Smooth Talking Charmer - 2 (UNEDITED DRAFT)

“What are your thoughts Dr. Kindheart?”

She blinked looking up at the grey-haired woman eying her intently as was the rest of the table. She looked down at the dessert she’d been stabbing holes in, but hadn’t taken one bite of. She quickly glanced at her watch and winced at the time. Getting out of the dinner fast as possible was all she’d been thinking about since it started. She’d long ago abandoned the thread of the conversation.

“I’m sorry, what exactly was the specific question?”

The woman smiled genuinely. “Well, that’s a good question as we’ve gone off on may tangents, but the bottom line and Gary correct me if I’m overstepping, but it’s about the chemical make-up of the brain and whether or not that is our consciousness. Are we not making decisions of our own? Is it not just a play out of various chemical reactions in our heads? Are we not just puppets to these concoctions of chemical warfare waging in our minds?”

Frasia cleared her throat. “Here I thought I was just addressing one question.” The table laughed. When things settled she addressed the question with a question. A tactic that she learned from one of her first professors and mentors. “Wouldn’t that be easy, Dr. Marks? Easy to pass off all successes and failures on ‘chemical’ make-up? I personally like to think that yes physiology and brain chemistry does play a role in how we interact in the world, interact to stimuli, however, there are many other roles that are cast for parts that are just as important if not more so in how we navigate existence. The mind in the end is just the device, the real question is, who’s controlling it? On that note, I’m sorry to say I have one last meeting to get to. It was a pleasure.”

Someone else took the conversational ball after they said their farewells and she made her way out of the restaurant’s doors. It was after eleven and she was sure she’d miss her coffee date--or, coffee meeting? Gathering? Whatever it was. She yawned. 

It’d been a long day and she had early activities in the morning, but having a chance to play mental ping pong with such a great mind like Lexington Law was a rare feat indeed. 

“Sorry I’m late. Who knew, you get a little liquor in social scientists all with PHDs in bullshit-anese and bring up the movie The Matrix and you can’t get them to stop talking.”

The handsome man turned to face her and a bright smile spread across his face making the light catch his white teeth. “Bullshit-anese… wow, that’s a good one. Filing that one away.” He pulled out the chair for her and she pulled her oversized sweat off and set across from him. His dark skin seemed to glow even in the dim lighting. 

“I thought for sure you’d be gone.”

“I know better than most those things never end when they should.”

“Yeah, like twenty minutes after they start. I swear people think they can hem you up just because they offer to feed you.”

He laughed. “Wait, that’s not how it works?”

“I mean, don't get me wrong, it’s a noteworthy tactic. I can rip apart the psychology of why it shows results all day, but I wouldn’t want to bore you.”

“You could never.”

She caught eyes with him and held them longer than she should have. She looked down at the table her mind lost of words for an extended moment.

“So do you take your expresso straight up, the Italian way, or with cream and sugar?”

She looked up at him from under her lashes. “Traditional.”

“Coming right up.” He looked at the server who made her way over to the table as if she were standing waiting to be summoned. He ordered her drink and brought his attention back to her. 

“I feel terrible leaving you waiting. I would have texted you if I’d had your number. Why didn’t you leave already?”

“And miss a chance to meet with the one and only?”

“I’m certain Lexington Law is just as much if not more a legend with far more accolades than a Dr. Kindheart.”

“So you did know who I was at the conference.”

She scratched her head and looked down at the table. “I’d heard of you. We do travel in similar circles.”

“Why did you act like you didn’t know me at the end of the lecture?” He leaned forward sipping his beverage. 

“I’d heard things about you Mr. Law.”

“Things? Like what?”

She smiled and thanked the woman who placed the drink in front of her. “Oh, such words like conceited and arrogant.”

He frowned. “Who’ve you been talking to?”

She laughed. “I never reveal my sources.”

He leaned back in the chair. “Now I’m curious. You agreed to meet up with me, why would you do that with the warm welcome you had of me?”

“Well, Mr. Law, it’s simple.” She sipped the drink for dramatic effect. He was hanging on her every word and she rather liked that. “I’m a scientist and the hypothesis just didn’t match the observation, so what would any good scientist do?”

The corner of his mouth lifted. “Obtain more information.”

“Yes,” She set back in the chair. “In other words, I like to formulate my own conclusions.”

“And that’s why I find your work fascinating and refreshing. It’s not just the results which are staggering and rather profound, but the process, the approach. Trust me when I say I could go all through the night pontificating about your research, but I’m sure after the talk and the dinner you’re probably ready to pull your hair out if asked to give your expert opinion on anything else.”

She shrugged. The feeling that was wrapping around her and filling her with heat was not the espresso. As much as she was looking forward to spending time with the man who captured her once he opened his mouth at the end of the lecture, she was also dreading the deep thought. Her brain was tired and she had a long day coming up. “Well, you had questions and I did agree to answer them.”

“How about this,” he leaned forward closing the space that seemed so big a moment ago. Her eyes fell to his lips. “We shoot the shit about whatever, like who got voted off the island or something tonight, and we tackle the heavy stuff tomorrow. There’s an art exhibition with a dozen or more installations on molecular biology and molecular structures that I wanted to see.”

Smooth. They were wrong about a lot of things regarding Lexington, but that they weren’t. 

“Are you asking me out on a date?”

She corner of his mouth lifted. “And I’m not even trapping you with food. You can stay as long or as short as you so choose.”

“I have a lecture at UCLA in the morning, but I’m done around 1.”

“That time works perfectly with my schedule for tomorrow and this time we’ll exchange numbers, just in case you get stuck in traffic or something.”

Her insides moved slow and intentional the clenching increasing the longer she looked at the handsome man.



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