2 | Signing Away Her Soul |

Rita sipped her martini. “I should just marry this bartender. Every year he just steals my heart.”

“Be serious Rita.” Lacey was pacing like a lion at a zoo near the side of the bar. The place was nearing uncomfortably packed. It was hot, damp and filled with great energy but Lacey couldn't even enjoy the success of the event. Her mind was racing flipping between frustration, curiosity and… something else she couldn’t put her finger on.

“Sounds like a damn good deal to me. When was the last time you got laid?” Lacey didn’t tear her eyes away from bartender while she talked.

Lacey exhaled annoyed with her friend. “Valentine's day is not about sex.”

“Why the hell not? Look this Devlin guy is handsome, sexy, brooding, mysterious…”

“Rude, uncouth, cynical…”

“And you so want to suck his cock right now.”

Lacey growled smacking her friend with a flyer. “I can't stand you! You're not helping.” Lacey used the flyer to fan herself.

“Cause you know I'm right. Look, you better get on him before one of these other thirsty females do.” Rita pushed up her breasts and glanced over at Lacey. “I'm going to talk to this bartender.”

“I think the bartender's married.”

Rita raised an eyebrow. “I don't see a ring.”

Alone, Lacey closed her eyes and turned away from the crowd to gather her rational mind. What was her problem? She was starting to question if she knew herself at all. The Lacey that she thought she knew for, well just her entire life, would have forgot about Devlin Sinn right after she slapped him across the face for his despicable proposition. This unknown Lacey that felt foreign yet so familiar was intoxicated by the flurry inside her stomach at the thought of this creature touching her. She was aroused by the blatant honest, raw, crude, nature of his proposal. For some reason it brought out her primal instincts that she didn’t know were there.

Lacey turned around making up her mind, finally. She paused when she didn't see Devlin at the table he'd been at all evening serving as the revolving door for females. Lacey wiped her hands down her pink skirt. Maybe he'd already found someone to take him up on his offer. Lacey pulled her eyebrows together adjusting a flower bouquet. She couldn't explain why the thought of Devlin Sinn making his indecent proposal to another woman irritated her. That's what he was good at, seemed born to do, irritate her.

Lacey smiled and nodded at a woman that had been coming to her event ever since she started hosting it on Valentine's day five years ago.

The damn man was impossible! Even considering his offer was insane but Lacey couldn't get it off her mind. Hooking up after one too many drinks was one thing but making the conscious, sober decision to take a stranger, a tall dark and sexy stranger who screamed bad, home. A man who shouted, I am not boyfriend material don't you dare bring me home to meet your mother but… If you don’t put too many expectations on me, I will make your toes curl. I will make you forget who you are for one night. When you're with me there is only this one night.

Lacey spotted Devlin doing the Devil's work on an unsuspecting curly-haired redhead  in a tight green dress that hugged every curve. Devlin found Lacey's eyes while he whispered something into the woman's ear. A smirk pulled the corners of his lips those dark eyes a black hole that Lacey got sucked into. She wasn't sure when she told her body to go to him but the next thing she knew she tapped the woman on the shoulder.

“Happy hour specials started at the bar.” Lacey pushed tickets at the woman. “First two drinks are free.”

Hesitantly, the woman took the ticket and backed away from Devlin.

Lacey poked a finger into Devlin’s chest and glared up at him the sparkle in his eyes making her blood heat. “Peddling the same bag of tricks?”

“You were my first choice but I'm willing to settle.”

Lacey frowned retrieving her finger looking dumbfounded at the man. Her friend's advice rolled around in her mind. “V-Valentine’s day is supposed to be about love.”

Devlin smiled showing his white teeth. “Oh, I believe in that.” He took Lacey's hand massaging the palm with his thumb. He pulled her close by the small of her back with his other hand . “I will make you fall in love with your own desire.” Devlin’s  warm breath tickled Lacey’s ear. “I will make you fall in love with your own moans, screams, fantasies.” The devilish man ran his fingers up Lacey's spine her body arching into his.

Lacey was aware of her body craving his touch on every exposed and hidden inch of her flesh with his hands, his lips, his tongue. Lacey shivered her breathing shallow and difficult.

“I'll make it easy on you. All you have to do is say yes.”

Lacey looked up at Devlin those eyes swimming with desire, need, want... for her. Lacey licked her lips his dark eyes fell to her mouth. She bit her bottom lip knowing what she wanted but fighting with her rational, modest mind. When Lacey met Devlin's gaze again his eyes were fire his nostrils flared. Lacey shivered averting her eyes to his chest with a nod of her head.

“I need you to say the word.” Devlin pulled Lacey’s body flush with his, possessive as if he already had claim on her.

Lacey moaned barely recognizing her own voice as the she signed her soul away with one word.


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