Lacey's Sinn

Lacey's Sinn Cover

Novella: from the Devil's Sinn M.C. Series
"“If you don't believe in Valentine's day then why are you here?”

“To tempt you with something tangible.”
|[COMPLETE UNEDITED DRAFT:  Rated "M" for Mature]|


Every year Lacey Diaz hosts a singles meet and greet. An atypical guest clad in black leather and tattoos rolls in fresh off his motorcycle.
Instead of a romantic dinner, red roses and a box of chocolates, rough, crass and cynical Devlin Sinn offers Lacey a lust-filled night of unbridled passion.
Lacey's prudish instincts guide her to resist the Devil. However, Devlin's knack for knowing exactly what to say to make Lacey fuming mad, may even make her mad enough to take him up on his offer.
|1|When The Devil Comes Knocking
“Not there.” Lacey Diaz grabbed the young man who was setting up the hors d'oeuvres and guided him to an adjacent table. “They go here. Over to the right a little. A little more. Yes that's good, perfect. We need plates. Daria!” Lacey pointed to a young woman hanging streamers. “Put the ice breaker cards on each table and don't forget the table clothes.”
“Hey Lace.” Rita slung her coat over the bar stool at the small bistro table as Lacey leaned into a cheek kiss from her best friend Rita.
“Ah ah Ree. Coat gets hung up.”
Rita curled her upper lip and threw her coat over her forearm. “Has anyone ever told you that you're bossy?”
“Everyday and I call them team members. You're late by the way. I need someone to finish lighting the candles on the table.”
“This is what you get for free labor lady, okay? 'Sides I had to get ready, all of this doesn’t just happen. And you mami. You need to loosen up." Rita looked around. "People are already starting to show up already? Is the thirst real or am I just being critical?”
“Rita Hernandez stop judging my fellow lonesome, hopeful souls and help me finish setting up.”
Rita shrugged. “Who would have thought this little singles thing would gain so much momentum.”
“Rumor has it that Claire Grier will stop through to write about it in Hot in Town magazine. So everything has to be perfect.”
Rita rolled her eyes. “Claire or no Claire you'd want everything to be perfect anyway. Since things are taking off sounds like somebody's paying my rent this month.”
“Do you have a sugar daddy I didn't know about?” Lacey fixed a streamed that was a little off center.
“A new sugar mama and her name starts with a 'L' and ends with an 'acey'.” Rita laughed bumping Lacey with her hip then strolled to the closet to hang her coat.
Almost an hour later Lacey was re-straightening up some messed up flyers when a commotion by the door caught her attention.
“You can't park your bike on the sidewalk!”
Lacey already knew who that voice belonged to. Maggie, the lady who owned the organic soaps store next door to the art gallery that Lacey held her Valentine's Day event. The first year, Maggie attended the singles Valentine's Day meet and greet and had a terrible experience with some guy who robbed her after they...were intimate. Been giving Lacey hell ever since.
“Then give me a ticket.”
A chill ran down Lacey's spine. She didn't know that voice. The entire room seemed to be at a stand still all eyes on the door.
“I'll do you one better. I'll have you towed!” Maggie didn't sound put off by the man's low menacing voice.
“You can try.”
Lacey still had her back to the door. She didn't want to see who that voice belonged to because she was sure her panties would dissolve. Lacey scolded herself. That is not something she would think. That's something Rita would think, say and then put into action. Lacey placed her hand on her chest and took a deep breath noticing she hadn't been breathing. Lacey got her mind right before turning toward the problem, she brushed her hands down her skirt and cleared her throat.
Lacey’s mouth went dry at the sight of the creature that was standing next to Maggie. Maybe a better word was towering over Maggie. He had to be well over six feet, dark short cropped hair, his eyes were shielded by his dark eyebrows. A five o'clock shadow brushed over his strong jawline a smirk pulled up the corner of his lips or was that a scowl? Black leather hugged every part of his lean form.
Lacey made her way to the pair throwing a confident smile to her uneasy guests. Before Lacey got to the door Lacey turned to the room.
“Please everyone carry on with your engrossing conversations. Just a little hiccup.”
Conversation started buzzing around the room again, but Lacey could tell everyone's attention was on the conflict at the door. Or should she say the devil at the door. Lacey tried to ignore how god awfully handsome the man was. When his eyes settled on her a hot ball traced every inch of her skin leaving her feeling tingly all over.
Lacey cleared her throat.
“Maggie. Good to see you again.”
The woman scoffed crossing her arms over her chest. “You're the worst liar I know.”
