whined, rocking her hips back toward his face.

His heavy laughter met her ears and made her smile. Her humor faded when he slid two fingers into her wetness.

She gasped at the onslaught of sensations coupled with what his mouth was doing.

“Oh, fuck.” She whispered, knowing exactly where this train was going, and the sweet menacing pressure built up in the back of her mind, in her body, sending tingles across the surface of her skin that danced there until they dove under to make a frenzy of her insides. She sucked in three unsteady breaths before a shiver set her falling into oblivion.

Her hazy mind tried and failed to protest when Devlin turned her around and tossed her over his shoulder. He slapped her bare ass, which was exposed up in the air.

“Devlin!” She shrieked. “You’re a heathen.” She managed out, trying to regain control of her limbs.

The beast of a man laughed, carrying her the remaining flight and a half up the stairs. “I’ve been civil too fucking long.” He didn’t bother setting her down to unlock the door. What the hell? When did he get her keys? She also noticed he had her clutch in his large hands.

“Devlin, what th―” He silenced her with a sound slap on the ass. She wasn’t sure why she felt like some maiden being taken away by a roguish warrior that was planning to claim her as his. She also wasn’t sure why that notion was extremely attractive to her in that moment, as it would have been cause for a raised eyebrow and crossed arms if someone had told her about it.

He dumped her on the bed, and without preamble, started taking off her clothes, starting with her panties. He tossed those aside and stared at her bare pussy for a moment before swooping in and closing his mouth over her super sensitive clit.

He kept her legs parted, even though she tried to close them.

“Dev―” She managed, but the threat of completion washed over all thought and sense and sound and protest. Her body ceased.

An undetermined amount of time later, she opened her eyes and was fully nude. Devlin was bare-chested, pulling his jeans and underwear off together.

She rolled out the way just in time to miss him reaching for her. When she met his dark eyes, his brows were pulled together.

“Come here, Lacey.” He crawled on the bed. “I want to feel you come again.” Mischief in his dark eyes made her shiver.

“No way.” She retorted with a giggle when he reached for her and missed. She stood up on the opposite side of the bed. He set back on his feet, and her eyes fell to his cock, hard, long and full, set between his tanned thighs.

She swallowed and licked her lips before meeting his eyes again. He set back on the heels of his feet, emphasizing his desire before he took it in hand and started stroking it.

“What do you want, Lacey?” He taunted, holding her gaze. Her eyes fell to his hand slowly stroking the length of his penis. “Say it.” He ordered, in a cool, dark, sensual way.

“I want to taste you.”

He let himself go, and the fine piece of flesh hung out toward her, an invitation, an offering.

She climbed hands and knees on the bed and crawled to him. She met his dark gaze under her lashes before she took him in hand.

He frowned and flexed his hips, thrusting his cock in her hand. She moved her hand up and down his length, watching the skin under her control. His abs flexed, his eyes closed when she wrapped her mouth around him.

“Oh fuck,” he whispered, into the nighttime quiet. “Fuck me with your mouth, Lacey.” She felt her hair tumble around her shoulders. Then Devlin moved half of it to the other side, so he could watch her make him disappear in her mouth.

“Oh, shit, that feels fucking good.” He flexed while she stroked. She felt his body get hard under her, but he stopped her before he finished. He grabbed a condom off the night table, rolled it over his penis and grabbed her by the nape of the neck, pulling their mouths together.

He kissed her relentlessly, angling his face over hers, diving his tongue into her mouth, wrapping his tongue around hers. He draped her legs around his waist while he still set back on his heels and slid her pussy back and forth along his hardness. She moaned into his mouth and whimpered at his sweet intrusion.

He finally pulled their faces a small distance apart and rested his forehead on hers, still holding the back of her neck. His breathing was difficult, labored, strained. She opened her eyes and met dark ones looking into her. She felt exposed, it was a kind of penetration that went far beyond the physical connection of their bodies. His eyebrows furrowed while he searched her. He stroked her cheek gently then laid her on her back and settled between her legs. He positioned his penis at her wet, ready opening and pushed in slowly while his mouth, just as slowly, delved into hers.

She sighed into his kiss, into the sensation of his intrusion. She wrapped her arms around his neck, wanting to be nowhere else, with no one else. He was so deep inside her, and it had very little to do with what his penis was doing. He just made her want to come. Not for the sensation itself, even though it was undoubtedly the most fulfilling feeling she’d ever felt, but because she felt so full there was nothing else to do but to release.

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