3 | Laying Claim to Body and Soul |

Lacey lit the last candle when her doorbell rang. She’d been keeping herself busy for the past… She checked the clock on her stove. Three hours waiting for Devlin Sinn to show up at her door.

Once Lacey agreed to his proposal, Devlin wanted to take Lacey to the bathroom to “start things off right”, but Lacey insisted she finish the event. Devlin disappeared soon after she accepted his proposal. This was insane she’d been telling herself for the past several hours.

Insane, and thrilling! She couldn’t remember how long it’d been since she felt so...so...alive… and... nervous. Why was she nervous?

What if she didn't fulfill his expectations of her? Did he even have expectations of her? She sure as hell had expectations of him! If a guy approaches you on some let's fuck bullshit he had better be damn good at it.

Lacey removed the apron, smoothed her hands over the little black dress that she changed into, and stepping in a pair of strappy black heels before she opened the door. Lacey's heart did a skillful somersault under her rib cage when she laid eyes on the dark, leather clad masterpiece that was the very definition of original sin.

Devlin shoved a box of chocolates and a single red rose at Lacey as he stepped through the door. She certainly wasn't expecting... Lacey frowned when she opened the box of chocolates and three quarters of the chocolates were missing.

“What? I got hungry.” Devlin shrugged taking in her apartment.

“ I made us dinner.” Lacey set the chocolates and the rose on the counter.

Lacey gasped, her body stiffened when two strong arms wrapped around her from behind.

“Why did you change clothes?” Devlin's warm breath whispered over Lacey's ear, neck. Her nipples tightened and her pussy throbbed yearning for his touch. His hand ran down the front of her little black dress, and up her thigh to the cusp of her sex. He massaged her there.

Lacey's head rolled back on Devlin's shoulder her legs growing weaker with every circle he made on the sensitive bud that dwelled there. Her silk panties felt rough against her flesh.

Lacey could feel it a taunting voice in the back of her head that threatened her resolve. It told her that she was going to have to release control. That she would have no choice but to let go. That this wicked man, that she let into her world would coax her into giving up control.

Lacey's breathing picked up even as Devlin's finger kept with their measured pace. “Relax Lacey. You already let me in. Now let go.”

What was she holding on control of again? God she couldn't remember. What if she let this man have control just this one time. Lacey moaned as the pressure grew in the back of her head. She just wanted relief. There was only one way to get relief. She had to release. She had to allow the pressure to…

Lacey held her breath grabbing Devlin's hand that was working her steadily. “I….can't…”

With his free hand he trapped hers on top of the counter and pressed their bodies tighter together. She could feel his desire through the fabric of their clothes. Her chest heaved her mind running miles away imagining his sex in her hands, in her mouth, in... her.

The pressure was there pushing at her mind. And then...it…

“Shit!” Lacey belted a scream ripping through her throat as a river of pleasure coursed through her body. The pressure dissipated and was replaced with waves of pleasure and a hazy bliss settling under her skin.

The feeling of tingly calm held onto her mind as Devlin’s  cleaver finger pinched the hard bud of her breast. Lacey moaned reaching a hand behind her to touch the bulge underneath his pants.

“I want to see you.” Lacey looked back at Devlin over her shoulder.

Those dark eyes danced and he took a few steps away from her.

Lacey shivered. The cool against her heated skin made her aware of how hot she was. She bit her bottom lip looking at Devlin who stood near the couch his eyebrow raised. “Well I'm not going to do all the work. If you want me then come and get me.”

Lacey's lips parted the desire to see him, touch him, taste him now a need. She looked into Devlin's eyes her mind… concerned. Not with how sexy he was bound to be under all the clothes, but with her performance. This wasn't some guy who'd been wooing her that she was dating that if she didn't do something to his liking wouldn't… well what would he do? They only had this night anyway.

“You're thinking too much.”

Lacey met those dark eyes his eyebrows were pulled together. “I-I…”

“No words.”

“But-” Lacey fell silent when his eyes narrowed. Was that fear that wrapped her mind or desire she couldn't tell.

“Come here.”

Lacey obeyed seeing no other option. Did she need permission to touch this man? Lacey placed the palm of her hand on the dark fabric covering his chest and made her way to his shoulder where she pushed the leather vest over one shoulder then the other until the vest fell to the floor.

Devlin sucked in air when her cold hands met the hot soft skin of his lower abs under his shirt. Lacey pulled the shirt over his head and marveled at the plans of tan sculpted skin that stood in front of her bathed in the firelight from the candles.

Lacey bit her bottom lip gazing up at Devlin from under her lashes. He flexed his fists at his sides the veins that traced his muscles bulged.

Lacey hooked her hand in Devlin's pants and unhooked them pulling them over the man's hips taking his underwear with them. Devlin stepped out of the heap of clothes as Lacey kneeled in front of him. His cock bobbed out between them. Lacey licked her lips wrapping her hand around him.

Devlin growled letting his head fall back at her touch. When Lacey's lips wrapped around the tip of his penis Devlin's hips jutted forward and a string of profanities poured from his lips. Lacey stroked the length of him with her lips, and hand, rolling her tongue around the head of his penis her eyes closed deep in the task. His girth filled her mouth making her jaw sore, but the discomfort didn't matter as much as the taste of him or the feel of his silken, hard flesh in her hands, on her tongue. Lacey massaged his balls; the weight a welcomed treat. His primitive grunts and groans encouraged her and to her surprise aroused her in a way she never knew she could be.

Devlin startled her from her thoughts when he grabbed her and pulled her to standing his eyebrows furrowed his jaw set, clenched. Did he not like what she was doing? Worry knit Lacey's eyebrows.

Devlin's expression softened. “I have to be in you, now.” He retrieved a condom from his pants, put in on and sat on the couch motioning for Lacey to straddle him.

Lacey's legs were planted on either side of the devilish man her sex hovering over his. The dress running up over her ass. She gasped when he pulled her nipple in his mouth. He massaged her other breast through her dress before freeing it from the low neckline of the cloth and sucked the nipple.

Lacey arched into his mouth grabbing a handful of his hair.

Devlin laughed pulling away from her nipple moist with his saliva.

“You're just how I imagined you.” Devlin grabbed her butt cheeks with a roguish grin. “Now, sit on my dick.” Devlin placed his yearning flesh at the cusp of hers and she lowered herself on him her mind wandering, spinning out of control at every inch that filled her.

Lacey moaned grabbing one of her breasts playing with the hard nipple.

“Yes, touch yourself.” Devlin growled his eyes darker somehow as he planted his feet and thrust into Lacey with strong consistent thrusts. Filling her mind with a familiar feeling of losing everything she ever knew and finding something she never knew she wanted.

Lacey's eyes fell to the man below her when he demanded she do so. Everything about him: those dark eyes, dark eyebrows knit in determination, those lips, the bronzed planes of his chest, slim waist, strong legs just sent her tumbling over the edge and she fell over it with her eyes wide shut and mouth wide open.

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