“Oh come now Maggie, I invite you every year.” Lacey placed a hand on the small of Maggie’s back and led the woman further inside. Lacey glared back at the man intent on giving him a good tongue lashing momentarily. Lacey showed Maggie all the new things that were added since the woman last attended five years ago before introducing Maggie to an accountant that worked at the same company Lacey did.
Lacey wasn't sure how, but Maggie’s conversation took off with the accountant which was when Lacey saw fit to seek out her troublesome guest. It wasn't difficult to spot him with his height and that midnight hair.
The man caught Lacey's eyes and didn't look away. The woman he was talking to looked over her shoulder and saw Lacey, raised a well groomed eyebrow, and walked away.
Lacey stood toe to toe with the man and crossed her arms angling her face up to look him in the eyes. His gaze fell to her chest then his dark eyes met hers again mischief swimming in them.
“You don't look like the sort that would come to these things.”
“And what sort do I look like?” A smirk curled the corner of his lips.
Trouble. Damn sexy, would-never-even-think-of-mentioning-you-to-my-mother-trouble. “The sort that hangs out in a biker bar.”
The man smiled with just his lips and shrugged. “Not too far off.”
“What are you doing here Mr…?”
Lacey raised an eyebrow. “Cute. What's your real name?”
“Does it matter?”
Lacey frowned adjusting her weight in her stilettos. “Of course, all guests have to sign-” Lacey's breath caught in her throat when Mr. Sinn cleared the space between them in one step and pulled Lacey to him by the small of her back. She always thought of herself as a feminine woman. An independent and strong woman never inferior; however, in that moment she was too aware that he was man and she was woman. They were unequal and for some reason she felt like the rabbit and he was the fox.
He was so close she could smell the whisper on his skin that was his cologne as it soaked into the soft matter of her brain setting off every hormone she had that told her to taste every inch of this man's body.
“Devlin Sinn.” He whispered trailing a finger down her spine. Lacey shivered words having no place in her cluttered mind. “I came to fuck you.” Lacey pulled away meeting those dark eyes her eyebrows knit as she tried to understand what he was saying.
Lacey hated the desire that wound its way through her body. When his words found understanding Lacey slapped him across the face, turned and walked away.
Minutes later Lacey found herself pacing back and forth in the hall that led to the bathroom. When did she lose control here? This was absurd! She should have kicked his ass out the moment she saw him standing in the doorway arguing with Maggie.
Lacey stopped pacing, pasted on a fake smile and stood against the wall when three women funneled in the hallway and into the bathroom.
Lacey took a deep breath and headed back out into what felt like the wild unknown. The place was thick with people. Lacey stopped a server with a tray of hors d'oeuvres.
“Make sure you're rotating the trays. Don't leave the dairy out too long.”
The young man nodded and continued on his way. Lacey tried to stay focused on her hosting duties, but she found herself searching for the devilish man. Lacey retied a ribbon on the back of a chair, fixed a servers bow tie, and rearranged doylee coasters on six tables. Her mind was not on the tasks at hand. What were the odds of his name being the freaking king of everything bad and wicked and…
“Is there a Devlin Sinn on the list Connie?” Lacey was at the front now where a coworker volunteered to sign guests in and take the cash.
“Uh, just a minute.” Connie finished a transaction with three handsome well dressed men before pulling up the gusts list. “Oh, yep, right here.”
Lacey grunted. How dare he toss the rock in the pond. Coming right out and blurting out his intentions? It was insulting. Who did Devlin Sinn think he was?
Like she was some slutty chick.
Lacey spotted Devlin standing at one of the bistro tables talking to a pretty blond woman. Lacey couldn't stand it any more. She loathed her feet that carried her over to him.
Lacey placed a flyer on the small bar height table that the blonde woman, who was talking to Devlin abandoned. “It’s obvious you’re on the prowl. How's the hunt going so far?”
Devlin adjusted his lean on the table with a shrug. “ ‘Pends.”
“On what?” Lacey chanced a glance at the man from under her lashes.
“Your answer to my proposal.”
“I thought my answer to your question, that wasn’t a question, was clear when I slapped you across the face.”
“I wouldn't call that an answer. I would call that a reaction.” Devlin adjusted him casual lean on the bistro table.
Lacey leaned closer to Devlin a mistake that she’d pay for later, and whisper her words with venomous calm. “What sort of woman do I look like?”
“You kind of look like a school teacher.” The Devil smiled his dark eyes dancing.

