5 | Branded Kisses |

Lacey moaned arching her body. Her fingers laced through short hair buried... between her legs.

“Devil... I can't think ...space ...take... light.” Lacey slowly opened her eyes when she felt the vibrations of Devlin's laughter between her legs. “I'm making no sense.” Her raspy voice croaked.

Devlin moaned. His tongue working magic on her clit.

Lacey gathered up the shreds of her sound mind and pushed herself off the couch scurrying over the arm as dark eyes watched her stumbling retreat. “I-I can't.” Lacey caught herself on the island counter before she dashed into the bathroom. She closed the door and locked it leaning on the wooden aperture. She exhaled and closed her eyes taking several deep breaths before venturing toward the toilet.

Lacey paused catching her profile in the mirror. She looked like a tousled mess. Lacey cocked her head looking at her reflection with a more critical eye. Her breasts were full, nipples erect, her skin had a glow to it. Lacey ran her fingers across her collarbone and palmed her breast. It had some weight to it.

There was a soft knock on the door. “Lacey, come out.”

“Uh uh.”

“Come on. I won't knock your ass out this time.” Lacey could hear the humor in his voice, but she barely recognized the raspy quality of her own.

This time! “I can't not be able to stand tomorrow.”

There was a long silence where Lacey foolishly thought the man had given up.

Lacey used the silence to continue her self evaluation in the mirror.

Lacey bit her lip and ran her fingers down her stomach and between her legs. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes imagining Devlin's tongue on the most sensitive part of her body. What did he see when he looked at her? Did he just see a pair of legs, a piece of ass? Lacey turned so her back faced the mirror then twisted to check herself out. Not a bad looking ass. Lacey ran a hand over the curve of her butt.

The low undulations of Devlin's voice startled Lacey out of her thoughts.

“So fucking perfect.”

Lacey's face filled with heat. Wait a second… she locked the door how did he get in?

As if reading her mind he held up a Bobby pin. Devlin pushed off the door frame and advanced on Lacey. She backed away.

Devlin stopped his dark eyebrows furrowed. “Come to me, Lacey.”

Lacey shivered at her name on his lips. Her eyes fell from the storm brewing behind those obsidian eyes to his lips, wide and flat. She wondered what they tasted like. Lacey looked lower at the hand he had extended. She found his eyes again. There was doubt, uncertainty in their depths. Did he think she would reject him? Had a woman ever done such a thing? She doubted it. Devlin seemed to have the pick of the litter. How could he think she'd turn him away?

“I'm a lightweight.” Lacey cooed taking his hand.

Devlin smirked taking both her hands and leading her to a pile of blankets over pillows laying out on the floor in front of her now roaring gas fireplace. The candles around the room had finally started to burn out and most of the light was coming from the fireplace alone.

Lacey's eyes fell to Devlin's lips again. “You haven't kissed me.”

“Your lips have been fucking with me all night.” Devlin's deep voice echoed in the quiet room.

Lacey frowned. “What, is kissing against some rule or something?”

“You don't want to kiss me.”

Lacey tried and failed not to take the bait. “Why?”

“Because you're supposed to forget me after tonight.” Devlin was already pulling Lacey to him.

Lacey moaned when her skin clung to his like a magnet. Lacey found Devlin's eyes. “I don't think I could ever forget you, Devlin Sinn.”

Devlin stroked her cheek and lowered his face to meet hers. Lacey exhaled their connection seemed to slow time. She didn't think she could feel anything she'd never felt before...again...in one night.

Devlin deepened the kiss entering her mouth with his tongue tasting her, stroking her tongue with his until she was lost in the sensation. Lacey moaned when Devlin pulled away.

Lacey couldn't say when she was laid on the blankets and pillows on the floor or when Devlin strapped up. Next thing she knew, he was kissing trails along her collarbone taking a laying position on his side behind her. He pulled her hips back toward him exposing her sex from behind and slid into her. Lacey moaned a new set a sensations familiar yet foreign filled her.

Devlin's thrusts were paced, steady, yet purposeful. Each thrust echoed a whisper to that voice buried in the back of her head that responded with a tingle starting at the base of her neck and covered her entire body. Devlin turned her face up to look back at him. He kissed her. She turned just her upper body and reached back clasping the back of his head with the hand that was under her.

