|:5:| Justice Serves || (UNEDITED DRAFT)

|:5:| Justice Serves ||

I started when Justice brushed my arm. I looked over my shoulder into his distracting eyes then down at the wine glass in his extended hand. I frowned then looked back up at him.

He looked to the side then back at me. “Would you prefer a beer instead?”

I turned and took the stemmed wine glass from him and shook my head. I knew I was being awkward, but I wasn’t sure how to act. I thought it was apparent what we were there for. He poured himself some wine in a stemless glass and headed to the sleek, modern leather couch in the adjacent room. The entire space was open with high ceilings and a view to kill for, but I couldn’t even enjoy it. I perched on the bar stool at the island and set the glass there.

“Come and sit by me.”

Duh, Jackie.

I pushed off the stool and set on the couch then scooted closer to him and closer still when I determined I’d left too much space between us. Why was I nervous? His laughter made me look over at him. His grey eyes were dancing with amusement.

I frowned.

He cleared his throat but humor still deformed his mouth into a smirk. He leaned forward and put his glass on the coffee table in front of us. Damn he was sexy. I watched his muscles flex at the simple movements. “Didn’t like the wine?”

My frown deepened as my eyes fell to his lips. I could still remember how they felt on mine like a phantom limb.

“You left it on the counter.”

Horror consumed me. Gah! I mentally palmed my forehead.

He ran his hand down his face. “You wanna watch a little tv?”

“I don’t really watch tv, unless it’s the discovery channel, sometimes the history channel--” I met his grey-eyed gaze. I scratched my cheek. This entire thing was not happening the way I thought it would. I stood up. “Maybe, I think, I’m just going to go home.” I darted toward the door, but before I would reach it, he grabbed my arm and turned me to face him.

“Please, don’t go.” He ran his fingers down the back of my arm to my hand and stroked the back of my hand with his thumb. A shiver ran through my body. How could that simple move feel so damn good?

“I-I think it’s pretty obvious I’m no good at any of this.”

He smirked. “Well, there’s only one way to get better.” He pulled me flush to his body by the small of my back and cupped my cheek angling my face toward his. My lips parted and my eyes drifted closed. Millions of microorganisms buzzed in my stomach. His light cologne and hot skin made me light-headed.

Our lips met setting off fireworks in my mind and body. I sank into him and wrapped my arms around his neck pulling us closer together. He tempered my urgency with his calm patience slowing down the play of our tongues forcing me to feel every stroke, every caress. It made me want him more. I was starting to get frustrated at how paced he was. How could he be so in control? Was it all his practice?

He pulled our faces apart. “Okay, Bobble. Play classic RnB.”

I looked over my shoulder when a robotic voice responded. “Playing music Rhythm and Blues classic.”

He laughed. “You’re are so easily startled.” He stroked down my arm and took my hand keeping his other one at my waist. He pulled us close, my hand on his upper arm. The smooth music sounded through the space only then did I notice the lights were dimming.

“What is this?”

“Dancing.” He said, swaying us side to side.”

“Why are we dancing, Justice?”

He pulled away enough to look me in the eyes. “I’m going to lay some knowledge on you, my new sex kitten.” He laughed when my facial expression responded without any words necessary. “Sex is fun. It’s fine, but like anything it can get boring, old and stale.”

I frowned. That concept was difficult to imagine.

“Intimacy, however,” he said, grazing a finger over my shoulder making me shiver. How the hell was he doing that shit? “Intimacy doesn’t really go bad. It heightens the experience, turns things on, we didn't know were off.” He pulled me close again then kissed my shoulder. I gasped, strengthening my grip on his arm. My head leaned to the side as he trailed kisses up my neck, behind my ear before pulling my lobe between his teeth. I moaned my body jittery and weak at the same time.  

“People will have you believing sex is the ultimate climax, the end goal; but it’s not.” He pulled away so our eyes could meet. His were warm like liquid silver. They fell to my mouth and he traced my bottom lip with his thumb. “Tonight is not about getting between your legs. It’s not about sliding deep,” he kissed my chin. “Deep,” pressed his lips to my jaw. “Inside you.”


Turmoil ignited in my gut at his words said so casual but sparking so much meaning so much desire.  


“Then what?” I barely recognized my own voice, low husky, deep with desire.


“It’s about you wanting me inside you tomorrow, and the next day too.” A distracting hand curved over my butt and squeezed. “When I text you again, you’ll want to reply, post haste.”

“I thought you said you were going ignore that.”

“I couldn’t leave you with that memory.”

I frowned up at him. “What memory?”

“Of pain, or not being fulfilled.”

But he did fill me. Yes, it was painful, but I’d read a million books I knew it was going to hurt. The first time.

“I want you to come for me.”

“Just--” He devoured my face again this time with determination and purpose. He unzipped my dress, pushed the straps over my shoulder, and let the fabric pool at my feet. He pulled away still holding me around the waist with one hand, and looked at my partial nudity. He bit his bottom lip and I moaned at the intent in his eyes. He was making me crazy! Stark raving mad. The flurry of heat and liquid moved to the growing wetness nestled between my thighs.

He unclasped my bra and pulled the bra straps off my arms. He stared and his nostrils flared before he cupped my breast and brushed the nipple with his thumb. He leaned down and sucked my flesh into his mouth. I groaned his name the sensation ricocheting through my body. I held on to his shoulders for support while he lapped, licked, and sucked my breast.

“You’ve got beautiful titties.”

I didn’t fight the blush that filled my cheeks with warmth. “Thanks.” He intercepted my hand when I reached for his shirt. He led me to the couch and set me down there before kneeling between my legs.

He looped his fingers in the waistband of my panties, then he kissed my knee. The higher up my leg he kissed, the lower my panties went until I was naked. My fists were clenched at my sides at the anticipation. I mean, who didn’t enjoy lip service?

“Would you relax, please?” Justice’s eyes were focused for a moment on my hands. “You’re making me nervous.”

My breathing was difficult. “I-I’m just really excited.” I managed. Why was I out of breath? Nothing really happened yet. Oh, but it was what was going to happen.

The corner of the rogue’s mouth lifted. “Excited for what?”

I raised an eyebrow and he laughed.

“Are you excited for me to taste your sweet, tight, wet pussy?”

He met my eyes under his long lashes and I nodded biting my lower lip as his head descended to my throbbing lower lips.



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  • I think it’s really interesting how he said they were a “one and done”, and here he is pulling her back in for more. Sounds like he might be hooked on her ;)


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