“Nothing sexier than teaching an educator.”
Lacey’s buoyant chest enraged her. She pressed her finger on her collarbone hoping the heat she was feeling wasn’t showing on her skin. “You certainly aren't here looking for a relationship. You probably don't even believe in Valentine's Day do you?” Lacey changed the topic. She should have walked away and stayed away but she couldn't...or wouldn't….she wasn't sure.
“Oh, I believe that Valentine's Day is the most lucrative scam on the market. But hell, what better way to meet women who are already high on an illusion?”
Lacey frowned. “If you don't believe in Valentine's day then why are you here?”
“To tempt you with something tangible.”
Lacey smirked. She knew plenty of men like Devlin Sinn there was nothing different about him. “You're afraid of love aren't you, Devlin Sinn?”
“Nope.” He adjusted his lean on the table between them. “You hide behind it like it's some damn prince on a white horse come to rescue you. Ain't nothing but bullshit if I ain't smelled it before.”
“Hide?! I've no reason to be scared.”
“Sure you do.” He gestured around them. “Everything planned down to the tee. Every doylee, every ribbon, every streamer. You're afraid of being out of control.”
Lacey was surprised he knew the word doylee. “That's what love is being out of control and I love love.”
“You covet love, true. But it's more appealing from far away.” He picked up a doylee and turned it around in his fingers.
Lacey was mesmerized by the way his long digits manipulated the fine fabric. The white lace material a stark contrast to his tattooed hands that looked rough from hard labor. She spotted dirt under his nails. Probably oil from working on motor bikes. There was something off putting about a man who was pristine clean. This man before her was ever temptation she never knew existed and she hated the battle that was waging on inside of her.
Lacey frowned glaring at Devlin. “I don't like you Devlin Sinn.”
“I'm not asking you to like me.” His mischievous eyes met hers.
“You're asking me to sleep with you aren't you?”
“There won’t be much sleeping going on. I'm asking you to fuck me and liking and fucking aren't mutually exclusive.”
“They are for me!” Lacey could feel her face getting hot. Why did she allow him to make her so upset. Did relationships mean nothing to him? How could he be so casual? How could she invoke this raw, animalistic need in a man? Maybe he wasn’t a man at all. He certainly wasn’t like any man she ever encountered before. Men before Devlin treated Lacey like a prize to be won not prey to be taken, consumed, devoured.
“That's your problem always a convenient excuse.”
Lacey clenched her fists at her sides. She wasn't sure why his words were making her so angry. Perhaps it wasn’t his words but how her body reacted.
Devlin leaned in to whisper in Lacey's ear. “Let me taste you. Let me make you cum.”
Lacey gasped when Devlin intercepted her arm before she could make contact with his cheek again.
Those dark eyes challenged her. The man's dark hair and eyebrows a shadowed temptation.
Lacey glared back refusing to back down, refusing to let him win. “Let my hand go.”
He did.
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|2| Signing Away Her Soul |


Rita sipped her martini. “I should just marry this bartender. Every year he just steals my heart.”

“Be serious Rita.” Lacey was pacing like a lion at a zoo near the side of the bar. The place was nearing uncomfortably packed. It was hot, damp and filled with great energy but Lacey couldn't even enjoy the success of the event. Her mind was racing flipping between frustration, curiosity and… something else she couldn’t put her finger on.

“Sounds like a damn good deal to me. When was the last time you got laid?” Lacey didn’t tear her eyes away from bartender while she talked.

Lacey exhaled annoyed with her friend. “Valentine's day is not about sex.”

“Why the hell not? Look this Devlin guy is handsome, sexy, brooding, mysterious…”

“Rude, uncouth, cynical…”

“And you so want to suck his cock right now.”

Lacey growled smacking her friend with a flyer. “I can't stand you! You're not helping.” Lacey used the flyer to fan herself.

“Cause you know I'm right. Look, you better get on him before one of these other thirsty females do.” Rita pushed up her breasts and glanced over at Lacey. “I'm going to talk to this bartender.”

“I think the bartender's married.”

Rita raised an eyebrow. “I don't see a ring.”

Alone, Lacey closed her eyes and turned away from the crowd to gather her rational mind. What was her problem? She was starting to question if she knew herself at all. The Lacey that she thought she knew for, well just her entire life, would have forgot about Devlin Sinn right after she slapped him across the face for his despicable proposition. This unknown Lacey that felt foreign yet so familiar was intoxicated by the flurry inside her stomach at the thought of this creature touching her. She was aroused by the blatant honest, raw, crude, nature of his proposal. For some reason it brought out her primal instincts that she didn’t know were there.

Lacey turned around making up her mind, finally. She paused when she didn't see Devlin at the table he'd been at all evening serving as the revolving door for females. Lacey wiped her hands down her pink skirt. Maybe he'd already found someone to take him up on his offer. Lacey pulled her eyebrows together adjusting a flower bouquet. She couldn't explain why the thought of Devlin Sinn making his indecent proposal to another woman irritated her. That's what he was good at, seemed born to do, irritate her.

