Charm in Sands & Time - 6 (UNEDITED DRAFT)



“Thank you.” She said, taking the coconut from him and tasting the sweet liquid through the strange twisted straw.

“Of course, my lady.”

She giggled at his attempt at a Jamaican accent.

“We’re stooping to mooching?” She took another sip admiring his deep brown skin holding onto the sunlight. So smooth, she was talking flawless.

“What?” His white teeth stood in contrast to his skin. “He was flirting with you by leanin’ in on de accent.”

She bumped him with her hip as he pulled the picnic basket further on his shoulder. 

“There’s no need to get ornery. It was all in good fun.” She closed her eyes taking a sip taking a moment to appreciate the cool fresh liquid and the feel of the sand between her toes. Her shoes were tucked into the crook of her arm.

“He could have at least waited until I turned around or something.”

She laughed. She could tell he wasn’t really offended because of the playful cadence in his voice, but she just wasn’t used to being the center of attention in that way. “To change the subject, I want to know where you’re taking me? We’ve passed no less than twenty perfectly amazing spots to enjoy an ocean side picnic.”

“Patience. We’re almost there.”

“Almost where?”

He let silence fill the space for a long moment as they kept walking down the beach. “There’s this one spot--” He broke off and smiled over at her when a small grassed area under a small cropping of pine trees set in the distance. “I call it the little oasis. Isn’t it perfect on a hot ass day like today?No people, just waves and sun and shade and views.”

She giggled helping him take all the stuff off his shoulders when they got to the little place under the trees. 

“No one walks this far down.”

“It’s lovely.”

He smiled back at her while he spread the blanket out on the grassy sanded area.

“I have a feeling it’s going to be hard to go home after today.”

“Speaking of, you won’t be there long. What’s in Japan?”

“Tech conference. I’m speaking one of the days, but the other five I’m just a spectator. Should be some really great information to consume.”

“What’s the specialty?”

“It’s focused on biomedical and behavioral genetics is what they’re dubbing it.”

“I’m intrigued.”

She loved that he was, under all his social aptitude a huge nerd just like her. “I leave the Monday after your Gala which I made a decision on whether I’m attending.”


“Since it really means so much to you I will dig up my the pearls I don’t have and go with you.”

A smile pushed from her insides up through her face will it with warmth when he broke out into the biggest smile. 

“That’s cause for celebration.” He poured a glass of champagne for her and himself and pulled her down on the blanket with his free hand after she took her glass. “To you being gracious enough to spend the day with me and deciding to accompany me to the Stacey Clide Enrichment Gala.”

She giggled at the way he said the name of the event. They clinked glasses and took sips holding each other’s gaze for an extended period of time even when the glasses were brought away from their mouths. 

She broke their eyes locked in trans and looked around her. “This place is beautiful.”

“I barely noticed.” He took her drink and set it carefully in the basket then pulled her onto his lap. He twisted one of her wild coils around his finger gazing intently in her eyes then at her face. He stroked her face and pulled his fingers through her mass of curls.

“I didn’t know what else to do with it.”

“I like it just like this.” He cooed cupping her cheek with his other hand. “I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting to be here with you when I signed up for your conference.”

She giggled allowing her fingers to explore his jaw, cheek and ear. “I’m far out of my element and area of expertise, and it’s so freeing!” She spread her arms and let her head fall back looking up into the palm trees. The breeze rushed past her making her giggle. 

She looked down at him now leaned back on his arms just taking her in, His dark eyes assessed her face, hair, down to her swimsuit, her exposed midsection, thighs that were straddling his and back up to her face from under his lashes. 

“Is there anyone watching?”

He shrugged, keeping his attention on her. “I don’t see anyone but you.”

She giggled then brought her hands to the bikini top tie at her neck. She felt the heat push up to her face. She’d never even dared think about doing anything like this, but it was exciting. She figured that despite her intellect and PhD she was still only in her mid twenties. A time to push the boundaries a little bit? She let the top fall away and watched his eyes find her bare nipples being teased by the warm breeze. His lips parted as his eyes consumed her, then his dark eyes found hers again. 

He brushed a curious hand over the strained flesh and she rolled her hips wanting more. The contrasting heat from his palm to the coolness of the breeze was almost enough to make her lose all thought. He slid his hands around her waist and glided them up her back and pulled her down toward him. She trapped his face on either side of him face and pressed their lips together. She moaned and angled her face over his. He pushed her hips down against his own and she felt his desire for her. Expectant need wound through her body and made her limbs feel weighted and weak. 

He positioned her to lie on her back and he laid between her legs kissing her mouth, jaw, neck. She arched toward him enjoying the weight of his body on hers. She wrapped her legs around him wanting to feel him again. It was strange not having something her entire life and then getting it and wanting nothing but it. He ran his hand from her side, over her hips and stomach to her desperate need nestled under the swim suit.

His name whispered pat her lips and the wind took it and carried it away. His tongue found her nipple even as his deft digits worked to drive her past the point of no return. Return to what? Reality? What was that anyway?

His tongue flicked over her nipple then he pulled away and let the breeze tease the over sensitive nub. 

His amusement was carried on the breeze at her moaning whine at the sensation of air on wet skin. 

The hot electrical current was racing through her, bouncing around the soft and hard places of her being. Her hips rolled to the slow torturous movement of his hands commanding, charming her clit. How did he know exactly what to do to make her wild with confusion. Most of the phenomenon of sex didn’t make any sense to her. If was so convoluted when tried to dissect it, but while in it, while lost in the ebb and flow of bodies and movement it seemed to make perfect sense to her. 

She pulled his face closer to hers by the nape of his neck wanting but uncertain how to escape to fit of intense energy that was building inside her. She wanted to run as much as she didn’t because it felt good too.

She pulled their mouths apart. “Lex, I think--”

He kissed her silent for an extended period before pulling away. “Don’t think.”



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