“Come back to bed.” Kyle whined, when he saw Kate’s silhouette shift in the shadow of the curtain. She was peeking out the window and looked like she’d been that way for a while. He tapped the bed after turning on his side. To be honest, he hadn’t thought about sex more less intimacy since--

She crossed her arms and brought her cool attention to him. “You should rest. Big day tomorrow.” 

He grumbled. “I haven’t been able to sleep in the past how many years, what’s a few more hours?”

“DON’T!” She shouted when he swung back the covers to get out the bed. He froze his eyes the size of planets. “Do you hear that?” She whispered, into the dead silence of night.

He strained his ears trying to pick up on something, anything. “I don’t hear anything.”

“Yeah,” she said, directing her eyes back out the window. “Me neither. It’s too quiet. Even the wilderness has noise, and no noise usually isn’t a--”

She broke off when he wrapped his arms around her. “Come back to bed.” He kissed her neck.

She glanced at him over her shoulder. “You do want to see your children again, don’t you?”

“I’m not standing in front of the window.” He retorted trying not to let her question get to him. He knew what she was doing.

“You’re too close. They could have x-ray, or infrared guns.

“Then I’d be screwed either way.” He pushed the plaid shirt she was wear over her shoulders. “Tell me. What are the odds that they have no idea where we are?”

She turned to face him and traced his bottom lip. 

“Considering your witness protection detail was compromised, I wouldn’t put faith that anything else is truly safe.”

He was sure the time they spent at her cabin was safe. If almost felt like real like again, or at least the life he would want to have again. He wasn’t certain what would happen after his trial. The past few days were nerve wracking at first with the kids being away from him, but his time with Kate was relaxing. She kept reassuring him that everything was okay with them, and for some strange reason he believed her. 

It’d been a long time since he had faith in anyone. It’d been a long time since he was able to exhale. 

He looked at the pretty woman standing in front of him so ready to sacrifice her life for his. He didn’t understand that concept, and every male voice that he ever knew, his father, grandfather, uncles, were telling him that it was his job to protect her. 

It was the man’s job to protect, to provide. He cocked his head to the side and stroked her cheek with his thumb. He knew it was absurd to think, but he could hardly help it. What would happen after tomorrow? Would she return to her cabin and him to the life he knew before? What kind of life would that be? Would he even ever have that: normal? He wasn’t certain he knew what that looked like anymore. Even after he testified how could he know he was safe? Why wouldn’t they kill him out of spite?

Kate brought him out of those troubling thoughts. She was using her weight, and clever hand, that was massaging his hardening cock, to coax him back toward the bed and away from the window.

Once the edge of the bed forced him to sitting, she leaned over him and kissed him deep and long to the point where reality faded to the smell of her hair, the feel of her hands roaming over his body, the slight whimpering moans that escaped his lips.

She kissed down his neck and chest, pushing him back against the bed as she went lower. 

His breath caught and he combed his fingers through her hair when she grabbed his already swollen penis and started stroking up and down the length. He let his head fall back and focused on the sensation of her mouth kissing ever closer, but never tasting the prize. 

He grumbled at the teasing as it shot excitement and electricity through him. The corner of his mouth lifted while his mind concocked an array of things he would do to get her back. All of his schemes faded away when she wrapped her mouth around him.

He flexed his hips toward her working mouth. Her mouth-hand-combination was working him to the point of insanity.

He wanted more, he wanted her, he wanted to be inside her, to watch her breasts bounce when she rode him. He wanted her under him, under his control, for her to feel him deep. He wanted the heat from her body, their body sweat to mingle. He didn’t want to know where he ended and where she began. 


Kyle’s groggy mind pulled him out of sleep he didn’t remember falling into. The light in the room changed from what he did remember. Dawn was coming soon, but it was still the wee hours. 

He turned to look at Kate. The covers were only covering part of her perfection. Her arms were on the pillow by her haphazard hair. Her face was deep in sleep and she looked so beautiful there. He wanted to touch her knowing how soft her skin was, knowing what her body felt like around his, but she looked so peaceful he couldn’t get himself to do it.

He got out the bed, careful not to disturb her and went to the bathroom. When he peeked his head around the corner of the bathroom door she hadn’t budged. He grabbed the ice bucket and slipped out the door. He was thirsty, true, but he also liked ice cold water. 

He exhaled strolling down the hall. He almost wanted to click his heals knowing that after that day he could hug his children again, that his duty to his wife would have been fulfilled. 

There could be peace, closure.

He placed his bucket under the ice maker and held the button. The machine churned and filled the bucket.

His thoughts drifted to after this was all said and done. He couldn’t help but wonder what Kate would do. How the hell would he broach the subject with her? He knew he couldn’t not, even if it would be extremely uncom--

He froze when cold metal pressed against the back of his head.

“Did you really think this would end well for you?”

A cold slither ran up the back of his head as his mind placed the voice. It was the same man that killed his wife. That same man that tried to kill him and his children what seemed like an eternity before but was only a few long years. 

Dread filled him as a rush of worry assaulted him. Kate. His children.

The man’s voice was close by his ear when he spoke again. “Don’t worry. I will enjoy finding your children, like I found you.

Was this it? Was this the end for him. All the years he lived of being terrified or feeling helpless, and to end it this way? To end it knowing that he wouldn’t be able to protect his children. 

That Kate died because of him. He wanted to get to the room to see if she caught a bullet same as was about to be his fate. He just wanted to see her. He needed to. 

“I won’t kill them so quick, no.” The man continued. He had to be enjoying Kyle’s duress. “Especially not the little girl.” Before he could react with the inevitable anger that was bubbling up inside him, he heard the sure cocking of the gun behind him and the deafening shot that followed.


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