Lacey smiled and nodded at a woman that had been coming to her event ever since she started hosting it on Valentine's day five years ago.

The damn man was impossible! Even considering his offer was insane but Lacey couldn't get it off her mind. Hooking up after one too many drinks was one thing but making the conscious, sober decision to take a stranger, a tall dark and sexy stranger who screamed bad, home. A man who shouted, I am not boyfriend material don't you dare bring me home to meet your mother but… If you don’t put too many expectations on me, I will make your toes curl. I will make you forget who you are for one night. When you're with me there is only this one night.

Lacey spotted Devlin doing the Devil's work on an unsuspecting curly-haired redhead  in a tight green dress that hugged every curve. Devlin found Lacey's eyes while he whispered something into the woman's ear. A smirk pulled the corners of his lips those dark eyes a black hole that Lacey got sucked into. She wasn't sure when she told her body to go to him but the next thing she knew she tapped the woman on the shoulder.

“Happy hour specials started at the bar.” Lacey pushed tickets at the woman. “First two drinks are free.”

Hesitantly, the woman took the ticket and backed away from Devlin.

Lacey poked a finger into Devlin’s chest and glared up at him the sparkle in his eyes making her blood heat. “Peddling the same bag of tricks?”

“You were my first choice but I'm willing to settle.”

Lacey frowned retrieving her finger looking dumbfounded at the man. Her friend's advice rolled around in her mind. “V-Valentine’s day is supposed to be about love.”

Devlin smiled showing his white teeth. “Oh, I believe in that.” He took Lacey's hand massaging the palm with his thumb. He pulled her close by the small of her back with his other hand . “I will make you fall in love with your own desire.” Devlin’s  warm breath tickled Lacey’s ear. “I will make you fall in love with your own moans, screams, fantasies.” The devilish man ran his fingers up Lacey's spine her body arching into his.

Lacey was aware of her body craving his touch on every exposed and hidden inch of her flesh with his hands, his lips, his tongue. Lacey shivered her breathing shallow and difficult.

“I'll make it easy on you. All you have to do is say yes.”

Lacey looked up at Devlin those eyes swimming with desire, need, want... for her. Lacey licked her lips his dark eyes fell to her mouth. She bit her bottom lip knowing what she wanted but fighting with her rational, modest mind. When Lacey met Devlin's gaze again his eyes were fire his nostrils flared. Lacey shivered averting her eyes to his chest with a nod of her head.

“I need you to say the word.” Devlin pulled Lacey’s body flush with his, possessive as if he already had claim on her.

Lacey moaned barely recognizing her own voice as the she signed her soul away with one word.


|3| Laying Claim to Body and Soul |
Lacey lit the last candle when her doorbell rang. She’d been keeping herself busy for the past… She checked the clock on her stove. Three hours waiting for Devlin Sinn to show up at her door.

Once Lacey agreed to his proposal, Devlin wanted to take Lacey to the bathroom to “start things off right”, but Lacey insisted she finish the event. Devlin disappeared soon after she accepted his proposal. This was insane she’d been telling herself for the past several hours.

Insane, and thrilling! She couldn’t remember how long it’d been since she felt… and... nervous. Why was she nervous?

What if she didn't fulfill his expectations of her? Did he even have expectations of her? She sure as hell had expectations of him! If a guy approaches you on some let's fuck bullshit he had better be damn good at it.

Lacey removed the apron, smoothed her hands over the little black dress that she changed into, and stepping in a pair of strappy black heels before she opened the door. Lacey's heart did a skillful somersault under her rib cage when she laid eyes on the dark, leather clad masterpiece that was the very definition of original sin.

Devlin shoved a box of chocolates and a single red rose at Lacey as he stepped through the door. She certainly wasn't expecting... Lacey frowned when she opened the box of chocolates and three quarters of the chocolates were missing.

“What? I got hungry.” Devlin shrugged taking in her apartment.

“ I made us dinner.” Lacey set the chocolates and the rose on the counter.

Lacey gasped, her body stiffened when two strong arms wrapped around her from behind.

“Why did you change clothes?” Devlin's warm breath whispered over Lacey's ear, neck. Her nipples tightened and her pussy throbbed yearning for his touch. His hand ran down the front of her little black dress, and up her thigh to the cusp of her sex. He massaged her there.

Lacey's head rolled back on Devlin's shoulder her legs growing weaker with every circle he made on the sensitive bud that dwelt there. Her silk panties felt rough against her flesh.

