Charm & Admiration - 1 (UNEDITED DRAFT)


Lex nodded as he stared at the man in front of him trying to focus on the conversation, but he couldn’t. 

His attention was on her.

The lecture had ended twenty minutes before and instead of rushing up to the stage to ask his laundry list of questions like some over excited child when the ice cream truck was driving down the block, he set back and played it cool which was why he was in the situation he was in at the current moment.

He was sure the man he was talking to, or better said, who was talking at him, had some interesting thoughts and opinions about Dr. Kindheart’s material, but Lex really just wanted to be talking to her. 

His eyes drifted to the stage. She was standing just next to the stairs engaged in conversation with a young woman who looked to be talking a mile a minute. The doctor pushed her glasses up on her face and nodded before crossed her arms.

She was a pretty woman with honey-brown skin, curly hair that was pulled back in a slicked up puff on top her head and freckles. Her full lips were painted a deep red. She nodded and adjusted her stance.

He needed to get closer to get more detail which was apart of his master plan. The line of hopefuls; however, were not promising that he would make it there before she was no doubt onto another lecture or something that was to occupy her time. 

He told himself somewhere midway through her book that he read cover to cover in one, very long night, that if he had twenty minutes to pick her brain he’d die a happy man.

Intelligent started to explain her ability to collect, process and synthesize information, but genius was a more fitting description. It didn’t hurt that she held that title along with a number of other ones since she was ten. He’d tried to set up a one-on-one with her, but her schedule was booked clean up through the summer and she was a professor at Stanford in the fall and spring semesters.

He wasn’t some regular plan Jack, he knew people and it frustrated him beyond reason that he could pull off a simple dinner.

“Excuse me.” Lex said, bringing his attention back to the man in front of him. “I had a few follow-up questions for Doctor Kindheart if you don’t mind.”

“Oh sure, of course. I already got my copy signed.” The man laughed holding up a copy of one of the woman’s publications. “Yeah, it was nice to finally meet you Mr. Lexington.”

“Oh please, call me Lex.” He couldn’t remember the man’s name but that fact was somewhere in the far reaches of his mind because his sole focus was making his way to the woman.

“Thank you--”

Lex left the man in a huff of charm and a big smile like he did a number of people, it was a gift, and he made his way over to his target. The line had shrunk enough that there was only one person in front of him. She was jotting her name on what looked like an article in a science magazine. The man thanked her and was ushered on by one of Dr. Kindheart’s many team members.

“Who should I address the book to?”

He stood there until she looked up and met his gaze. “Page sixty-seven on presence of mind talks about why humans reminisce. It’s very scientific explanation and quite fascinating, but why do you think on a metaphysical level we spend valuable mental resources living in the past?”

She looked up at him fully and pushed up the glasses. Her steady gaze took him in as if she hadn’t made the effort to really recall any one person the entire day. He couldn’t blame her. There were hundreds if not thousands of faces and all of them wanted a piece of her. 

“Simply because we have the privilege to do so. How much time do you think early humans spent on thinking about the past when they were too worried about eating for that day or the next, or being eaten by a predator, or surviving through the seasons?”

He thought it was a rhetorical question, but when she looked at him expectantly he cleared his throat to respond. “Probably very little.”

“Exactly.” She brought her attention back to the book cover that she was scrawling over intently. She handed the book out to him. “I was expecting to see my most recent book. This was one of my firsts.”

He smiled sheepishly. He had her entire collection on audio, but he left that at home. “Being a busy man I usually consume in audio format, but this one, after listening to audio, I had to get the hard copy. I’ve been taking my time with it.”

She cocked her head to the side and crossed her arms over her chest. She was processing him. Reading people was also a gift of his and he hadn’t thought much about it until that moment taking her in. 

“So assuming we ponder on the past because we have the luxury to do so, what purpose does it serve?”

“It’s a point of reference to be either angry or grateful of our current state rather than living in it. The killer of current happiness is--”


He could see the sparkling intrigue in her eyes as she gazed up at him. He didn’t realize how small she was, well that was compared to him and he was fairly tall. 

“Seems as if you were taking quite a bit of time with a few of my works.”

A brunette walked up to the Doctor and whispered something in her ear that told him his ten minutes was  about to be up. 

When the woman walked away Dr. Kindheart looked at him with an expression he didn’t need an explanation to understand. 

“Like when mom calls you in to eat supper.” He mumbled disappointed he didn’t get the twenty minutes he was hoping for.

She laughed out loud which made him laugh too. 

“I know you’re a busy woman, but I’ve so many more questions to ask you. If you’ll be in town over night I’d love to take you to dinner.”

The corner of her mouth pulled up in a smirk as her intelligent eyes assessed him. She looked down at her shoes. “I’m already being hosted for dinner.”

His chest sank but he wasn’t that easy. “Ok, what about dessert?”

She chuckled. “Not really a sweets girl.”

Again his insides fell somehow lower than his feet.

“But,” He glanced up at her from under his lashes at the baiting pause. “I do like an espresso before bed.”

“Saldana’s Espresso Bar isn’t too far from here if your dinner location is close.”

“It is. Ten thirty then?”

“Can’t wait.” He held up the book. “Thank you Dr. Kindheart.”

“Please, Frasia.”



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