Charm of Power & Wealth - 8 (UNEDITED DRAFT)


“If we don’t leave soon we might as well not go.”

She exhaled checking her make-up in the mirror one last time. She didn’t wear it a lot. In fact, it was something Vivica had recently got her into. She had such a baby face mostly because, well she was still young. She didn’t mind her appearance, but she wanted to be sophisticated for that evening. Vivica provided her with the gorgeous black cocktail dress that flared out in a trumpet shape that reminded her of the flowers in the garden that she went to with Lex in L.A. there were sparkled that laced up the side accentuating the high slit. “I’m coming down.” She adjusted the dress. “I, um, don’t know about this dress.”

“I’m sure you look lo--”

She felt the heat push up her cheeks when she saw the man’s look of awe. 


She giggled in her head. She rendered Lexington Law speechless. When was the last time that happened? 

She cleared her throat. “Could you uh, clasp this necklace?”

He nodded, but still said nothing. She approached him, handed him the jewelry, and turned her back to him moving her straightened rusty brownish blonde strands to the side.

There was a long bout of silence while he worked to secure the necklace. She was extremely aware of his nearness. She was aware of the heat from his body, his steady breathing, his cologne, his aftershave, the smooth dark plains of his face, his strong hands and how they felt on her skin. 

She felt beautiful and elegant. 

A woman. 

Not a scientist, professor, or think tank curator, just a beautiful woman with a man who adored her. The doubt and uncertainty that plagued her thoughts a few days before dissipated in his presence.

She glanced over her shoulder when he was finished with a shy smile. 

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Their eyes held each other and her insides moved like liquid magma. “That’s a nice perfume you’re wearing.”

“Thank you. I had it custom made for me.” She scanned his figure all lean and trim in the three piece suit. “You clean up nice.” She laughed eliciting a smile from him. The kind of smile that makes your eyes capture every piece of light in the room. She was mesmerized for a moment like a deer gazing at an oncoming car.

There was something about Lexington wasn’t there? Something that she’d heard about before she reached out to him for this interview. Something in the way people talked about him, something in the way he interacts with people. It was heady and intoxicating. She understood why people, men and women of various sexual orientations, spoke about him like her was a lover or a good friend even if they’d only had one interaction with him. What she didn’t understand was where all the scorned broken hearted women were hiding. Sure he there had to be a trail of broken hearts following such a charismatic man.

He cleared his throat pulling her from her cascading thoughts. “Shall we?”

She broke the gaze and nodded searching for her purse which was on the island counter where she left it. She snatched it and headed to the door.

“So, I’m just really observing tonight.”

“No, you’re not.”

She frowned. “But that’s--”

“You can’t make these robots fit in based off your assumptions about how people look and feel and act. You have to base them off the deep seeded emotive undercurrents of why we look feel and act the way we do. Of course that’s going to vary from person to person, how good they are at connecting with other people’s currents and most importantly how good they are at customizing themselves in an authentic way that still respects the other person.”

“That was heavy.”

“That’s the point and that’s why you need to experience it first hand. THere’s so much that goes into being a multifaceted human being it’s incredible. Some scientists think it’s impossible to replicate because of all the variables.”

He opened the car door for her and she got in. After he joined her in the back seat, she spoke. “You don’t think that?”

He shrugged. “I think as variable as we are we’re also variably predictable unless we have some type of mental illness and that’s a whole another issue.”

“I can see that.” She liked him.

She frowned when the thought passed her mind. She wasn’t supposed to have any opinion either way, but she found she did. Wasn’t that what charm was? Making people like you. But how did he make her like him? She frowned. Was that really how things worked?

“What are you thinking about?”

“Why people like you. How you’re so influential.”

He shrugged. “I’d like to think it’s because of my no pressure, calming presence.”

She smirked and looked out the window. She wasn’t sure how to interpret the giddy feeling his smile forced through her middle. “That’s probably a valid part of it.”

He laughed. The relaxed heavy sound forced her to smile. 

“It does seem to be that you always have the right thing to say at the right time.”

He nodded and gazed out the window at that time which allowed her to look at him in profile. “I’m pretty damn good at reading people that’s for sure. My mom said it was a gift. A gift that I’ve exercised like a muscle because I found it’s really the only currency one needs.”

The car glided to a stop and for the first time she noticed there was a crowd hovering just on the other side. “What is that?”

He smiled. “Adoring fans.” The driver opened the door and she recoiled when the flashing lights from cameras and bright blinding lights from who knew where started focusing on them. He helped her out of the car and she took his offered arm trying not to feel violated. When she looked at him he seemed to even be enjoying the waves of attention. He stopped to answer a few questions from a woman with a microphone. 



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