Lacey could feel it a taunting voice in the back of her head that threatened her resolve. It told her that she was going to have to release control. That she would have no choice but to let go. That this wicked man, that she let into her world would coax her into giving up control.

Lacey's breathing picked up even as Devlin's finger kept with their measured pace. “Relax Lacey. You already let me in. Now let go.”

What was she holding on control of again? God she couldn't remember. What if she let this man have control just this one time. Lacey moaned as the pressure grew in the back of her head. She just wanted relief. There was only one way to get relief. She had to release. She had to allow the pressure to…

Lacey held her breath grabbing Devlin's hand that was working her steadily. “I….can't…”

With his free hand he trapped hers on top of the counter and pressed their bodies tighter together. She could feel his desire through the fabric of their clothes. Her chest heaved her mind running miles away imagining his sex in her hands, in her mouth, in... her.

The pressure was there pushing at her mind. And…

“Shit!” Lacey belted a scream ripping through her throat as a river of pleasure coursed through her body. The pressure dissipated and was replaced with waves of pleasure and a hazy bliss settling under her skin.

The feeling of tingly calm held onto her mind as Devlin’s  cleaver finger pinched the hard bud of her breast. Lacey moaned reaching a hand behind her to touch the bulge underneath his pants.

“I want to see you.” Lacey looked back at Devlin over her shoulder.

Those dark eyes danced and he took a few steps away from her.

Lacey shivered. The cool against her heated skin made her aware of how hot she was. She bit her bottom lip looking at Devlin who stood near the couch his eyebrow raised. “Well I'm not going to do all the work. If you want me then come and get me.”

Lacey's lips parted the desire to see him, touch him, taste him now a need. She looked into Devlin's eyes her mind… concerned. Not with how sexy he was bound to be under all the clothes, but with her performance. This wasn't some guy who'd been wooing her that she was dating that if she didn't do something to his liking wouldn't… well what would he do? They only had this night anyway.

“You're thinking too much.”

Lacey met those dark eyes his eyebrows were pulled together. “I-I…”

“No words.”

“But-” Lacey fell silent when his eyes narrowed. Was that fear that wrapped her mind or desire she couldn't tell.

“Come here.”

Lacey obeyed seeing no other option. Did she need permission to touch this man? Lacey placed the palm of her hand on the dark fabric covering his chest and made her way to his shoulder where she pushed the leather vest over one shoulder then the other until the vest fell to the floor.

Devlin sucked in air when her cold hands met the hot soft skin of his lower abs under his shirt. Lacey pulled the shirt over his head and marveled at the plans of tan sculpted skin that stood in front of her bathed in the firelight from the candles.

Lacey bit her bottom lip gazing up at Devlin from under her lashes. He flexed his fists at his sides the veins that traced his muscles bulged.

Lacey hooked her hand in Devlin's pants and unhooked them pulling them over the man's hips taking his underwear with them. Devlin stepped out of the heap of clothes as Lacey knelt in front of him. His cock bobbed out between them. Lacey licked her lips wrapping her hand around him.

Devlin growled letting his head fall back at her touch. When Lacey's lips wrapped around the tip of his penis Devlin's hips jutted forward and a string of profanities poured from his lips. Lacey stroked the length of him with her lips, and hand, rolling her tongue around the head of his penis her eyes closed deep in the task. His girth filled her mouth making her jaw sore, but the discomfort didn't matter as much as the taste of him or the feel of his silken, hard flesh in her hands, on her tongue. Lacey massaged his balls; the weight a welcomed treat. His primitive grunts and groans encouraged her and to her surprise aroused her in a way she never knew she could be.

Devlin startled her from her thoughts when he grabbed her and pulled her to standing his eyebrows furrowed his jaw set, clenched. Did he not like what she was doing? Worry knit Lacey's eyebrows.

Devlin's expression softened. “I have to be in you, now.” He retrieved a condom from his pants, put in on and sat on the couch motioning for Lacey to straddle him.

Lacey's legs were planted on either side of the devilish man her sex hovering over his. The dress running up over her ass. She gasped when he pulled her nipple in his mouth. He massaged her other breast through her dress before freeing it from the low neckline of the cloth and sucked the nipple.

Lacey arched into his mouth grabbing a handful of his hair.

Devlin laughed pulling away from her nipple moist with his saliva.

“You're just how I imagined you.” Devlin grabbed her butt cheeks with a roguish grin. “Now, sit on my dick.” Devlin placed his yearning flesh at the cusp of hers and she lowered herself on him her mind wandering, spinning out of control at every inch that filled her.

Lacey moaned grabbing one of her breasts playing with the hard nipple.

