|5| Taking Orders |

Ania stretched and rolled over with a delightful ache in her limbs. She frowned, when the strong warm body, she thought she’d find next to her, wasn’t there. She opened her heavy eyes  and patted further toward the edge of the bed until there was no more bed.

“You should go back to sleep.”

She started at the man’s low voice coming somewhere behind her. She turned toward the bay window and saw him leaning on the frame. Moonlight touched his smooth, dark skin with such a gentle caress he almost didn’t look real. It was very possible she was still dreaming. He was so freakin’ sexy it was difficult to bare being so far away from him.

“Come back to bed.” She cleared her raspy throat.

She heard the amusement in his voice. “There’s nothing quite like sleep out here.” He pushed off the frame and was heading to the bed. He climbed on the bed, a hand on either side of her. He opened her legs and settled into a lying position between her thighs. He placed kisses along her inner thigh, first one side then the other. She sighed excited at what might come--

“Oh, mmmm.” She purred. She rubbed his head while his lips and tongue toyed with her clit with diligence and skill. She rolled her hips toward his face and bit her bottom lip. She widened her legs the bursts of pleasure every time he tasted her in the right spot was driving heat all through her body which didn’t explain why she shivered. 

He moaned over her clit and slid two fingers inside her pussy and found, with haste, he golden spot.

“Holy fuck,” she rasped, that wonderful overwhelming feeling of release tingled the back of her head. She needed it immediately and it was so close at hand. “Yeah, yeah, right there. Of fucking shit fuck.” She heard and felt him laugh on her and she wished he had hair to grab. She grabbed the sheets at her side instead when a forceful orgasm racked her body.


The sun was barely kissing the horizon when Blake woke up to start the day. His evening with Ania was unexpected and most welcome. It’d been a very long time since he actually connected with someone on a level other than physical. She was so damn passionate and responsive. The way she looked at him, the way she touched him. 

He got out of bed with little care of waking her. She was so deep in sleep, he knew a fog horn wouldn’t rouse his beautiful companion. He could tell by the low steady breaths that filled her lungs he’d done his job. 

The corner of his mouth tweaked when he gazed at her dark skin in contrast with the white sheets. 

She was a strong woman, willful like few others he’d met. He found it obnoxious at first. Taking orders for decades changed your perception quite a bit. 

He retrieved some clothes from the closet which was stocked with basic items. Blue jeans and plain white t-shirts in several sizes along with good hiking boots. 

He made his way downstairs checking all the windows and doors, then he ventured outside and walked the grounds. Everything looked to be in working order with no sign that anyone had been lurking. 

Why the hell did he take this job anyway? He was a fool to, not like his major gave him much of a choice. Blake made his way back to the cabin and started a pot of coffee.

His phone rang, startling him from his thoughts. Speaking of the devil.

“Good Morning, sir.”

Major Delany cleared his throat. “Still up earlier than the roosters, son?”

“Yes, sir. I am, sir.”

“Very good, man. I take it you’ve secured the ambassador's daughter in a remote location.”

“Yes, sir. As directed, sir.” Blake’s ears perked up when he heard sound upstairs. 

He smiled. The princess was finally rousing, funny what coffee does.

“Very good. I have good news. The threat was eliminated last night. Some intel allowed a quick mission with no casualties. I like those kind.” The man forced out a painful laugh.

“Don’t we all, sir.”

“Indeed. You can bring Miss Naidoo back to her home, Sergeant.”

A sadness settled over Blake blended with relief. As much as he wanted to get the woman back to the city so he could return to his life, he also wanted to spend the time secluded up in the cottage with her.

“Sergeant, are you there?”

“Yes, sir. Sorry, sir. I will get Miss Naidoo back home in short order, sir.”

“Very good. I will call you at 2100 hours to verify the mission was completed successfully.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.”

“Ambassador Naidoo is over the fucking moon delighted  you took the mission, and so am I.”

Blake smirked. “Very good, sir.”

“Get home safe.”

“Will do, sir.” Blake hung up the phone and shook his head pouring a cup of coffee. He made his way to his duffle and started stuffing his guns and other things in there. The mission was a favor, and Blake was too loyal, or too brainwashed to turn the man down. His major was a difficult man, and losing his leg didn’t make him any easier to get along with. 

When Major Delaney returned home, he closed himself off like many vets, especially the vets that experienced physical trauma. His wife, the dumb broad, left him sometime during his second tour. No one felt pity for Major Delaney. He wouldn’t have it. Blake respected that about him. 

Things weren’t good for the Major. In fact, he could imagine they were shit blowing around in a sand storm, but the man came out to force Blake into this job. That was mostly why Blake agreed. For the man to make the effort it had to mean something.

“So what now?”

 He glanced over his shoulder at the beautiful, brown-skinned woman. She was wearing a pair of the standard issue jeans, small enough to fit her frame, and had the white t-shirt knotted to show some of her smooth, dark stomach. 

He turned back to his task or he might grab her up. “You get to go back to your classroom. Back to cell phones, tablets, laptops and conferences.”

She laughed. “That’s not what I was really talking about, but good to see you actually have a sense of humor.”

He shrugged. Humor was for those who had the luxury to not see what he had. “The class clown, I was not.”

“No?” He loved the teasing quality of her voice. “I think a red nose would look fetching on you.” She graced him with a smile, when he smirked at her over his shoulder. He noticed that she’d ventured closer to him. 

A silence settled between them. “I was talking about, will I ever see you, again?”

His eyebrows quarked, as he held her dark eyes. “I’m surprised you’d want to.” He laughed uncomfortably.

She looked down at his large hands and took one in her comparably small one. “You’re not so bad.”

He frowned. Sure he had both of his legs, but he had his demons. She had no idea what his dreams were made of. “You say that because you don’t really know who I am.”

She frowned up at him. 

His jaw tensed. 

She cupped his cheek in her palm and his insides reacted to her touch. “Maybe not. But I can tell that violence and loyalty have been your life for a long while. It’s been the way you eat, reason why you don’t sleep, but you haven’t allowed it to destroy you.” She pressed her other palm to his chest. “On the inside.” 

He swallowed, searching the woman’s eyes. 

“I’ve killed people.” She winced and he nodded, expecting the reaction.  “Many of them and feel little remorse. I did what I was told and was handsomely rewarded for my blind loyalty.” 

He pulled her hand away from his face and brought his focus back to his bag and packing his weapons. “It’s probably best you stay away from me.” 

She took a few steps toward him intently watching him work through his task. She rubbed her hand up his back and along his shoulders. He froze and looked at her over his shoulder.

She found his eyes from under her lashes. “You’re probably right, but when I see someone I want, it’s hard to stop me from getting them.

His eyes darkened. The woman had no idea what kind of danger she was putting herself in. Maybe a past him, would have had the strength to make the right decision for her, but that man died somewhere in that desert thousands of miles away. 

He turned and clasped the nape of her neck pulling her willing lips to his. The heat, the desire that stirred his body from the inside, was a taste of the danger he felt every time he touched her. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t an adrenaline junky. However, this danger was foreign territory, and it called him like a wolf yearned for the moon.



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