|3| MAJOR DISOBEDIENCE |:| (Unedited Draft)

Jason stared at the man that attacked Ianca’s guard. He was handcuffed to the table, calm unmoved. They thought he was a junky at first, but after two days of being locked up, he was still calm, quiet, unmoved.

He knew without the coming prognosis that the man was a professional. Made to look like a crazed fan, but the man was anything but. The question that Jason really had was why, after all this time would they want Ianca dead.  

“You call that playing nice Major?” Jason’s superior, General Kindewell, took a strong stand next to Jason with his hands clasped behind his back. Politics were the man’s calling. Leadership was the man’s gift. He was careful, calculated, but observant and willing to change as change was needed. The loyalty and respect that Jason had for the man was unmatched. If they’d have sent anyone else to scrape him out of retirement it wouldn’t have worked. All the General had to say was he needed Jason and he was already on his way.

“I’m a black ops special agent as well you know considering you trained me. That was as soft as we come.” The older man tried to hold back a smile. Jason turned his attention back to the issue on the other side of the glass.

“Has anyone talked to him?” He nodded toward the man sitting on the other side of the two way mirror staring straight ahead.

“Yeah, they had a few gos at him. Ran his prints, name of the id in his wallet, dental records, everything and got nothing. He’s a ghost which we know what that means.” The older man turned to Jason. “They don’t like that you’re mixed up in this. Not that I have doubts, but it’s hard for the others to tell who to trust with all the money floating around.”

Jason frowned. “Sir, you gave me a mission and I have every intention of delivering. Sitting around in a car like a stalker taking pictures will get us nowhere with these people.”

The door slammed behind them.

“It’s protocol hot wheels.” The agent whose name Jason didn’t bother committing to memory turned to his managing agent. “I was doing everything by the book, Captain. It’s obvious she’s in league with Ian.”

“If it were obvious she’d been arrested already.” Jason interjected with a calm that made the man clench his fists at his side.

“Obvious as in apparent not easy to prove.”

“Obvious as in your lazy police work proves that’s the easiest way to end the case. NOthing puts the two together. Not paper trails, no images of them, nothing in her past says they even have any idea the other exists. It’s very possible we’re chasing our tails with this.”

“I heard it on good authority that--

The FBI Captain took a deep breath and focused on General Kindewell. “We’ve been collecting data on this case for three years. We can’t jeopardize that effort. I’m getting pressure with the recent connection of Ianca to Ian Sokalov to shake something loose fast if there’s anything to shake. We pulled you in for your discretion not to have your guy put us on their radar.”

“Captain I assure you Major Delaney will deliver.”

Jason brought his focus back to the psychopath sitting in the interrogation room while the two leads went head to head. Truth was, if they didn’t need the help they wouldn’t have called the military in. It was just a dick slinging contest and he wasn’t interested. “He’s the enemy.” THe room fell silent. Jason turned to face the others. “He knows something. Hand him over to General Kindewell. We’ll get some answers.”

“That’s not by the book--”

Jason cut the mite off. “The book was written by diplomats. Even they understood some pages needed to be burned to catch the bad guy.” He turned his attention on the Captain. “Let me go get your bad guy.”

Before he could get his foot out the pretty woman’s club, command was down his back. The little rat FBI agent he was paired with didn’t waste any time tattle telling. There was the difference in training. Jason and his unit was a no ask no tell kind of crew. Even if you asked there would be as few words as possible if any depending on who was doing the asking.

There was silence before Jason’s commanding officer spoke. “Bad girl Major and don’t forget that fact. She’s skilled at what she does if she is who they think. We have to treat her like the brains behind the operation. From your report on the first night you made contact she seems capable. No one, not CIA, FBI, interpol none of them have been able to corner her because she’s good. She’s trained and don’t let her pretty face tell you otherwise.”

Or she wasn’t the brains behind the operation. The way she handled the attack at her club told him that she’d seen blood and death before. Enough to act calm in the face of it all and detached enough to continue on with her business. Cold calculated.

Jason laughed out loud. “When have I ever been the type to be swayed by a woman’s whiles?”

The gruff older man laughed to. “I had to warn you. Like I said, she’s good.”

“But I’m better. That’s why you pulled me out of retirement, right?”

“You bet your sweet ass Major.” THe man cleared his throat. “My hands are tied on this one in an official capacity, but if you need anything let me know and I’ll get you what you need.”

“What I need is to get to this securty duty. I can’t miss my window. I’m apart of her hand appointed guard now. There’s a party that I have to work.”

“You know Major, I’m surprised really. Hands on in the field and infiltration. I never knew that was apart of your skill set.”

He shrugged. “I didn’t either.” They both laughed.

“Even so. Even if she’s not the threat she’s got someone gunning for her. You can’t be too careful.”

“Yes, sir. I know, sir.”



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