|:6:| That Damn Face He Makes || (UNEDITED DRAFT)

|:6:| That Damn Face He Makes || 

He spread my legs grazing his fingers along my thighs. He pulled me closer to the edge of the couch. With his arms hooked around my thighs. He stroked and parted my labia before running his tongue up the length of my sex.


“Fuck.” I let my head fall back against the soft leather couch, my hips rotating while he tongued and teased my clit. He moaned over my sensitive flesh lapping and suckling. He pulled away for a moment and I looked down at him his focus on my vagina. He whispered over my skin the sensation driving me near eruption. I moaned and flexed my hips toward his face. He smiled up at me a mischievous smile marring his perfect mouth.


How was he so damn sexy. It was irritating as hell how he had a careless youth to his charm. He had this teasing enticing energy that screamed heart breaker, but that damn smile would snatch you up.


I knew he put effort into his appearance and, in a past life, I would have thought it senseless that a man would do as much as a woman would but everything on him was grown and sexy and well-maintained. You know what? I couldn't deny that was part of what made him so attractive. It wasn’t difficult to believe that he could have any woman he set his sights on. And, from what I heard, he set his sights on quite a few.


I whined and whimpered while combing my fingers through his thick hair when his diligent tongue play had my clit straining against the skin. The closer I got to climax the hotter I was. My skin tingled. “Mmmm, yeah.” I rocked my hips feeling it right below the surface pushing. My breath hitched, right before I was consumed by waves of satiated hunger. It’s what I wanted. Why I agreed to come back to his place. It wasn’t like I’d never had sexual play with others it just was obnoxiously good with the crafty imp between my legs.


My eyes were closed in a blissful daze while he rummaged around for a minute. The familiar ripping sound of a condom wrapper touched my ears. Next things I knew, he was between my legs and his cock was positioned at the tender opening of my sex. My eyes shot open when he started penetrating the tight ungiving walls surrounding my newly breached passage.


Before I could protest, he covered my mouth this his, massaging my lips and forcing me into submission with his skilled tongue.


“It might still be uncomfortable at first.” He warned with his smooth tenor. “Just relax.”


It wasn’t difficult allowing myself to be distracted by the fine, tanned planes of his bare chest. His manicured eyebrows, and full pouty lips. I stroked his arms and chest while he pushed inside of me. I grimaced at the discomfort bordering on pain.


My irate eyes found his. “Justice I--” I broke off when he finally reached that point where the painful pressure turned into sweet pleasure. I gasped and my eyes drifted closed.


“Does that feel good?” He cooed, then kissed my throat as he slowly started pumping his hips.


He moaned and gripped the couch next to me and bared his teeth still slamming his body against mine. He looked at me for a few thrusts, then reached out and tweaked my nipple making me gasp. He took a deep breath stilling his hips his eyebrows pulled together. I squeezed my vagina and he groaned and laughed simultaneously.


“You’re going to make me come.”


I frowned. “What? This?” I flexed again and he eyed me from under his lashes.


He smirked. “Cute.” He pushed my thighs back closer to the face. “You know what’s cuter?” He started moving his hips, now getting so much deeper. My breath caught. “Your face when you come.” He started pounding into me relentlessly. My cry of pleasure got lodged in my throat as the feeling of excitement consumed me eating me up from the inside. How could such a relatively small piece of anatomy bringing about such colossal, overwhelming feelings?


I was a scientist and this made no sense to me. His penis, by common standards was barely above average in length and girth, but he was forcing me to feel him completely and it was unnerving and amazing at the same time.


My hips were rocking of their own accord, unable to stay still. I could feel it -- so close -- just about there. I grabbed his ass when he tried to slow down. No! I was too close!


“I’m going to come. If I don’t stop, I--”


His words fell on deaf ears when a belted out strangled cry and my mind spilled over into a realm of dead silence and gravity defying weightlessness. This was the death part that they talked about. Of course, I’d never been dead before, but I’d guess it might be something like that.  


I returned right when a shiver rolled through his body and he finished with staggered thrusts. I traced the veins in his arms, and up over his shoulders. He shivered again. There was a thin layer of perspiration on his body making him shine gold in the artificial light.


“Holy shit.” He said, pulling out and removing the condom.


“Why is there liquid outside the condom?” Concern started to rise inside me.


He met my eyes from under his lashes. “This goopy shit is all you, babe.” He disposed of the condom, while I tried to will myself to standing, but a couldn’t. My muscles didn’t even try to move, neither did I attempt to try and cover my nudity. The relatively cool air felt amazing. He set my glass of wine on the coffee table and snatched up the remote before collapsing on the couch next to me.




I nodded, knowing words weren’t going to make their debut. Finally a use for television. I thought, but again words weren’t trying to be released.


He put something on, took a sip of his wine, then pulled me into his side where I succumbed to a deep and satisfying sleep.



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