|:2:| Finding Justice || (UNEDITED DRAFT)

|:2:| Finding Justice || 



“Can you freaking believe that?” I signaled to the bartender that I wanted another drink.


“Naw, girl, that was weird.” I smiled. I could always count on Ariba to have my back especially when it came to dumb shit that men did.


“I-I don't get it. What guy really cares that much?” Stephanie took the tequila shot with a grimace before biting the lime.


“Y’all both trippin’. It could be that he values you. That shit kind of hot.” Sadie said.


I rolled my eyes, but Ariba took the words from my mouth. “Definitely not. He just doesn't want the responsibility.”


“Which could mean he doesn't plan on sticking around.” Stephanie added, licking the salt from her hand.


“Listen, it doesn't matter the reason. What I have to do now is get rid of the V monster and get on with life.”


“Why did you keep your virginity for so long? I mean if it doesn’t mean something.” Ariba wanted to know, turning her back to the bar. She started scanning the crowd.


I shrugged. “It wasn't intentional. I was just busy with other things.”


“So, what are you going to do?” Sadie put her tip on the bar and stood up sipping her beer.


I twisted my lips and tapped my chin. “Seems pretty simple to me. Eliminate the problem.”


“You mean throw away your v card.” Stephanie drawled.


“Yup. That's the plan.” My attention was drawn to a ruckus at the entrance of the bar we were currently lurking at.


Some guys came in thinking they were bringing the party. I could tell they were already drunk as they made their way to the dance floor. Most of the people had forgone their conversations and we're watching the rowdy group as well.


“Attention whores.” Stephanie yelled, slamming another shot of tequila on the counter. I turned my back to the bartender my attention landing on one of said attention whores. I knew him. I was pretty sure I went to high school with him although he wasn't important enough for me to commit his name to memory.


I picked up my drink without taking my eyes off the dancing quartet of men who were in that short bit of time surrounded by women which inevitably brought other guys over.


“Yep, that's Justice Malbec in two words.” Sadie said, sipping her drink.


I knocked back the rest of my drink a stellar plan running through my mind. “Come on girls.”


Stephanie grimace. “I think I need another shot.”


Ariba and I grabbed Stephanie’s hand and dragged her toward the dance floor.


By the time we returned to the bar, sweating and laughing, the dance floor was packed with bodies and my plan assuming all parties involved agreed was fully baked, as my query was at the bar himself.


I leaned on the bar next to the man I had targeted once the bartender placed a water in front of him.


“Probably a wise choice considering the liquor compound siphons water from your regular cells resulting in dehydration. Often overlooked because it also contributes to the drunken high sensation.” When I looked next to me, Justice was leaning on the bar gazing intently at me.


“Is that some nerd girl pick up line, or are you telling me I'm shit-faced?” The corner of his mouth pulled up when he saw my confused expression.


I frowned. “I thought it was light conversation, but I guess if we're being technical, a bit of both, maybe.”


“I got it!” He said, snapping his fingers. “I knew you looked familiar. Now I finally remember. Jackie Blake. We went to--”


“High School together. I remembered your face and obnoxious behavior, but your name escaped me.”


He laughed revealing a dimple accented in the dim lighting  at the bar. I ignored my insides that were wrapping around each other. “Justice.”


“Yeah, football, right?” I inquired trying to figure out when a good time would be to expose my plan.


“That's right.” He smiled, that energy pulling me in. How the hell was he doing that? “You went to a game?”


“One.” I admitted shifting my weight trying not to stare at him. It was hard considering how incredibly symmetrical he was. “Only because I lost a bet.”


He laughed again. “Wow, you really know how be a dick better than half the guys in here.”


I laughed that time. “I want to be frank. I have a proposition for you.”


He leaned on the bar and raised his well-kept eyebrows. “I'm intrigued.”


I felt nervous for some annoying reason. “Um,” how to position it? “I'm a virgin and I need to have sex.” Shit did I just say that? Gah! I mentally palmed my forehead. That was not smooth. Honest, but not smooth.


His eyebrows raised with surprise. “I usually don’t do virgins because they’re all clingy and stuff.”


A deep frown consumed me as my chest sank. “Gah! Not even you! If I’d have known it’d be such a problem, I would have gotten rid of it a long time ago.”


He laughed out loud to the point of holding his stomach. I wanted to laugh, but nothing was funny to me at the time. “I’m s--” He kept laughing a bit longer before he sobered taking a sip of his water. “You wouldn’t have.”


“Wouldn’t have what?” I crossed my arms over my chest. I hadn’t prepared for this. A rejection? Maybe, but laughing, teasing?


“I remember you from high school. You were so focused on other stuff, boys would have been better off invisible.” He turned his back to the bar and looked out at the crowd.


“All you had to say was no.”


“I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it,” he spoke up, making me stop in my tracks. I glanced at him over my shoulder, guarded, waiting for the punchline. “I just want to make sure we’re on the same page is all.”


I nodded, facing him again. “We sex and we’re done, period.”






He chuckled those damn eyes some how were glistening in the dark bar. How the hell was he doing that? “Say fuck. Makes it less personal.”


I nodded. “Okay. We fuck and then we’re done.”


“There you go.” He looked at me straight on for a moment his eyes scanning my face carefully. His face sobered and he walked toward me. My liquor induced mind was late in telling me to retreat because by the time I had the nerve to back up, the man’s hand slid around my waist and he pulled me flush to his body. “What the fuck are we going to do?” He whispered in my ear pulled the lobe between his teeth.

I moaned, an involuntary sound. “F-fuck.” I stammered trying to catch up to what the hell was going on besides voodoo.

He pulled away and smirked with a little laugh. “I’m going to have you dirty talking in no time.”



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