| 3 | Falling Apart |

Devlin pulled up to Lacey’s apartment and craned his neck to look up the tall building. He was expecting her to live somewhere nice, but this place was a bit more opulent than he thought it would be.

After she denied his haste to bend her over in the bathroom, he settled for her address instead and left. He got a call from his chocolate shop needing him to help iron out some problem or another. He snatched up a red rose the chocolate shop was giving away with boxes of chocolates and grabbed a box himself for her. She’d probably love that sappy shit.

His stomach growled. He couldn’t go in there hungry because he was certain he didn’t want to waste any time feeding his face. He cocked his head to the side. Unless it was with her wet pussy. He pulled out the box of chocolates deciding to just eat a couple to give him much needed energy. He had plans for this woman and he had no intention of letting fatigue get in his way.

Devlin frowned when his phone rang. He stuffed two chocolates in his face before picking up the call. “Better be fucking important.”

There was a deafening amount of noise coming from the other side. “Where the fuck are you?” Stitch yelled. A crescendo of cheers made Devlin pull the phone away from his ear. He snarled shoving a few more chocolates in his mouth.

“I’m hanging up!”

“Did you find what you were hunting for.”

“Don’t wait up.” He hung up the phone and stuffed it into his jacket pocket. He capped the chocolates and got off his bike.

A few moments later, he knocked on the door.

He scanned her luscious figure quickly taking note of the subdued form fitting black dress that was now gracing her figure. He shoved the box of chocolates and rose at Lacey as he stepped through the door.

Her face lit up until she opened the box. Furrowed brows met his wandering eyes.

“What? I got hungry.” He shrugged taking in her apartment.

“I made us dinner.” He watched her float past him the sway of her hips a welcome distraction. She set the chocolates and the rose on the counter. There was nothing now standing between them. He couldn’t justify keeping his hands to himself any longer.

She gasped and her body stiffened when he wrapped his arms around her from behind.

“Why did you change clothes?” He whispered, over her ear and neck. He inhaled deep loving her scent wanting it wrapped around him. Wanting to smell her on him, feel her wrapped around him. Her nipples tightened His hand ran down the front of her little black dress, and up her thigh to the cusp her sex. He massaged her there.

Her head rolled back on his shoulder her legs buckled with every circle he made on the sensitive bud that dwelled there.  

Her breathing picked up even as his fingers kept with their measured pace. She was stiff and still in his arms. He could tell she was fighting him, still debating in her head.  “Relax Lacey. You already let me in. Now let me make you come.”

She moaned and her body relaxed in his arms. Her give sent a primitive urge through him that made him want to fuck her. There was something he wanted more than his own release and that was her complete submission to him. When she grabbed his hand that was working her steadily frustration pushed through him.

“I….can't…” She struggled out.

With his free hand he trapped hers on the top of the island and pressed his body tighter to hers. She moaned wiggling her ass on his hard cock pressing her there from behind. He moaned this time imagining the sweet feel of her hot, wet cunt clasping his straining cock.

She gripped the counter and belted “Shit!” A scream rippled through her throat taking on a strangled sound before she froze in his arms for a moment then a deep shudder ran through her signaling her orgasm.

He pinched the hard bud of her breast delighted in her moan. She reached a hand behind her and touched the bulge underneath his pants.

“I want to see you.” She looked back at him over her shoulder.

The corner of his mouth pulled up. He liked that she was falling prey to her desires. He thought she’d need more coaxing more incentive from him. He backed away from her coming next to the couch. “Well, I'm not going to do all the fucking work. Come here.”

Her lips parted the desire to see him,echoed in her eyes. She faltered. He could see her mind racing a mile a minute. He growled. “You're thinking too much.”

She met his eyes his eyebrows were pulled together. “I-I…”

“No words.”

“But-” She fell silent when his eyes narrowed boring into her. If she didn’t touch him, he’d burst from the inside out. The look in her eyes was almost that of innocence. For some reason it aroused him and frustrated him.

“Come here.”

She obeyed approaching him catching his gaze from under her lashes. She placed her hand on his shirt then made her way to his shoulder. She pushed the leather vest over one shoulder then the other until the vest fell to the floor.

He sucked air between his teeth when her cold hands touched his lower abs. She pulled the shirt over his head her eyes glistening in the dim candle lit interior as they raked over his bare torso.

She bit her bottom lip gazing up at him from under her lashes. He flexed his fists at his sides the veins that traced his muscles bulged.

She hooked her hand in his pants and unhooked them pulling them over his hips taking his underwear with them. He stepped out of the heap of clothes as Lacey kneeled in front of him. His cock bobbed out between them. Lacey licked her lips wrapping her hand around him.

He growled letting his head fall back at her touch his hips flexed toward her. He held his breath watching her face descend toward his yearning flesh. When her lips wrapped around the tip of his penis his hips jutted forward and a string of profanities poured from his lips. Lacey stroked the length of him with her lips, and hand, rolling her tongue around the head of his penis her eyes closed deep in the task.

“Fuck.” He whispered. He wasn’t prepared for her skill. What the fuck!

She massaged his balls forcing primitive grunts and groans escape his calm facade. She moaned around him the sensation making him nearly come undone. If she kept at him like she was, he’d explode before he got the chance to feel the walls of her hot, slick pussy wrap around him.

He grabbed her and pulled her to standing his eyebrows furrowed his jaw set, clenched. Worry knit her eyebrows as she stood on unsteady legs.

His expression softened imagining what he looked like to her. “I have to be in you, now.” He retrieved a condom from his pants, put it on and sat on the couch motioning for her to straddle him.

Like a good girl she planted her legs on either side of him her sex hovering over his. The dress was bunched at her waist revealing her lower half her upper body and torso covered from view. He freed one of her pretty, perfect breasts and pulled her nipple in his mouth eliciting a gasp from her. He massaged her other breast through her dress before freeing it from the low neckline of the cloth and suckling that nipple as well.

She arched into his mouth grabbing a handful of his hair.

He laughed finding immense pleasure in her reaction. He rolled his fingers around her moist nipple and she whimpered grinding her sex on his.

“You're just how I imagined you.” He grabbed her her ass with a  Grinch like grin. “Now, sit on my dick.” He placed his yearning flesh at the cusp of hers and she lowered herself on him. She gnawed on her lower lip as more and more of him pushed inside her. He balled his fists at his side trying to allow her to adjust to him, but he was dying inside at the wait it was excruciating to bare.

She moaned grabbing one of her breasts playing with the hard nipple.

His sex throbbed when she started taking her own pleasure in her hand. “Yes, touch yourself.” He growled no longer able to take it. He planted his feet and thrust into her with strong consistent thrusts. Pleasure so familiar, yet, foreign laced its way through his mind, pushed heat through his body. Blood pooled to his cock the feel of her slippery sex engulfing him was a sensation that he couldn’t get right in his imagination. Neither could he get right the delightful sounds that she made as he pounded into her. Whining whimpers, her bouncing breasts, her biting her lower lip, eyes barely open as she allowed herself to get lost in his offering.

Her dark eyes fell to him heavy with desire, with lust. Her mouth fell open and he felt her pussy tightened around him. She ran her hand down his chest. He couldn’t hear her over his own laboured breaths and the sound of their bodies coming together. He was certain that her lips mouthed his name before her head fell back and her sex pulsed around him.

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