|2| COINCIDENCES DON’T EXIST |:| (Unedited Draft)

It had to be sometime after midnight and the party was in full swing. The girls were in a lower level VIP keeping the party going while Jason was in the VIP sitting on a couch with security on every side of him with crossed arms as if he were the cause for all the chaos.

“I don’t like this. Does this not seem a little coincidental to you?” Jason’s ears perked up when he heard the alluring woman’s voice join the heated conversation right outside the VIP door.

“This is not a discussion. I want answers not speculations.”

The door opened and in walked Ianca and a man who was several years her senior. He was tall and slender with peppered hair that was styled in accordance with his crisp grey suit.

Ianca stood off near the glass window that looked out over the party below while the other man stood directly in front of Jason. Jason looked up at the man from under his lashes.

“What does ex military want in our nightclub?”

Jason leaned back on the couch. He looked around casually. “See as how things were handled I was hoping to get a job that pays better than the FBI.”

The man frowned but quickly suppressed his purpose. “You’re FBI?”

“Nah, but they want me to be. Personally they pay shit and I’m in need of the extra cash. If you’re willing to buy them out that is.”

Jason grimaced when a familiar pain ricocheted in his mind when the man punched him in the jaw then grabbed his collar. “I smell a rat.”

Jason glared up at the man. “Funny. I do too.”

“I want him.”

Both men’s attention fell on Ianca who was still gazing out the window. She looked back at them over her shoulder. The sharply dressed man let Jason go. “I’m not putting him in charge of your security detail. We don’t know him.”

“Then he’ll be my personal security.”


“This isn’t a discussion, Adrian.”

“Your father--”

“Gets to filter my security. Yes. But my personal detail is my personal detail. He has no control.”

“He has reason for what he does.”

“I know.” Her gaze fell back out the window. “I have my reasons too.”

“You force me to be the bearer of this unwelcome news? He will not like this.”

She turned to face them with her hands clasped behind her back. Jason’s breath almost caught in his throat. She might only be in her mid twenties, but she had the measured calm of someone in their forties or fifties. She put on to be some air head, but he saw a fierce business woman in her. “If he has a problem then he can say it himself, in person.”

The man exhaled. “You know he can’t.”

She shrugged. “Then there is no problem. This is my life and I want him. Now, leave me. All of you. I want to talk to the Major on my own.”

“I advise against this--”

“Noted. Now go.”

The air didn’t get lighter when the room cleared. In fact, it gave Jason a more clear visual of the woman he was to be looking after. She was dolled up with the make-up that made her skin look like liquid. Over the top glittery pink eye shadow and full glossed lips. Her dense curls were pulled into an elaborate display on her head. She set in the chair across from him giving nothing away. “You’ve an impressive file Major. I know you’re loyal to your country, but I hope under my employ that you’ll be as loyal to me.”

He nodded unable to look away. Was he caught in some kind of trance? Maybe he couldn’t stop the series of thoughts and gut feelings that were telling him that she needed him.

“I have a foam party in a couple days to promote my liquor brand. It will be held at one of my mansions and there will be a lot of people. As you saw from today. Not everyone likes me.” She presented a charming practiced saucy smile. “I need you there. I need you to be vigilant and focused. Like you were tonight.” She stood up and made her way over to a shelf tucked away in an alcove. “Ice?”

He shook his head.

She smirked and turned her attention back to her task. “You like it straight.” She sauntered back over with two glasses of dark liquid and handed him one before sipping the other.

His mouth started to water at the liquid in the glass. “Cognac. I took you for an Arbor Mist kind of woman.”

She smiled. “Most do.” She leaned back in the chair and crossed her legs. “When I’m not drinking Vodka with my father, I prefer the dark, rich, deep flavors that play in cognac.”

He liked her. He shouldn’t. It wasn’t wise. Maybe this was how she stayed off the radar. She was obviously charming and charismatic. She wouldn’t have grown such a following if she wasn’t. She was alluring, wise, intelligent and he saw that. He fought it in his head because he knew he couldn’t afford to have an opinion about the woman when he had a mission.

“I’ll have you know. I don’t believe in coincidences. I was raised better than that. Please, don’t allow the camera flashes to allude you into thinking I don’t see this is all a backdrop. A stage set meant to fool the fool who can’t see the its all an act.”

“I didn’t think that for a second.”

The corner of her mouth lifted before she put the glass to her painted lips and sipped. “Then we’ll get on just fine. Now, tell me what the FBI wants with me?”

“They think you’re a criminal mastermind.”

She laughed but it didn’t reach her dark eyes. “You think that?”

He shrugged. “Doesn’t matter to me if the price is right.”

“It should matter because that would make your job more dangerous.”

“From what I saw tonight it’s dangerous no matter. Often celebrities get the worse of it. Fans can be rabid good or rabid bad. Rabid, out of control and on who knows what is the same.”

She smirked her dark eyes catching the dim lighting bringing forward the rich browns that made up her irises. “They didn’t mention how handsome you were in your profile and the picture doesn’t do you any justice.”

He swallowed and set up taller. A trick he learned from his commanding officer when you were caught off guard. “Is that a qualification to protect you? A chiseled jawline?”

She laughed out loud her pretty eyes glistening with humor. “No, it’s a welcome perk though.”

He knew where this was heading. He saw the mischief in her eyes. “I’m a professional. Can’t keep a knife out of you if I’m distracted.”

She set the glass on a small round table next to her chair. “I can respect that.” She leaned forward. “There’s no need for paperwork. I pay cash. I’ll send a car friday to pick you up.”



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