“Yes, touch yourself.” Devlin growled his eyes darker somehow as he planted his feet and thrust into Lacey with strong consistent thrusts. Filling her mind with a familiar feeling of losing everything she ever knew and finding something she never knew she wanted.

Lacey's eyes fell to the man below her when he demanded she do so. Everything about him: those dark eyes, dark eyebrows knit in determination, those lips, the bronzed planes of his chest, slim waist, strong legs just sent her tumbling over the edge and she fell over it with her eyes wide shut and mouth wide open.

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|4| Whom He May Devour |
Lacey fell exhausted onto the couch next to Devlin her feet propped up on the chaise lounge sectional.

Devlin exhaled then pushed himself up and walked with alpha male nonchalance into the kitchen. With his bare hands, Devlin grabbed one of the chicken cordon bleu that Lacey made earlier and took a big bite. He wiped the back of his hand over his mouth before taking another wolf sized bite.

Lacey knew her mouth was open, but there were no words. None that would come out anyway. Jet mind on the other hand was racing with things, that might have under different circumstances, actually come out of her mouth. Some of which included: Has the creature ever heard of a plate? Didn't he see the roll of napkins sitting in front of him? Was he raised in a barn? No a barn was to civilized had to be raised in a jungle. Had she really made him so ravenous? Lacey wasn't sure if she was offended or in awe at how fast he was consuming the meal.

“There’s wine on the table.” What else was she going to say to the insatiable breast?

Devlin grunted and made his way to the refrigerator. Retrieved her orange juice carton and started gulping right from the container. Well why the hell would she expect him to use a cup? After he drained the rest of the juice he rinsed the carton and tossed it in the recycling bin.

Lacey wasn't sure why but that small thing turned the entire series of events into something she found very attractive. He was raw, and rude, and honest, and dangerous, and she knew all of that before she said yes.

“You should eat something.”

Lacey frowned. “I'm not hungry.” Not for food anyway. What the hell was she saying? The deed was done and now the devil would leave, right?

“You'll need the energy.”

“For what?”

There was mischief in Devlin's eyes. “For round two.”

Devlin strolled over to Lacey his erection bobbing out in front of him intimidating in the candle lit room. Lacey sat up at his approach his words sinking into her fuzzy mind.

He picked her up and turned her upside down hooking her thighs over his shoulder. Lacey gasped when his mouth consumed her sex. Lacey took hold of his penis, that was now in her face, and took the head in her mouth.

Devlin's growl vibrated her clit sending a stream of pleasure to her brain.

Well if this wasn't an exercise is athleticism she wasn't sure what the hell was.

Lacey worked Devlin's length as the blood rushed to her head the ever building orgasm bringing her so close to losing all control. That is if she wasn't already out of control.

What the hell was she saying...or rather thinking? She was hanging upside down in her living room getting mind bending head while giving head.

Lacey's legs started shaking as liquid spewed from her core.

She thought is was an orgasm. Her fuzzy mind was telling her so, but she was sure she just peed all over Devlin.

“Put me down!” Lacey's face started to heat as embarrassment settled in her mind.

“What's wrong?” The Devil smirked at her approaching her retreating form stroking his erection.

“You might be into that...kind of thing, but I'm not.” Lacey had to use the couch arm to steady her wobbly legs.

Devlin frown confused only for a moment. “That was not pee.”

Lacey frowned up at him putting an arm out to stop his advance. Devlin grabbed Lacey's arm and pulled her skin to skin.

The whisper of his voice made her shiver. “Feels so good to let go doesn't it?” Devlin cupped Lacey's sex and she leaned into him for support. She was feeling... weak. She thought she'd hate the feeling but somehow she was content with it as long as he did...Mmmmm. Yeah,  that right there.

Devlin picked Lacey up her legs clamped around his toned waist. He was trailing kisses down her neck, along her collarbone to her breasts. Lacey's head fell back as Devlin's clever tongue made circles around Lacey's nipple.

“What was it?” Lacey whimpered upset when Devlin lifted his mouth to respond.

“What was what?”

“The...stuff...the liquid.”

Devlin smiled those dark eyes dancing. “You... cumming. I want you to do it again.” Lacey wasn't sure when, but Devlin already had another condom on. With Lacey’s arms around Devlin's neck he hooked his arms under the backs of her knees and held her waist with one hand. Devlin placed his penis at the cusp of Lacey's sex with the other.

“I don't know how I did it the first time.”

“Just let me make you feel good.”

Lacey's breath caught when he slid inside of her. “Mmmmm. Oh shit.” Lacey moaned. Swearing wasn't a part of her day to day vocabulary as she thought it was inappropriate in polite company. She was not in polite company.

