|:7:| Synthesizing Data || (UNEDITED DRAFT)

|:7:| Synthesizing Data || 

I took a sip of my fresh hot coffee. I was working on cup number three since I arrived at the lab that afternoon. I knew it was going to be a long day as we were going to be  in front of the grand counsel in a few weeks and needed to gather and synthesize the rest of our findings.

All though I was into molecular biology I wouldn’t mind some anatomy lessons with Justice again. I growled out loud and shook the thought. Was this what people were whittled down to? I should have kept my skirt down, as my grandmother would have said. It was difficult to go too long without thinking about him. How good he looked in the violent act of ramming his cock into my vagina.

I fell asleep on him, which was probably a no, no in the Justice book of fucking law and relationship bullshit. I was surprised to wake up in the middle of night with a full bladder, in his bed, while he was passed out on the couch with the remote in his hand. He was still butt naked wrappers from his late night feast scattered on the coffee table adjacent to both his and my empty wine glasses.

I went to the bathroom feeling a little creepy for watching the man sleep. He looked so at peace. I wiped, flushed, and washed my hands before venturing back out snatching another glance of him sprawled out this time. The sad excuse for a blanket was falling off his body most of it on the floor giving me full visual access to his penis at rest.

Like a fucking moth to flame I wandered over to him and stroked my hands up his thighs, cupped his balls, and rubbed his penis. He grumbled in his sleep and his hips flexed toward my hand. I bent over and sucked his balls into my mouth then licked up his growing cock.

He moaned and bit his lower lip his eyes still closed. I stroked his cock while it swelled steady in my hand the weight increased as it filled with blood. I closed my mouth around the head and his hips jutted forward.

“Oh, fuck.” He whispered. His hand was patting around on the table which made me look over and just out of reach I saw a row of condoms. He reached further, eyes still closed, and grabbed it then ripped one away from the rest.

His cock popped out my mouth when I set up kneeling on the rug adjacent to the couch. I placed my hand over the condom in his hand.

“I want to do it.” I proclaimed, with all the sexiness of a baby deer walking for the first time.

He let me take the condom. I opened it and rolled it down his penis then straddled him on the couch. Sitting there looking down on him under me gave me some strange sense of control, of power. His cock was trapped against his stomach and my pussy. I rocked my hips back and forth over him and he groaned. His face, relaxed in sleep only moments before, was now tense in a look of yearning, need.

I loved that shit. As much as I wanted to see it transform to a look of euphoria, I also wanted to keep him there wanting me. I combed my nails gentle over his chest and abs then up again across his collarbone and down his arms before leaning down and brushing the tip of my nose over his bottom lips.

He moaned.

“You’re a fucking tease.” He grumbled. His voice still heavy with sleep. “Sit on my cock.” He demanded grabbing my waist. I pinned his arms above his head which made a smirk pull up the corner of the rogue’s mouth. His eyes stays closed, however, making me want to see the glistening silver orbs in the light of the moon.

I kissed his neck, jaw, pulled his bottom lip between my teeth eliciting a laugh from him. Then I kissed him gentle on the mouth. He whimpered when I pulled away just enough to look at his face, then kissed him again more firm that time. I slid my tongue in his mouth and stroked his. He moaned and whined at the same time it was sexy as fuck and made my blood heat.

“Fuck me, Jackie.” He whispered, when I finally pulled away.

I grabbed his penis and aligned it with my vagina with his help and eased him inside. It was tight, but it didn’t hurt as much. I gasped at his hard flesh widened, pushed, stretch mine.

Once he was in he grabbed my waist and moved my hips over him then showed me what to do directing my hips up and down his length. I took over using my quads to bring our bodies together in rapid succession.

“Oh fuck.” My head fell back and I gnawed on my bottom lip. I didn’t get the feeling of coming but the sensation was remarkable and foreign yet familiar anyway. He massaged my breasts and pinched my nipples making me drive harder. My legs were burning and as much as I wanted to stop I didn’t. He grabbed my ass holding me still so he could take over. He thrust inside me filling me over and over again a feeling like no other. He was hitting my g spot and it felt fucking good.

“Oh shit. Oh fuck. I’m going to come.” He whined, before his hard body flexed while he was fully submerged in my wetness.

I blinked when my computer started a countdown until my sample was done spinning in the centrifuge.

When it finished my grad assistant grabbed it and put it under the microscope.

I stood and stretched and adjusted my damp panties annoyed that I put myself through that. My phone buzzed bringing my attention to it. My insides did that annoying flying butterfly bullshit when I saw it was a message from Justice.

Of course, I had to look because I was on a fucking roll getting on my own nerves. I gasped when a boomerang of Justice stroking his hard cock played over and over. Why the hell couldn’t I look away?

“What is i-- holy fuck is that a dick pick?” I slammed my phone face down on the desk. “Oh shit Jackie! And here I thought you were a snore bore.”

I frowned at the girl.

“What? You don’t exactly give off sexy-dick-pic-receiver that’s all.”

“Sample, Annette. Let’s stay focused, huge deadline and all.”

“Mhm,” she sassed, leading me to the microscope. “I’m curious to know what his face looks like.” She stepped aside letting me sit down.

“Yeah, me too.” I mumbled, adjusting the magnification level and examining the sample. “Do you see that? Holy shit! The cells had a better reaction than anticipated to enzyme blend ZS787. You see that,right?”

“Yep. Seems like the white blood cells are attacking the virus, but only sometimes and only some of the foreign bodies.”

“That’s an improvement from our other two-nine tests. Record the findings and start paperwork for a derivative test introducing a temporary white blood cell suppressant.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

I headed back to my desk and glanced at my phone like it was a microscopic viral intruder. I picked it up glancing over my shoulder and looked at the boomerang a couple more times while I developed my snarky reply.

Seriously? I messaged.

Awe. I thought you liked playing games. He responded.

Face pictures are more *clears throat*  appropriate for my work environment.

I have some work for your throat. HA! Why the hell are you at work this late? Since you’re awake, I want to see you. He replied, followed by a picture of him smirking at the phone. He was obviously in a club or bar it was dark and humans and strobe lights were fuzzy in the background.

“Oh, he’s cute! Is that the face that belongs to the dick?”

I clutched the phone to my chest before looking into Anette’s mischievous eyes.

“Don’t we have a deadline?”

She rolled her eyes. “One of these days I’m going to get you drunk and we’re going to have the fucking time of our lives.”

“In the meantime?”

She placed a few reports on my desk. “We adult.”

“Exactly.” I couldn’t keep the silly smile off my face as the woman scrutinized Justice’s photo.

I let out a long breath. He was so damn cute. I looked at his photo a moment longer my mind recalling all the things I’d like to do to him.

I typed my response. Your place or mine?



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