It seemed like a fleeting moment and an eternity that she was lost in the play of their tongues.

Devlin lifted her leg and maneuvered himself to rest between her legs while she lay on her back. She knew this position and yet it still felt extraterrestrial.

Devlin stayed inside of Lacey rotating his hips while he trapped her face between his forearms. He smoothed her hair back away from her face those dark eyes boring deep into the depths of her being.

Lacey's stomach did a somersault her heartbeat increased. He saw it. He saw her soul. She felt it. He couldn't be looking so deep and not see it. There was no way for him to look so deep and not bare, even if just a little part, of his own as well. Trapped. She was trapped in those dark, bottomless eyes.

Devlin picked up the pace his gaze averted to her lips. It was in that moment that she realized she'd never seen him cum. She wasn't even sure if he did. She just assumed he did when she did. She wanted to see this man lose control. She wanted to see his face washed in ecstasy.

“I want to watch you cum.”

Devlin's eyebrows furrowed and his eyes met hers. “You have no idea what your words do.” Devlin's jaw clenched, his arms that were holding him up over Lacey flexed the veins coming to life.

The tenderness that filled his eyes before were replaced by a sinister twinkle. Devlin's hips picked up speed his face consumed hers. He seemed to siphon her energy with each stroke of his tongue, each thrust of his hips.

Lacey pushed back the growing whisper in her head and just rode the sensation of her approaching orgasm. She didn't want to finish she didn't want this to end. No, she wanted to see him end, come undone, fall apart between her legs, with her wrapped around him.

Devlin's head fell back his muscles bunched, the thrust of his hips were jerky until they stopped all together when he was at the deepest point inside her. When his eyes met hers she noticed for the first time that they were a dark blue or was the light playing tricks? His face had a youthful glow. The tension seemed drained from him.

His face contorted twisting his eyebrows into a comical form, a smirk pulled up the corner of his lips. His dark eyes finally met hers.

“So fucking perfect.”

Devlin removed himself, stood to his feet, and headed to the kitchen removing the condom.

“What are you doing?” Lacey's chest tightened. So was that it? Slam bam thank you ma’am? Well, it was hardly one slam but not the point.

“Do you want me to leave?” He moved back into her field of vision a glass of water in his hand.

Lacey shook her head and held her arms out to him.

He handed the glass to her. “Drink.”

She did as he lay on his side closest to the fireplace his back to her. She put the glass down and ran a cold hand up his back. He grabbed her arm and wrapped in around him as Lacey settled on her side behind him. Devlin was running circles along the back of Lacey's hand while lacey was stroking the valleys between his abs.

His stomach muscles tensed and he rolled onto his back pulling Lacey to his side a smile on his face. He started playing with her breast with his free hand. Soon his circles slowed, then became sloppy slow ovals, then stopped all together as his breathing deepened.

Lacey's eyes were closed and far too laden to open even though she wanted to know what the devil looked like when he slept. She was caught in a space between being awake and sleep. The perfect place to find reflection and introspection.

Lacey was caught off guard. Not by the sex... Ok some parts of the sex were certainly...new...surprises for her, but this. Lacey nestled closer to the hot box next to her. She certainly wasn't expecting round three from Devlin Sinn. Lacey knew that the devil had tricks but she wasn't expecting this. She wasn't expecting to extract pieces of a mortal man.

A man flawed in so many ways. She could tell this man's existence was shrouded in darkness. He was used to shielding himself, putting up a wall. But he slipped tonight. She saw. She saw the way he looked at her. She saw what the devil truly desired, but she knew enough about Devlin Sinn to know he'd never be able to do what it took to have what he desired, not from her anyway.

Lacey wanted love in all its heart wrenching glory. She wanted the ups and downs and mostly the companionship, the journey. Lacey didn't know if she would ever be able to find that with someone like Devlin Sinn.

Lacey remembered his tenderness. She wondered if he even knew that he made love to her. Lacey shook the thought.

There were few things that Lacey Diaz would allow to be variables in her life. Lacey had a vision for her life. One that she was excited about and she knew she couldn't wait around on Devlin Sinn to find his heart.

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