Once Devlin filled her, he started pumping inside of her fiercely. Pounding, pounding, pounding. Driving in and out. Up and down his length using her waist to move her while thrusting his hips. Every time hitting that spot that made the back of her head tingle and her toes balled up. Almost pain, mostly pleasure.

Lacey could only feel as her body started to come alive again. There was no room for thought, for doubt, for analysis, only the sensation of her body pounding against his. The calling, beckoning of that voice a whisper at first but growing louder… wait, that was her voice! Lacey was screaming out strings of profanity in English and Spanish.

The feeling the sounds were too much in her weary mind, her weak body. Devlin was right she should have eaten. She should have drank some water, but she knew neither one of those things would sate her hunger, nor quench her thirst.

Lacey's world was slowing down her vision blurring. The last thing she felt was her orgasm rippling through her before her world went black.
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|5| Branded Kisses |
Lacey moaned arching her body. Her fingers laced through short hair buried... between her legs.

“Devil... I can't think ...take... light.” Lacey slowly opened her eyes when she felt the vibrations of Devlin's laughter between her legs. “I'm making no sense.” Her raspy voice croaked.

Devlin moaned. His tongue working magic on her clit.

Lacey gathered up the shreds of her sound mind and pushed herself off the couch scurrying over the arm as dark eyes watched her stumbling retreat. “I-I can't.” Lacey caught herself on the island counter before she dashed into the bathroom. She closed the door and locked it leaning on the wooden aperture. She exhaled and closed her eyes taking several deep breaths before venturing toward the toilet.

Lacey paused catching her profile in the mirror. She looked like a tousled mess. Lacey cocked her head looking at her reflection with a more critical eye. Her breasts were full, nipples erect, her skin had a glow to it. Lacey ran her fingers across her collarbone and palmed her breast. It had some weight to it.

There was a soft knock on the door. “Lacey, come out.”

“Uh uh.”

“Come on. I won't knock your ass out this time.” Lacey could hear the humor in his voice, but she barely recognized the raspy quality of her own.

This time! “I can't not be able to stand tomorrow.”

There was a long silence where Lacey foolishly thought the man had given up.

Lacey used the silence to continue her self evaluation in the mirror.

Lacey bit her lip and ran her fingers down her stomach and between her legs. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes imagining Devlin's tongue on the most sensitive part of her body. What did he see when he looked at her? Did he just see a pair of legs, a piece of ass? Lacey turned so her back faced the mirror then twisted to check herself out. Not a bad looking ass. Lacey ran a hand over the curve of her butt.

The low undulations of Devlin's voice startled Lacey out of her thoughts.

“So fucking perfect.”

Lacey's face filled with heat. Wait a second… she locked the door how did he get in?

As if reading her mind he held up a Bobby pin. Devlin pushed off the door frame and advanced on Lacey. She backed away.

Devlin stopped his dark eyebrows furrowed. “Come to me, Lacey.”

Lacey shivered at her name on his lips. Her eyes fell from the storm brewing behind those obsidian eyes to his lips, wide and flat. She wondered what they tasted like. Lacey looked lower at the hand he had extended. She found his eyes again. There was doubt, uncertainty in their depths. Did he think she would reject him? Had a woman ever done such a thing? She doubted it. Devlin seemed to have the pick of the litter. How could he think she'd turn him away?

“I'm a lightweight.” Lacey cooed taking his hand.

Devlin smirked taking both her hands and leading her to a pile of blankets over pillows laying out on the floor in front of her now roaring gas fireplace. The candles around the room had finally started to burn out and most of the light was coming from the fireplace alone.

Lacey's eyes fell to Devlin's lips again. “You haven't kissed me.”

“Your lips have been fucking with me all night.” Devlin's deep voice echoed in the quiet room.

Lacey frowned. “What, is kissing against some rule or something?”

“You don't want to kiss me.”

Lacey tried and failed not to take the bait. “Why?”

“Because you're supposed to forget me after tonight.” Devlin was already pulling Lacey to him.

Lacey moaned when her skin clung to his like a magnet. Lacey found Devlin's eyes. “I don't think I could ever forget you, Devlin Sinn.”

Devlin stroked her cheek and lowered his face to meet hers. Lacey exhaled their connection seemed to slow time. She didn't think she could feel anything she'd never felt one night.

Devlin deepened the kiss entering her mouth with his tongue tasting her, stroking her tongue with his until she was lost in the sensation. Lacey moaned when Devlin pulled away.

