4 | Whom He May Devour |

Lacey fell exhausted onto the couch next to Devlin her feet propped up on the chaise lounge sectional.

Devlin exhaled then pushed himself up and walked with alpha male nonchalance into the kitchen. With his bare hands, Devlin grabbed one of the chicken cordon bleu that Lacey made earlier and took a big bite. He wiped the back of his hand over his mouth before taking another wolf sized bite.

Lacey knew her mouth was open, but there were no words. None that would come out anyway. Jet mind on the other hand was racing with things, that might have under different circumstances, actually come out of her mouth. Some of which included: Has the creature ever heard of a plate? Didn't he see the roll of napkins sitting in front of him? Was he raised in a barn? No a barn was to civilized had to be raised in a jungle. Had she really made him so ravenous? Lacey wasn't sure if she was offended or in awe at how fast he was consuming the meal.

“There’s wine on the table.” What else was she going to say to the insatiable breast?

Devlin grunted and made his way to the refrigerator. Retrieved her orange juice carton and started gulping right from the container. Well why the hell would she expect him to use a cup? After he drained the rest of the juice he rinsed the carton and tossed it in the recycling bin.

Lacey wasn't sure why but that small thing turned the entire series of events into something she found very attractive. He was raw, and rude, and honest, and dangerous, and she knew all of that before she said yes.

“You should eat something.”

Lacey frowned. “I'm not hungry.” Not for food anyway. What the hell was she saying? The deed was done and now the devil would leave, right?

“You'll need the energy.”

“For what?”

There was mischief in Devlin's eyes. “For round two.”

Devlin strolled over to Lacey his erection bobbing out in front of him intimidating in the candle lit room. Lacey sat up at his approach his words sinking into her fuzzy mind.

He picked her up and turned her upside down hooking her thighs over his shoulder. Lacey gasped when his mouth consumed her sex. Lacey took hold of his penis, that was now in her face, and took the head in her mouth.

Devlin's growl vibrated her clit sending a stream of pleasure to her brain.

Well if this wasn't an exercise is athleticism she wasn't sure what the hell was.

Lacey worked Devlin's length as the blood rushed to her head the ever building orgasm bringing her so close to losing all control. That is if she wasn't already out of control.

What the hell was she saying...or rather thinking? She was hanging upside down in her living room getting mind bending head while giving head.

Lacey's legs started shaking as liquid spewed from her core.

She thought is was an orgasm. Her fuzzy mind was telling her so, but she was sure she just peed all over Devlin.

“Put me down!” Lacey's face started to heat as embarrassment settled in her mind.

“What's wrong?” The Devil smirked at her approaching her retreating form stroking his erection.

“You might be into that...kind of thing, but I'm not.” Lacey had to use the couch arm to steady her wobbly legs.

Devlin frown confused only for a moment. “That was not pee.”

Lacey frowned up at him putting an arm out to stop his advance. Devlin grabbed Lacey's arm and pulled her skin to skin.

The whisper of his voice made her shiver. “Feels so good to let go doesn't it?” Devlin cupped Lacey's sex and she leaned into him for support. She was feeling... weak. She thought she'd hate the feeling but somehow she was content with it as long as he did...Mmmmm. Yeah,  that right there.

Devlin picked Lacey up her legs clamped around his toned waist. He was trailing kisses down her neck, along her collarbone to her breasts. Lacey's head fell back as Devlin's clever tongue made circles around Lacey's nipple.

“What was it?” Lacey whimpered upset when Devlin lifted his mouth to respond.

“What was what?”

“The...stuff...the liquid.”

Devlin smiled those dark eyes dancing. “You... cumming. I want you to do it again.” Lacey wasn't sure when, but Devlin already had another condom on. With Lacey’s arms around Devlin's neck he hooked his arms under the backs of her knees and held her waist with one hand. Devlin placed his penis at the cusp of Lacey's sex with the other.

“I don't know how I did it the first time.”

“Just let me make you feel good.”

Lacey's breath caught when he slid inside of her. “Mmmmm. Oh shit.” Lacey moaned. Swearing wasn't a part of her day to day vocabulary as she thought it was inappropriate in polite company. She was not in polite company.

Once Devlin filled her, he started pumping inside of her fiercely. Pounding, pounding, pounding. Driving in and out. Up and down his length using her waist to move her while thrusting his hips. Every time hitting that spot that made the back of her head tingle and her toes balled up. Almost pain, mostly pleasure.

Lacey could only feel as her body started to come alive again. There was no room for thought, for doubt, for analysis, only the sensation of her body pounding against his. The calling, beckoning of that voice a whisper at first but growing louder… wait, that was her voice! Lacey was screaming out strings of profanity in English and Spanish.

The feeling the sounds were too much in her weary mind, her weak body. Devlin was right she should have eaten. She should have drank some water, but she knew neither one of those things would sate her hunger, nor quench her thirst.

Lacey's world was slowing down her vision blurring. The last thing she felt was her orgasm rippling through her before her world went black.

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