Charming Peaks of Mountains - 10 (UNEDITED DRAFT)


“You asked me a question a while back and I didn’t answer it because I wasn’t really sure what that answer was.”

“And what this profound question that I asked you?” He pulled her closer to him. 

“You asked me why I started my research.”

He nodded seeming to recall the conversation. 

“The easy answer is because I love it, which I do now, but that’s not why I started. Honestly, I started because it was easy because it came naturally and because it’s what people expected of me. When they find out you perform at a higher level at something they want to push you and see how far, how smart, how intelligent and then, well, they want to see what you can do.”

“Always trying to put someone to work.”

She giggled. “Yep. which when you’re young and hungry and curious you’re excited for the opportunity, but you never have the chance to realize what you miss out on. You have a chance to figure out if what you’re doing is what you want? You don’t get to go on trips to Cancun with your friends, or even really have friends for that matter. There were some days I just wanted to be normal, I wanted to blend in and be like everyone else.”

“That’s a normal part of growing up.”

“And I wasn’t normal. I wasn’t ordinary, I was extraordinary and some somehow that set a bar, and expectation for excellence which I reached, but no one seemed to understand the sacrifice.” She looked down into her tea cup for a long moment just enjoying the sound of their breathing in the silent morning air. She got off the couch and wandered over to the window. “I’m not saying all of this to complain or whine.” She set the mug on the side table next to her and gazed out the window as the sun struggled up to peak over the mountain top. She shielded her eyes as the light assaulted her. She closed her eyes and smiled, feeling the sun’s warmth. Warm, strong arms wrapped around her from behind. Soft lips pressed in the side of her neck and she leaned back into a growing erection. She looked back at him. 

“It’s really early. I’m not trying to--” He broke off when she wiggled her butt pushing more solidly against him. He moved one hand to slide around her waist keeping her tight against him. The other ventured lower to the crux of her sex. 

She was wearing his dress shirt from the previous night with all of two buttons done and that was all. “The fact that people live their entire life wishing they were magnificent doesn’t make your anxiety with that burden any less valid.” He turned her so they were facing each other. She scanned his face with the sun shining on the smooth dark skin. His eyes caught the sun so the flecks of chocolate and caramel brown were visible in his irises. 

She stroked his cheek. He was so handsome

“We often want what we can’t have simply because it’s different. And there are times,” he stroked her jaw with his thumb his eyes moving slowly over her face, neck, collarbone. She could feel him gazing at her and it sent heat through her body recalling their time together. He let his thumb graze over her bottom lip. She kissed his digit and looked up at him from under her lashes. “Then there are times,” his voice was low laced with restraint. “When the two align.” He pulled her against him by the small of her back, angled her face up toward his and leaned down to press a kiss on her mouth. When he tried to pull away she pushed up on her tiptoes to deepen the kiss. His arms linked around her, keeping her against him, holding her their bodies together with only the thin layer of fabric to separate them. 

His palms formed over her bare buttcheeks, his lips massaged hers. He pulled away despite her whimper of disapproval and pressed her against the wall adjacent to the window. He unbuttoned the two buttons holding her eyes while he did, then pulled the two sides of the fabric apart. His eyebrows pulled together and a hunger consumed the dark depths of his eyes. His intent was laid bare and his made an anticipatory shiver ran through her body. 

He kissed her lips briefly then moved down to her neck, collarbone, spent a few extra moments on each breast. She arched toward him hot liquid flowing to the cusp her sex. 

He crouched before her and lifted her leg to rest on his shoulder exposing her most private parts to his hungry gaze. She leaned against the wall and closed her eyes as he kissed her thighs on either side, stroked the sensitive flesh on the inner most part, but avoided her needy swelling vagina. 

She whined grabbing a breast and squeezing the malleable flesh. She just wanted to feel his warm mouth cover her throbbing clit, hid deft fingers to slide into--

She gasped when his tongue flicked over her. She looked between her legs to find two dark eyes staring up at her. She watched his full lips ascend toward her lower lips.

A soft curse word slipped past her lips when his mouth contacted her. Her fingers rubbed his head and his lips played with her, his tongue teased her. The dynamic duo was more than she could imagine even though it wasn’t new it was somehow different than the night before.

The foreign heat brewed and bubbled rising from her core up toward her head. It pushed up the faster this tongue flicked, the quicker his fingers stroked the sacred pleasure inside her body. 

“Lex please.” She whined uncertain what exactly she was begging for. For him to stop or finish to relieve her or to save her to find her or let her go. She didn’t know. She wasn’t sure if she liked the jittering building, boiling bubbling heated zing of electricity and liquid magma and started to consume her slowly then foced it’s way through her in a burst of shattered glass and split reality.





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