| 4 | Breaking Then Entering |

"Devil... I can't think ...space ...take... light." Lacey slowly opened her eyes when she felt the vibrations of Devlin's laughter between her legs. "I'm making no sense." Her raspy voice croaked.

He moaned knowing it was all his fault. His tongue worked on her clit and her hips rotated in steady languid movements that stirred his blood.

She pushed herself off the couch scurrying over the arm as his eyes watched her stumbling retreat. "I-I can't." She caught herself on the island counter before she dashed into the bathroom. She closed the door and locked it leaving him alone in the living room.

He laughed and hung his head recalling her frazzled eyes, disheveled hair, and sexy body running away from him. As if she could run far enough. He pushed up off the floor and made his way over to the bathroom door.

"Lacey, come out."

"Uh uh."

He exhaled. "Come on.” He smirked. “I won't knock your ass out this time." He didn’t even believe himself.

"I can't not be able to stand tomorrow."

Fuck standing, he thought.

He wanted her again. He brought his frustration into the kitchen to finish off that good ass cheesy chicken thing. He bit off half of it and leaned on the counter. She was so fucking wet, and soft, and tight. He took another bite and started over to the fireplace. He hadn’t really cared to look around before, the place screamed her type A control freakish nature.


A lot of fucking symmetry. Good, a fireplace. It was gas, but he was willing to excuse that sin. He turned it on and stuffed the rest of the food in his mouth, then wiped away the crumbs.

Scanning the mantle, his eyes found a picture of Lacey and a woman who was also Latin. They had tropical drinks in their hands as they smiled at the camera. He saw an older man and woman in a frame next to that one in wedding attire. The woman was a spitting image of Lacey.

He turned away from the mantle and looked at the space glowing in the fire light. After laying a blanket that was at the foot of her bed, on the floor near the fireplace, he went to the couch and grabbed pillows, tossed them on the blanket with some pillows from her bedroom.

She had no fucking idea what was about to happen all night long. He laughed to himself. You can’t let the Devil in and then try to control shit. He went back to her room and searched her vanity until he found a bobby pin.

He smirked.

He never thought he’d have to tap into this skill set, but the woman really thought she was going to stay held up in the damn bathroom all fucking night.

He worked his magic on the door quickly making history of the lock. When he pushed open the door she was eying herself critically in the mirror.

His mouth started to water at just the sight. Thick thighs that formed into a slim waist and soft flat stomach. Her pussy was waxed and smooth. "So fucking perfect." He mumbled more to himself as plans rolled through his mind. He wanted her delicious ass in his hands.

Her face filled with heat before she frowned with confusion. He held up a Bobby pin before he pushed off the door frame and advanced on her. She backed away.

He stopped and frowned. He thought they moved past this already. "Come to me, Lacey."

She shivered and her gaze fell to his lips. He held out his hand figuring he’d make it easy on her. She found his eyes again. There was doubt, uncertainty in their depths. Was she tapping out?

"I'm a lightweight." She cooed taking his hand.

He smirked, taking both her hands and leading her to the pile of blankets and pillows. The candles around the room had finally started to burn out and most of the light was coming from the fireplace alone.

Her eyes fell to his lips again. "You haven't kissed me."

He’d thought about smudging her pretty ass red lipstick. "Your lips have been fucking with me all night."

Lacey frowned. "What, is kissing against some rule or something?"

Yep! It was. The women that were around weren’t the kind you wanted to kiss. Kissing was for your wife, or your girl. "You don't want to kiss me." Or was it that he didn’t want to kiss her? He wasn’t sure because despite his better judgement he wanted to kiss her.

"Why?" She asked with an innocents that made his chest tighten.

"Because you're supposed to forget about me after tonight." He was already pulling her to him.

She moaned when their naked bodies made contact. She found his eyes with her big brown ones. "I don't think I could ever forget you, Devlin Sinn." He cocked his head to the side examining her. A few short hours before she proclaimed that she didn’t like him on a basic human level, now, and he could see it in her eyes, she was feelin’ some shit she wasn’t supposed to be feelin’.

There was something in that thought, in the forbidden nature of it that made him want it. He stroked her cheek and lowered his face to meet hers. She exhaled and her long lashes fluttered to rest on her cheeks.

He deepened the kiss entering her mouth with his tongue tasting her, stroking her mouth with his until she was relaxed in his arms. She moaned a whine when he pulled away.

He rolled on a condom and laid her on the pillows and blankets. He kissed trails along her collarbone taking a lying position on his side behind her. He pulled her hips back toward him exposing her sex from behind and slid into her. She moaned and he rubbed up from her belly to grab her generous breasts.

He nuzzled his face in her neck and inhaled her intoxicating scent. His thrusts were paced, steady, yet, purposeful. Each one echoed a whisper to that voice buried in the back of his head. He turned her face to look back at him. He held her heavy eyes for an extended period before he kissed her again. Goddamn her lips were so soft and she felt so good, hot and pliable. She turned just her upper body and reached back clasping the back of his head with the hand that was under her.

He lifted her leg and maneuvered himself to rest between her legs while she lay on her back. He bared his teeth sinking deep inside her. No other fucking position got so deep, felt so slippery and good her pussy hugging him, clasping his erection.

He thrust inside her rotating his hips while he trapped her face between his forearms. He smoothed her hair back away from her face those dark eyes boring deep into the depths of his being.

The longer her held her eyes and memorized the furrow of her brow, the slight whining moan, the feel of her hands on his body, the more he dreaded the inevitable end to their affair.

Her eyebrows quarked and she rubbed down his cheek. His mind stalled when he saw the depth of her attraction, affection for him. He didn’t understand the hot energy that rolled through his body slow and steady consuming him until he was drowning in it. It was euphoric and might feel even better than his pending release.

He picked up the pace his gaze averted to her lips.

"I want to watch you cum." She proclaimed, forcing his eyes to meet hers again.

His eyebrows pulled together when he met her innocent, yet determined look. He grumbled when his innards gittered with the idea of his satisfaction making her get off. "You have no idea what your words do." His jaw clenched, his arms, that were holding him up over her, flexed the veins coming to life.

He hips picked up speed and his face consumed hers. His head fell back, his muscles bunched, the thrust of his hips were jerky until they stopped all together when he was at the deepest point inside her.

His face contorted twisting his eyebrows into a comical form, a smirk pulled up the corner of his lips.

"So fucking perfect."

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