Avoid Toxic Relationships

If you lookin' through his (or her) phone, that should be a sign to you that this person isn't right for you. If they got you playin' detective (and it's not some kind of kinky foreplay), you know this person isn't right for you. If they got you on edge, always ready to pop off, you know good and got damn well the relationship is toxic.
I have a friend that takes it as far as driving past these dude's houses to get the low on them. Listen, first off gas ain't free wtf you doin' wasting it and more important, your precious time you're wasting trailing after some weak a$$ dude who could care less? Girl, what you doing, boo?
I'm just sayin'. You're worth more. 
Your time is worth way more. 
Instead of chasin' after him do something to better yourself so you can attract the kind of partner that you deserve. Push yourself to be the best you are instead a worrying' what they doin'. 
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Have you or someone you know ever looked through a partner's phone, social media, drove past they house, etc? 

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