|:9:| Bitch on Ice || (UNEDITED DRAFT)

|:9:| Bitch on Ice || 


“Ew, that Justice guy.” Stephanie said, taking a shot of her favorite: tequila. “Do you see him? Gah, how does a girl fall for a guy like that?”


“I ‘on’t know .” I mumbled, noncommittally. I knew better. This was what I was waiting for, what  I knew would happen. It shouldn’t have bothered me like it did. It was my fault. I’d been spending too much time with him which was partly why I turned him down that night to go out with my friends instead. I’d heard sex was fun which was why there were way too many fucking babies in the world, but there was something wrong with Justice and me.


I took a sip of the hard cider in my own head not concerned with what my friends were saying behind me. Mostly because my thoughts had drifted to the other night when he came over late after promoting a party. He was tipsy and I was half asleep when I answered the door.


I heard the door close behind me, but I was already walking back to the room.


“Damn ice queen. Not even a kiss, a love tap on my ass.” He laughed. A sound I was annoyed made me smile.


“We talked about this already.” I grumbled. “Immunity means I can’t--”


I moaned, when he cupped my sex through the lace panties.


“Girl, you alright?” I snapped back to reality, when I heard Sadie’s.


“That’s Justice just doing what Justice does.” He was good at that. Doing him, and as long as I got to do him too it shouldn’t matter. However, the burn floating around in my innards told me different.


Since I shouldn’t care, I knocked back the rest of my drink and ordered something more substantial.


“Jackie? Jackie is that you?”


I frowned only confused at first until I met familiar eyes. “Troy, what the hell are you doing at a place like this? Didn’t know it was your scene.”


He frowned and plastered on a painful smile. “It’s not. I called the lab and asked your assistant where you’d be.”


I let out a big exhale. “And why would you do that? I thought you were very clear about-- us.” I swallowed that down with a suppressed burp.


“I’d just been giving it a lot of thought and, well, I want to try us again.”




He quickly covered a look of shock. I smiled a little inside. Yep, that’s how I felt when he pulled the I’m-going-to-deflower-my-fucking-wife bullshit.


“Jackie I--”


“I don’t give a fuck that you went on some fucking inner peace finding sojourn. If your damn spirit animal told you that you would have a virgin bride, who the hell am I to get in the way?”


“I was being stupid.”


“Glad you finally realize that shit.” I grabbed my friend’s hand and smashed my clutch in his chest with the other. “I ain’t that bitch. Bye.”


“Fuck, Jackie. That was cold, even for you.” Sadie said.


“What does that mean?”


The woman raised an eyebrow. “You rarely hold punches, but you basically just grabbed his balls and twisted.” She laughed. “I’m sorry but he deserved that shit. From what you told me, of course.”


I smirked. “Let’s dance. I just want to shake my ass.”


“Yes, ma’am.”


Hours later, the bass from the club was still roaring through my ears when I finally made it home. I wasn’t sure when I’d stayed out so late. It felt good, and freeing, and fucking terrible. I massaged my throbbing head. I was going to make a beeline to the fridge for a strong glass of water. I found the right key and opened the door.


I froze on my way to the kitchen when I saw Justice sitting at my living room table.


“What the hell are you doing here?” My insides betrayed my statement as it heated and stirred just at the sight of him.


“Hello. I think is the proper greeting.” He stood up and my eyes fell to his lazy man hood. I looked back up to his handsome face. “I thought that’d be apparent with me ass out, dick hanging, naked.”


I forced my eyes to stay on his face which was more challenging than I thought it might be. I blamed the liquor, but I wasn’t drunk barely tipsy. He walked up to me the familiar grey of his eyes held my attention as he traced my collar bone with the rose I didn’t know he was holding. He dipped the flower down the low cut top between my breasts. My mouth fell open and I struggled hanging onto my frustration.


He bit his lower lip.


I walked past him to the kitchen and took off my purse. “I thought you’d be banging that chick you’ve been after.”


He shrugged and watched me make my way to the cabinet for a glass. “I wanted to be here; so, I came here.” He pulled, my back to his front and kissed my neck. I moaned then grumbled facing him. “Justice.”


Amusement sparkled in his orbs. “We don’t have to fuck if you’re not into it.”


I was relieved when the anger rushed through me. I wasn’t sure why because it didn’t make any sense. “Yes, we do, because if we don’t, what then?” He let me pull away and face him my arms crossed. I wasn’t sure what he was trying to pull, but he wasn’t going to get me. No sir. I was smarter than that. Justice and men like him got off on toying with people. They claimed they were all see-through, but then they did shit like this: candles, roses, penis attached to tanned muscled bodies.


The man sighed. “Jackie you’re ruining this shit.”


“No, you are. You’re acting like an actual guy not a ravenous pig which is easier to deal with.”


“What-the-ever-loving-fuck does that mean, Jackie?” He turned and headed to the living room where he started putting on his clothes.


A wave of panic rushed over me. I wasn’t sure why. “Are you mad?” Why did I care?


“Fuck no! I’m not mad!” He pulled the shirt over his head, underwear then those damn white jeans. The stitching was black on those. He stopped abruptly. “I really don’t get it, maybe it’s just me. I thought chicks liked this romantic stuff.”


I crossed my arms stealing my weakness that wanted to reach out and touch the man. “Women do like romantic stuff.” With their boyfriends. With men who are willing to commit to them. I left the last part out.


“So, is it just me?” He took a few steps closer to me. “If that corny half nut twit who pussied out about taking your virginity had been here instead, would that have turned you on?”


What the hell? Was he trying to flip things over? “Justice, don’t.”


He growled and headed toward the door.


Another bout of weakness. “Justice, wait.” I stopped short when the door was slammed in my face. Was this man-child serious? I opened the door trying to struggle into shoes only to watch his car speeding down the street. How did I not see his car parked in the driveway? It was black I suppose.


I let my face rest in my hands when my chest ached at his loss. I fucked up in so many ways. The first mistake was investing in Justice. The second-- “You are such a fucking bitch Jackie Marie.” I said, out loud to myself.

I turned around and walked back in the house,  closed the door and leaned my back on it. My logical brain told me it was for the best that I’d done the right thing, the smart thing, but the tight burn under my rib cage was telling me I might have done something irrevocable. I slid down the door’s metal surface and sobbed like I hadn’t since I was a child.



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