Lacey couldn't say when she was laid on the blankets and pillows on the floor or when Devlin strapped up. Next thing she knew, he was kissing trails along her collarbone taking a laying position on his side behind her. He pulled her hips back toward him exposing her sex from behind and slid into her. Lacey moaned a new set a sensations familiar yet foreign filled her.

Devlin's thrusts were paced, steady, yet purposeful. Each thrust echoed a whisper to that voice buried in the back of her head that responded with a tingle starting at the base of her neck and covered her entire body. Devlin turned her face up to look back at him. He kissed her. She turned just her upper body and reached back clasping the back of his head with the hand that was under her.

It seemed like a fleeting moment and an eternity that she was lost in the play of their tongues.

Devlin lifted her leg and maneuvered himself to rest between her legs while she lay on her back. She knew this position and yet it still felt extraterrestrial.

Devlin stayed inside of Lacey rotating his hips while he trapped her face between his forearms. He smoothed her hair back away from her face those dark eyes boring deep into the depths of her being.

Lacey's stomach did a somersault her heartbeat increased. He saw it. He saw her soul. She felt it. He couldn't be looking so deep and not see it. There was no way for him to look so deep and not bare, even if just a little part, of his own as well. Trapped. She was trapped in those dark, bottomless eyes.

Devlin picked up the pace his gaze averted to her lips. It was in that moment that she realized she'd never seen him cum. She wasn't even sure if he did. She just assumed he did when she did. She wanted to see this man lose control. She wanted to see his face washed in ecstasy.

“I want to watch you cum.”

Devlin's eyebrows furrowed and his eyes met hers. “You have no idea what your words do.” Devlin's jaw clenched, his arms that were holding him up over Lacey flexed the veins coming to life.

The tenderness that filled his eyes before were replaced by a sinister twinkle. Devlin's hips picked up speed his face consumed hers. He seemed to siphon her energy with each stroke of his tongue, each thrust of his hips.

Lacey pushed back the growing whisper in her head and just rode the sensation of her approaching orgasm. She didn't want to finish she didn't want this to end. No, she wanted to see him end, come undone, fall apart between her legs, with her wrapped around him.

Devlin's head fell back his muscles bunched, the thrust of his hips were jerky until they stopped all together when he was at the deepest point inside her. When his eyes met hers she noticed for the first time that they were a dark blue or was the light playing tricks? His face had a youthful glow. The tension seemed drained from him.

His face contorted twisting his eyebrows into a comical form, a smirk pulled up the corner of his lips. His dark eyes finally met hers.

“So fucking perfect.”

Devlin removed himself, stood to his feet, and headed to the kitchen removing the condom.

“What are you doing?” Lacey's chest tightened. So was that it? Slam bam thank you ma’am? Well, it was hardly one slam but not the point.

“Do you want me to leave?” He moved back into her field of vision a glass of water in his hand.

Lacey shook her head and held her arms out to him.

He handed the glass to her. “Drink.”

She did as he lay on his side closest to the fireplace his back to her. She put the glass down and ran a cold hand up his back. He grabbed her arm and wrapped in around him as Lacey settled on her side behind him. Devlin was running circles along the back of Lacey's hand while lacey was stroking the valleys between his abs.

His stomach muscles tensed and he rolled onto his back pulling Lacey to his side a smile on his face. He started playing with her breast with his free hand. Soon his circles slowed, then became sloppy slow ovals, then stopped all together as his breathing deepened.

Lacey's eyes were closed and far too laden to open even though she wanted to know what the devil looked like when he slept. She was caught in a space between being awake and sleep. The perfect place to find reflection and introspection.

Lacey was caught off guard. Not by the sex... Ok some parts of the sex were for her, but this. Lacey nestled closer to the hot box next to her. She certainly wasn't expecting round three from Devlin Sinn. Lacey knew that the devil had tricks but she wasn't expecting this. She wasn't expecting to extract pieces of a mortal man.

A man flawed in so many ways. She could tell this man's existence was shrouded in darkness. He was used to shielding himself, putting up a wall. But he slipped tonight. She saw. She saw the way he looked at her. She saw what the devil truly desired, but she knew enough about Devlin Sinn to know he'd never be able to do what it took to have what he desired, not from her anyway.

Lacey wanted love in all its heart wrenching glory. She wanted the ups and downs and mostly the companionship, the journey. Lacey didn't know if she would ever be able to find that with someone like Devlin Sinn.

Lacey remembered his tenderness. She wondered if he even knew that he made love to her. Lacey shook the thought.

There were few things that Lacey Diaz would allow to be variables in her life. Lacey had a vision for her life. One that she was excited about and she knew she couldn't wait around on Devlin Sinn to find his heart.

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