| 5 | Trapped |

Devlin turned off the shower and stepped out pulling a towel off a rack and wrapping it around his waist. He picked up a bar of soap shaped like a flower and smirked tossing it back in the dish next to the sink. He swiped his hand across the fogged mirror and examined himself. He was thinking a long bike ride to wherever the fuck after this long ass night. He felt alive!

His little naughty school teacher was so reactive, so there, so soft and fucking tight he almost woke her up before he decided best to let her sleep a little longer while he showered.

He opened the door and paused when he saw the pretty woman adjust her lean on her pink wood dresser and cross her arms. She was in a soft pink colored robe. Her hair was tossled and fell in her face. Her lips her stained pink.

“That’s mine.” She nodded toward the towel wrapped around his hips. He searched her body head to toe claiming her and everything he had yet to do to her before he left.

“You can have it back.” He started making his way to her but she put out her hand and backed him up to the bed until he plopped on the giving surface. Back here again? He thought watching her take a few steps back.

“Were you about to leave?”

He shrugged. “It that what you want?”

She broke their stare and found her feet, one foot rubbing the other one.

He frowned. Well if she had to think about that shit that long―

She pressed a palm to Devlin's chest before he could push himself up to standing. “No.” She whispered.

He raised a confused eyebrow searching her face, trying to decipher what the maddening woman wanted from him.

“No I―” She found his eyes from under her long lashes. “I―” She looked down again then back up. “I want you―again.”

His face loosened then formed into a knowing smirk. She was fucking insatiable, just like him. That he wasn’t expecting.

He slid his hands underneath the robe the slick fabric of the belt easily sliding apart exposing her nudity. Devlin moaned his eyes tracing every visible inch of skin. “So fuckin’ perfect.” He bit his bottom lip pulling her between his legs his towel pulling apart.

She sighed and her lips parted. His body was aflame again his insides turning around each other. Every cell that came in contact with her roaming hands seemed to come alive. She didn't even know what the hell she was doing to him.

He fought the need to wonder more about the woman, to get inside her head and know what she was thinking, how she was taking this entire night. He forced himself to focus on the task at hand. He’d had lust for women, may women, but he couldn't shake the depth of his desire, his curiosity. Devlin, yearned for her innocents, her girlish shyness almost like he was her crush. He thought with all they’d done in the past several hours that she’d have long ago shaken that embarrassment and shyness. The fact that she didn’t, however, was amusing and intriguing.

She was soft and feminine to his grit and grime, his honesty, his command, his strength. It felt good to corrupt her even if just for that one night. For some reason he wanted to imprint himself on her. He knew that she would forget him, and he’d liked that with previous encounters. He didn’t want that for some annoying ass reason with this woman. It was stupid. They were too different, she was too good, too ordered and had too many standards he was certain of that. Somehow he wore down her defense. Well, at least for that night and he was planning on taking full advantage of that opening.

He pushed up from the bed towering over her. He cupped her cheek in his hand and tilted his face to meet hers.

“Say it again, Lacey.”

She frowned finding his eyes under those dark furrowed brows.

“Tell me what you want, again.” He pulled her bottom lip gently between his teeth.

She placed her palm on his chest with a breathless sigh leaning into him. “I-I want you.” She found his dark bottomless eyes. “Devlin.”

She barely got the words out before he smashed their mouths together with an animalistic need. He brushed the robe off her shoulders and she tore the towel from around his waist and pressed her body solid to his.

She was soft, and smooth, her floral scent washed over him, around him, through him as he body relaxed and gave more with every stroke of their tongues. He held her flat to him his hand slid down her lower back and over her ass. He grabbed her there before using both hands to pick her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist with ease. Every cell in his body hummed to life like fluorescent lights flickering back. She wrapped her arms around his neck and ran her fingers through his hair.

He rolled a condom over his penis without separating their faces and slid into her wet sheath. He pulled his face away and grimaced. “You’re fucking wet, so tight.” He growled, spreading her lower lips to grant his girth more space. He moaned into her ear the sweet giving of her feminine walls that wrapped snug around his intrusive cock was elating. She whimpered and tightened her pussy. “Relax baby let me in.” Every time they fucked she seemed to fight it in there somewhere.

She exhaled and found his eyes, traced his cheek, bottom lip. He leaned into her touch and whispered her name while continuing to slowly slide her down on his strained penis.

Pleasure wound it’s way from his sex up his spine and nestled in the back of his head. He gasped and let his head fall back.

“How much do you want me, Lacey?” He rumbled, in her ear.


“How much?” He didn’t want her to think about it. He just wanted her to say what was on her mind. He pulled her up and down while thrusting his hips into her softness. “Just say it.” He ground through his teeth before pulling her ear between them.

She let out a loud shout, must have been in Spanish because he didn’t understand it. “Dios mio.” She whispered. He smiled. He understood that shit.

“God’s not going to do shit for you now, Lacey.”

Her pretty brown eyes met his her eyebrows knit her mouth permanently open. She started whining. He grabbed on of her bouncing breasts and sucked a nipple in his mouth.

“Oh shit.” She whispered letting her head fall back.

He adjusted her in his arms and buried his face in her neck. Flowers, and soap and some kind of perfume sent him brain into overdrive. “I almost forgot how fucking good you smell.” He leaned her against the wall still driving into her.

She was trapped. Trapped between ungiving drywall and hard muscle a kettle about to explode. He could see it in the frantic look in her eyes. Torn between fighting that shit and giving in to the inevitable. He picked up his pace letting the sound of his body contacting hers, his heavy breathing, her moans engulf him and tickle his own rising end. She clenched around him and her thighs strained. “Just let it take you damn it.” He pulled his face back and found her eyes. “I’m going to fuck you until you come.”

She whined relaxed her breathing unsteady. A shiver ran through her and she clutched onto him when he felt her pussy pulse around his cock.

He relaxed into his pending demise that built that water behind a dam. His muscles tensed the veins in his arms and chest and neck bulged while his hands held her waist still with him plunged deep inside her.

A euphoric feeling washed over him almost in slow motion when he felt his release spew inside her.

Fuck, he thought while trying to gain control of his fast beating heart and ragged breaths. He was pretty damn sure he wasn’t going to have any energy to ride when she finally let his ass leave.

He rested his forehead on hers and held he face in his palms. He traced her bottom lip and she opened her mouth letting his thumb slip into her warm wet mouth. He moaned.


She thought she had no control when she had all the control over him. Did he mention she was insatiable and he would willingly be her cock on call until either her or the sun chased his ass away?

The end

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