|4| FOAM ALONE |:| (***Unedited Draft***)

Navigating the winding curves of the Hollywood Hills gave Jason a lot of time to think over the information he dug up about his target. Ianca Clarke was born to a struggling single mother in Northern California. The woman gave her up for adoption a couple years after birth to a wealthy couple who lived in Malibu. The husband died leaving his widow and Ianca more than well off. She always seemed to be a good student. Went to the best private schools, even attended college at Stanford where she got a bachelor's degree in communications. Suppose that set her up to be the social networking princess of the free world.

It was interesting to note that despite her wealthy upbringing, it didn’t appear that her businesses were funded by her adoptive mother.

Charities, fund raisers, gaylas to support education in inner cities. She was, in the media’s lense a spoiled princess, but on paper rather giving and thoughtful.

He started paying attention to the surroundings the closer he got to the hillside mansion. There should have been guards physically at the entrance, with metal detectors to scan cars before letting them in the gate. There should have been units walking the perimeter with dogs. The dogs alone would ward off a lot of criminals.

After announcing who he was the gate opened and he drove in. It was hours before the event was starting which was a good thing. At least that way he could get some of this weak security taken care of. It wasn’t going to be an easy task.

The door was opened, no security to speak of.


He took a sobering breath when he saw the pretty woman descending the stairs. Her hair was long and bubble gum pink. Half was up in a large bun on top her head the rest flowing down right above her shapely butt. He focused a calm gaze on her face and not the tight, shiny, rainbow spandex shorts and tiny white crop top hugging her body.

“So what’s your professional opinion?” She asked spreading out her arms.

He frowned and cleared his throat looking at her outfit but trying not to stare. “I don’t think I’m qualified.”

She laughed, bringing his attention to the contrast of the cotton candy blue lipstick with her bronzed skin. “Not my outfit. The place.”

He frowned looking around. There were security issues everywhere he didn’t begin to know where to start. “I’d have to take a look around to come up with a detailed opinion, but upon first entry there’s not enough security. The gate should be manned. There should be dogs and people walking the outer and inner perimeter.”

She nodded. “That’s what I told Adrian.” She waved him to follow her. “After what happened at the club, I’m--” She stopped short and faced him. He halted as to not walk into the woman. She looked up at him with her strange looking green contacts. “I’m scared.” She leaned in and whispered.

He frowned and looked around at the people working diligently to get the place set up.

“I don’t want to worry the staff of course, but I’m concerned.”

“You should be. THe threat the other night could be just a rough, crazed person high out their mind, but  he was skilled. No hesitation when he stabbed the first guard. He seemed like he was on a mission.”

She nodded. “You don’t have to convince me. What do I need to do?”

He frowned. “I’m afraid we don’t have the time to get this place in the shape I would like, but there are a few things I could suggest. In the meantime, I’ll be lurking close by.”

She smiled. “I feel safer already. Do whatever you can. I’ll make sure Adrian stays out of your way--” She was interrupted by someone asking her something about the party set up. The foam machine was brought in and started filling the place up with foam.

He got to work right away calling in favors to get a couple K-9 units, extra bodies and bomb sweeping equipment. He was hoping the meager implementations would detour any trouble.

Seemed like minutes after he got his small team assembled that people started coming in flocks. Cars were lined up down the road which made the party stretch that far. Camera teams, hair and make-up were following after Ianca as she put on her show broadcasting her event to the world.

Jason’s eyes scanned the surroundings, scanned the guests who were over indulging in rich food, drink, and other substances. It wa hard to see a lot of the activity because of the foam, but the occasional copulating couple or group didn’t go unnoticed.

Ianca’s startled scream is what brought Jason to full attention. He directed one of the other guards to take a woman that was falling all over Ianca. He didn’t see the assailant coming out of the foam.  He grabbed her and tucked her behind him, then dodged a knife coming for his gut. He winced when the knife sliced thorugh his hand. He smashed the back of the man’s head with an elbow then body slammed him on the ground.

Ianca came from behind him and dove on the ground in tears pressing her hands on the bleeding woman’s stomach.

“Call the police!” She shouted. “No!” She shouted when Jason picked her up away from the woman.

He caught another assailant that grazed his side with a knife. His breath caught in his chest when Ianca screamed because she was wrestling with  another attacker that came out of the foam.

Screams sounded thorugh out the space and the stampeded of drunk people started. He was no longer interested in hostages. He snapped the man’s neck who was holding him up. Several other guards were taking down the man that was on Ianca. She crawled out of the fray only to get stepped on by a screaming person trying to escape. He tossed the person off her and grabbed her up.

“We have to get you out of here.”

She nodded her face burried in his shirt.

He carried her out the back way down to the garage that had a secret exit that led down the mountain on an old goat herders road.

He buckled her in his jeep and hopped in the driver’s side.

“Where should I take you?”

She shrugged. “Somewhere safe.”



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