|:1:| Gotta Be Kidding Me || (UNEDITED DRAFT)

|:1:| Gotta Be Kidding Me ||



Troy pulled the shirt over my head and backed me up to the bed. I perched on the edge when he finally pulled his face away from mine while I was working the button on his pants.


“Holy shit, you're so beautiful.” He whispered, shimmying out of his pants.


I bit my lower lip the embarrassing heat of a well timed compliment made my fair cheeks blush. I rubbed my hands down his body. I couldn't believe this was happening. I hadn't been in this place with any guy before. I mean I’ve done sexual things, but to actually be okay with someone being inside me, never. Men were so dumb and women, well, I was told that I was too much of a cock to be with a chick that wanted pussy so I never gave it a shot.


His cock fell out of his pants half hard. I took him in hand and went to work sucking and stroking him. He groaned thrusting his hips toward my face in a slow measured way. He moved my hair to the side and watched his cock disappear in my mouth. When he was hard, I pulled him out of my mouth with a pop. “I might be a little clumsy.” I confessed scooting back on the bed when he climbed on. He grabbed the waist of my pants and pulled them off.


“What do you mean?” He kissed my calf then my knee.


I frowned. “I've never uh, you're kind of--”


He stopped and set back on his heels. He was looking at me with a glazed over perplexed expression.


I set up too and stroked down his torso. “Why'd you stop?” I tried to pull him closer to me but he grabbed my hands and brought them between us.


“I stopped because I thought you were about to say you were a virgin.”


I frowned. “Yeah? So what?”


He exhaled and perched on the edge of the bed. My insides sank and my heartbeat picked up. I followed him. “If you're still a virgin then it matters.” He stood up and started putting his jeans back on.


Panic started to rise in my chest. “W-what you doin?”


He exhaled rubbing his forehead with two fingers. “Look we've only been together a couple weeks. I don't want this to be a thing.”


I frowned and crossed my arms over my chest. “A thing? What does that mean?”


“See you’re crossing your arms and getting upset.”


I let my arms fall to my side. I crossed them as a defense mechanism according to my childhood therapist. They were awkward things in most situations. “You're misunderstanding me.” I laughed uncomfortably and struggled to grasp a hold of the spiraling circumstances.


“You're not a virgin.” He stated plainly, in the middle of pulling up his pants.


“Not that part.” I mumbled. Trying to figure out the right thing to say to make him stay. It was all happening so fast. “The whole it means something thi-” He silenced me, with a hand over my mouth.


He let out a breath. “You might not think it does, but it does and I don't want to be the one to, uh, pressure you into something.”


I covered my bare breasts when he opened my door. “You’re not pres-- Troy, what the hell? You're just going to leave?”


“I should. I’m sorry this is no-- I’m really no good at-- bye Jackie.” He hurried out, his shirt still gaped open shoes in hand.


There I was looking at my closed door confused, baffled, and pissed the hell off. I shouldn't have said anything about being a virgin, but how the hell was I supposed to know it was a touchy subject? It honestly didn't mean anything to me. It just slipped out. I didn’t want him to think I was going to be awkward forever, just until I got the hang of the whole thing.


I wandered to the bathroom took a leak and threw on a robe. So, did this mean we weren't together? I made my way back to my bed room and laid flat on the bed looking up at the ceiling. I was feeling uncomfortable. All pent up energy with nowhere to go. Was it possible for women to get blue balls? If it was I had them. Big, throbbing blue balls.


I parted my legs and stroked myself. I sighed and nibbled on my lower lip. I teased my clit with aged accuracy. I slid two fingers inside my wet opening and rubbed my clit with my thumb.


I wanted Troy to be doing this. It was his job just like it was mine to suck his cock hard.


I reached inside my pillow case and retrieved my old trusty friend. He always was more efficient at getting the job done.


I knew I had a problem although the solution wasn't openly presenting itself to me at that moment. I brought my attention back to the piece of metal in my hands. “Guess it's just you and me.”


While the metal contraption buzzed over my pussy stimulating my mind, many thoughts accumulated there, but none stood out. The only conclusion I could have made was that I had to get rid of my virginity. There should be plenty of dirt bags that had little to no moral compass and would sex me for fun.


My breath caught before a shiver rolled through me. I thrust my hips as the ecstasy of completion washed over me. I’d wanted to wash Troy’s cock with my pussy juices, watch him come, but that would have to wait.


It was difficult to win as a woman. If you screwed everything that thought you were pretty you were a slut, if you held out you were a tease, and if you were like me, just forgot about sex because science was way more important you were, well, I’m not sure what I am, but I can tell you what I won’t be in a short while.



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