|9| BIG BARK BIG BITE |:| (***Unedited Draft***)

Even with Blake and Jade on his flanks, Jason was struggling to keep the uneasy feeling from tumbling through him. Some might think it was the connection he had with Ianca since they shared each other’s bodies, but he knew it was something else.

Something just wasn’t lining up and it was driving his sixth sense wild. He hung back to allow her the space she needed to put on her show, but he was ever vigilant. Watching, waiting. He rubbed his leg the damn thing reacting to the rain lingering in the air that evening. It was abnormal considering rain passed by fast typically in LA, but that night it was sticking around and causing him issue.

He couldn’t allow that to distract him. He wouldn’t even let the tense, unease between him and Ian get to him either. He could give two fucks what the man thought about him or the relationship he had with Ianca. At the end and beginning of the day he was there to make sure she got home safe.

He was leading the security team that day. An hour before she arrived, Jade led the sweep team. Blake spent most of his time at the door with metal detectors and hands on pat downs. K-9 units from General Kendawall and a few other officers from his unit were in the crowd dressed as party goers. Every exit including the roof was monitored and manned. It was Fort KNox, but he still wanted her safe in his arms in his home far away from all this chaos.

His chest tightened when she came out the back dressing room. She was in her uniform, as she called it. Her hair was lylac purple and done up in a big bun. She was wearing a skin tight iredescent catsuit and had long silver lashes to match pink and purple eyeshadows.

“That’s good Marcy. Go the VIP section I’ll be up in a minute.” She said to the MUA. THe woman nodded and did what she was told.

She exhaled and looked him in the eyes. “How is everything?”

“No one’s getting in unless they have an invite. All recipients have been vetted thoroughly. Dare I say, you’re safe.”

Her face broke out into a big smile. She ran her hand down his chest the simple motion sent his body into a tight wadded mess. “Thank you.”

“Just doing my job.”

“Still.” She looped her fingers in the top of his pants and pulled herself against him before looking up in his face. “Maybe after this we can--”

“Ianca we’re on live. Time to go.”

Jason ushered her toward the cameras with a hand on the small of her back. He watched her come alive in front of the camera. His scanned, watched, he blocked some people coming up for photo ops. There was scheduled time for that later. He joined Jade and Blake in the VIP section. They were all linked up with communication devices. Everyone was checking in as scheduled.

“Relax Major.” Jade said, leaning into his unoccupied ear. “You’re not alone in this one.”

He smirked at the woman titled in her own right. She joined his unit on a special ops mission. She was a force and she looked it. Over six feet tall and solidly built. She had a pretty face, medium brown skin and black hair that she always kept pulled back in a sleek bun.

It was comforting, but he was a worrier not to be confused with a warrior. The way Ianca looked at him like he was Achilles, like he was invincible made him painfully aware of his own shortcomings. He rubbed his leg. He didn’t want to start taking the medication again, but it was a distraction.

After what felt like an eternity, relief washed Jason when the antics were over and Ianca proclaimed she’d done all she needed and was ready to go.

She wrapped an arm around his middle and he frowned pulling the appendage from around him.

She looked up at him mischief in her face.

He frowned down at the woman but that didn’t seem to sway her mischief.

The party still waged on, but they were heading out the back of the club to the car that was on its way. Jade was on the microphone with Blake who was meeting them out back. Jade paused once she opened the back door.

“Monty?!” She dove on the ground next to an unconscious guard.

Jason’s blood started pumping through his body and he moved Ianca behind him. Someone grabbed his arm and pulled him out into the alley. He rolled gathering his wits quickly before charging at the person.


He was missing at the party!

The man released Ianca when Jason tackled him into the brick wall. The two men scuffled. Jason winced when the man kicked his injured leg twice. He grabbed the appendage his eyes darting around to find Ianca.

“Where’s the car?” The wheels on the car squealed to a stop in the alley. “Get her out of here!” Jason instructed to Jade doging a fist to the face.

“I’m not leaving you Major.”

“NOW! GO!” Jason grabbed his middle when he felt the sharp sting of a razer making contact. “GET HER OUT OF HERE!” He could hear Ianca’s refusal to cooperate as Blake struggled getting her in the car but he couldn’t dwell on it. He grabbed the man’s wrist before he could cause serious damage with the weapon.

The squealing tires signaled the car’s departure.

The man kicked Jason’s leg again bringing him to his knees.

“You couldn’t just let things pan out could you? You had to get involved. I’m her manager and I couldn’t even get in that damn party.”

“Were you on the list?” Jason asked, wiping blood from his lip.

He kicked Jason in the head. He laid on his back looking up at the black sky. A kick to his rib stopped him from getting up. The man kneeled next to Jason with the knife held above his head. “My brother gets away with everything. He gets everything and I am just a replaceable cog in his machine. Taking her from him would have been--”

The man choked on his words when the loud sound of gunfire filled the late night air.

Jason looked in the direction of the sound and from the shadows saw Ian with the smoking gun. Two more shots, one to the head and the other the chest and Adrian slumped over dead on the alley pavement.

Ian directed the gun at Jason. “I should kill you.” He stated plainly cocking the weapon.

Jason laid there looking up at the man waiting for the decision to be made behind his dilated eyes.

“I can understand loyalty to country and to family. No matter what these bastards say, Ianca is my family. Shitheads like me don’t get what we want in this life and we’re bound to be fleas in the next so I take the moments I can.” He uncocked the gun and stored it before offering his hand to Jason. “I cherish her over all else. She’s young and innocent to the darkness we’ve seen. You’re one of the better men left. You know what the right thing to do by her is. Don’t make me regret this moment, Major.”



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