|7| CHERISHED ASSET |:| (***Unedited Drafts***)

Life came back to Ianca in slow languid moments of rippled consciousness. She stretched then froze with her arms extended when a low grumble sounded behind her. A hairy arm slid around her middle and pulled her back  against a solid form.

She glanced over her shoulder to see her sexy Major deep in slumber again. His typically worried, serious brow was relaxed. He looked so at peace. The hazy blue that struggle in through the windows brought her to the realization that it was in the wee hours of the morning. Why did she feel so awake. She felt like she finally rested after decades of sleeping but not truly resting.

She didn’t recognize the surroundings. She remembered the couch, being snuggled on his lap while he told stories of his time overseas. She couldn’t recall the stories, but his heavy voice lulled her into a deep and fulfilling rest.

She propped herself up on her arms and gazed down at the man next to her. In the strange pending light of day he looked surreal. Her was handsome and terrifying and for some reason that excited her. She remembered his skills and how he fought with precision, with purpose to get to her.

She turned in his arms and faced him taking in his dark thick eyebrows, wide mouth, dimpled chin. His dark lashes laid fanned out on his cheeks. What some girls wouldn’t give to have those lashes.

She placed a hand on his chest feeling the slight give of his strong muscles under her palm. She slid her hand down over the cloth of the tshirt hugging his body. She wanted to touch his bare skin. Did he have chest hair? Probably. Dark just like the hair on his arms.

She slipped her hand up his shirt and closed her eyes when she made contact with hot smooth skin, the indent of a belly button.

He moaned and turned on his back with an arm around her to keep her cradled at his side. His breathing deepened again and she kept moving her hand up his torso until she made contact with course curls. She let the strands flow around her fingers.

She squealed when she was pulled on top of him. Her legs draped on either side of him and she pushed up to straddle him. His heavy hands were resting on her hips holding her down on his lap.

She gasped when she felt him under her. Even through the fabric of his sweatpants, his erection was unmistakable. She was only wearing the flannel shirt she borrowed from him after her shower. She groaned and rocked her hips against him. His fingers tightened stilling her.

She looked down and found half opened grey eyes looking up at her under furrowed brows. “Jason,” she whined, pushing up his shirt to see the dark hair that coated his chest.

She leaned into his touch when one hand cradled her cheek. She turned her face slightly to kiss his palm and he combed his fingers into her mass of wild curls before pulling her face down to meet his.

He freed her hips when his remaining hand slid up to her waist. She took this as permission to let her body do what it willed. She rocked her hips against him  reveling in the feel of him growing under her. She picked up her pace excitement filling her at the notion of finally claiming the man for herself.

She broke their kiss and started pulling down the pants while kissing the length of his body. Before she could make it to her desired destination, he grabbed her up and pulled her under him. He claimed her mouth while he undid the buttons on the flannel shirt.

She arched toward him when he cupped first one then the other breast. He suckled one nipple into his mouth sending shards of pleasure sprinting to her brain. He formed his hands to her sides and kissed his way down her body until he came to her sex, spread wide for his pleasure.

“Mmmm,” he moaned. “You’re so beautiful.” He kissed her lower lips and the sensation made her grip the sheets next to her. He licked up her sex then sucked the sensitive bud in his mouth before rolling his tongue along the length of the hardening bit of flesh.

She was losing her senses her fingers rubbed his head, hips rotated, the licking flames claimed the back of her head about ready to consume her, end her, begin her she couldn’t tell.

“Oh, oh my gah--” Her body shook with the sensation of coming up done from the ground up like an earthquake shakes a building with one single purpose: for it to crumble to pieces.

While she was trying to regain the bits of her sane mind, he retrieved a condom from a side table somewhere, and was resting between her legs, laying feathered kisses on her cheeks, eyelids, the corner of her mouth. His fingers we toying with the coily hair. He stroked her cheek and her chest tightened when she opened her eyes enough to see his face deep in thought as he explored her. She frowned them realizing her stole her chance to taste him. She’d been so lost in the sensation of his skillful mouth that she almost forgot he stopped her before she could--

She gasped when he slid part way in her. Her hands clasped around his waist and she opened her legs further wanting more. Needing all of him.

He angled her hips granting him deep access and finished his intrusion.

Her breath caught when he pulled out and pushed back inside with a grimace.

Her mouth fell open when his strokes picked up. Her mind wandered to the continuous stimulation, to the continuous satiation that always seemed to want more.

She opened her eyes when his hot mouth closed around her nipple and his tongue flicked the hard nub. That sensation piled on with the rest making her tingle in preparation for another explosion.   



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