|:3:| Mission Accomplished || (UNEDITED DRAFT)

|:3:| Mission Accomplished || 



I opened the door after I checked the peephole.

“Holy shit this place is seedy as fuck.” Justice said, when he walked in casually dressed in white jeans and a light colored shirt. “I feel like I'm doing something wrong just being here.”

I closed the door behind him and pulled the robe tighter around my body. It felt strange. I wasn’t sure what to do. I was awkward in normal bed settings so this was way out of a comfort zone I didn’t have. “It's the cleanest one I found. I had to change the sheets though.”

His attention  fell to the pile of sheets and blankets in the corner of the room.

“Once I took a black light to it, ew.” I blabbed uncertain what to fill the space with. Small talk wasn’t my thing. “But no vermin.”

“Why the hell are we in a motel?” The well-kept man looked at me with his manicured eyebrows and exfoliated lips. There was no way his lips were that nice looking and he didn’t. I almost wanted to take a microscope to them. “I would have invited you over, if you didn't want me at your place.”

I shrugged an uncomfortable heat floating through my body and settling on my cheeks.  “Wanted to keep things impersonal.” I mumbled feeling like the bumbling virgin that he no doubt saw me as.

“Ah, yes, well, you know you could have hired a professional.” He snarked, carefully placing his phone and wallet on the nightstand next to the bed.

I sneered. “No way! That's too weird.” Maybe this whole thing was a mistake. But how else was I going to get on with my life? Troy wasn’t the first to shy away or just plain old not call once they found out. What was the big fucking deal?

He shrugged and started unbuttoning his pants and taking off his shirt while he grumbled. “This whole fucking thing is weird but who's sayin shit?” He griped.

Everything was happening so fast I wasn't certain when my robe was taken off or when I got on the bed.

Justice crawled on the bed hovering over me and wiggling out of his underwear. I put a hand on his chest.


He set back on his heels with his hands up in the air like a surrender.

“We should come up with a safe word.” The corner of his mouth pulled up. “No is a real cock limper.”

Gah, I was so bad at this. “Sorry. I just want to see you, that's all.”

His face relaxed. He took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly before he found my eyes again. A mischievous smiled pulled up the corner of his mouth. “Ok.”

The swimming heat in my middle didn't go unnoticed as my eyes traced the fine planes of his bare chest, down into a slender waist and narrow hips.

When my eyes found his rising penis, I reached for it. Slack at first, but it quickly grew in my hand. Hot and smooth and hard. I stroked his length with my hand gliding over the hardness under his skin. This. This was going to be inside me in the matter of minutes. It was a weird thing to think, but I could help myself. I’d seen a penis before, a few actually, but his was, dare I say, handsome. I could feel the blush filling my cheeks as I looked up at him from under my lashes. Almost as handsome has his face. Y focus fell back to his rising sex as I stroked him. My mouth started to water as my brain wondered how he’d taste. I could smell body wash, deoderant and cologne. The combination was kind of making me wet all on its own. I wondered how much time he spent keeping himself up.

His gasp made me meet his heavy laden grey eyes. He was still resting back on his heels so I got on my tummy bringing his penis moments away from my mouth. I licked my lips before I covered the head of his cock with my mouth.

He jutted his hips forward with a sultry moan. A sound that I wasn't expecting from him. It was such a vulnerable sound, I didn't think him capable. He combed his fingers through my curls and guided my mouth over his flesh.

“Oh fuck,” he cooed. “Oh shit. Swallow that cock. Mmm,” he groaned, with staggered breaths. “Make that shit disappear. Fuck yeah.” He watched me gag on him for some reason hearing his affirmation made me want to keep doing it much like a dog wanting a treat for performing tricks.

He pulled my face to his consuming me with a mind altering kiss. I was weak and hazy when he laid me down on the bed. He was already wearing a condom somehow. He stroked his cock between my lower lips teasing, taunting, his darkened eyes held mine with an intensity that made my insides churn like hot lava struggling to the surface, wanting to erupt.

My body arched into him, and a moan slipped past my lips when he sucked a nipple in his mouth. He kissed up my neck and pulled my earlobe between his teeth. I wrapped my hands around his toned waist his hot, smooth skin like silk under my hands. I flexed my thighs and he groaned in my ear sending a shiver through my body.

“Tell me what you want?”

“I want you to take my virgini--”

He silenced me with a kiss. “Uh uh. Tell me what you want?”

“To have sex.”

His grey eyes met mine and he shook his head.

I gasped when he pressed the head of his penis inside me.

“Tell.” He kissed my neck. “Me.” Kissed my jaw. “What.” He licked the outline of my ear. “You.” Pulled the earlobe between his teeth. “Want.” He kissed my lips, pulled away and cocked his head before kissing me again this time with more intent, languid and purposeful.

I pulled his face more solid to mine by the nape of his neck lacing my fingers through the hair there. He moaned into my mouth distracting me from the building of pressure between my legs. I grimaced the more he pushed inside. My breathing started to pick up as the pressure built.

I whimpered at the stinging pain, then moaned when his tongue darted into my mouth.

My eyebrows pulled together in confusion at what to feel of what to do and right before I tapped out something gave and was replaced by something else.

“Relax.” He whispered, over my lips.

I just realized then that my fists were balled, my toes curled and I was holding my breath. With a deep breath, I relaxed holding his eyes.

The corner of his mouth pulled up and he started rocking his hips. I almost tensed up again at some sort of pressure but it quickly turned into a feeling of pleasure. I closed my eyes and my mouth fell open as he steadily pushed in and out. His chest was rising and falling his arms tense. His face was contorted in a look of discomfort.

It was difficult for me to formulate a coherent sentence; so, I took his face in my palms. His expression loosened when he found my eyes. He kissed the space between my eyebrows before he claimed my mouth.

I gasped when he picked up his strokes. He broke our kiss when his head fell back.

“Awe, shit.” He whispered. “Awe, fuck.” He grimaced, still filling me with purposeful strokes that flooded me with mindless pleasure. “You're so tight.” He said, through clenched teeth. “So good.” He laid tiny kisses on my face the sensation felt good. He picked up his pace swinging his narrow hips until he tensed. His body locked in mine to the hilt. The veins in his arms and neck bulged from his exertion.

He took a deep breath before looking down at me. He leaned down and kissed my lips once then pulled back. His gaze raked my face before he kissed me again.

He pulled out and tied off the condom before he said. “We're at my place next time.”



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