Falling Off the Wagon

"The lesson I learned was know yourself."

I'm excited!

Just convinced myself that I not only need to eat better and exercise, but also came up with a plan. I went grocery shopping successfully, resisted buying the naughty consumables that I wanted to buy... okay maybe accept for that one thing, but you gotta let your self live a little. 
I Scheduled exercise into my hectic schedule (by waking up at the butt crack of dawn) but who cares no good thing will come easily. 

I Got the right mindset. 

I'm pumped up and ready to go.
The gun goes off and I'm out the blocks, killing it, following my regimen, hitting the gym, eating all the good stuff, killing it with the protein consumption, denying my ice cream cravings by eating fruit and yogurt instead and pretending it works, because hey I've got goals!
Six months later, I'm on the couch with a box of peanut butter Ritzbitz binge watching Criminal Intent.
"What happened girl?"
I'ma tell you what happened:
I set myself up...
I did all the things that the health gurus told me to do,  but what I didn't do was be real with myself.
I used a health journey because it's a tangible thing that most of us have attempted whether that's gaining weight, losing fat, gaining muscle, getting a beach body, growing a bigger butt...etc. The self lesson that I learned can apply to anything that we struggle with: going back to school (and finishing your degree), finishing that story that you've been sitting on for years, getting that raise that you've been after, etc.
The lesson I learned was know yourself. "Let's just be real, let's just be honest" [Kid Ink - Be Real]
For me personally, routines are great, but they bore me. When I get bored, I loose interest, and eventually end up on the couch eating an entire box of peanut butter Ritz Bitz Sandwiches when I should be working out and eating chicken breasts instead. 
For me personally, getting on the wagon in the first place is the problem. If I'm sitting on the wagon, I am complacent. I need to be chasing the wagon. When I have something big and near impossible that I'm chasing, I'm right at home. 
Outside of writing, I practice architecture. On my journey to becoming an architect there are a ton of things to chase; so, I'm doing quite well in that part of my life. 

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