|4| Euphoric Pieces |

She kept her weight off his lap and snaked her arms over his broad shoulders. Her insides jiggled at the proximity, at his heat, the way his thick muscled legs forced hers apart. She moaned when he ran his finger up the back of her thigh, over her ass where he squeezed. His hands continued up to her lower back, her waist, and up to her shoulders, then down at her sides where he pushed her to sit on him.

She gasped, when her bottom felt his straining penis push against the dense fabric of his jeans. She didn’t tell her hips to grind on him. He clasped the back of her neck and brought their mouths together. She exhaled into him, and he pulled her close holding her.  

It wasn’t like she was a virgin. She’d been with men before, but he was so sensual, so masculine it was overwhelming. Her body came alive as if reborn, a new, excited at his touch, and the lapping of their tongues. 

He pulled open her robe exposing her nudity. He palmed her breast and looked at it before pulled the sensitive nipple into his mouth.

“Oh, shit!” She whispered, arching into his mouth. She moaned and let her head fall back. Her hands ventured down his well-crafted chest, over the mountains and valleys of his abs to his pants. She rubbed his penis and her breast popped out his mouth when his head fell back. “Does that feel good?” She purred, in his ear, then took the lobe between her teeth.

“Take them off.” He growled.

She knew what he was talking about, but she pulled back to meet his eyes. “What? These?” She ran her hands over his hardness through the jeans again.

His eyes glared a frown marred his angular features. “Yes.”

She pouted and put on her most innocent face. “Is that an order, sir?”

“Yes.” He ground out.

She smiled and went to work unbuckling his belt, then unbuttoning and unzipping the jeans. He let out a big exhale when his penis was able to spring free of its restriction. It stuck up through the hole in his underwear. 

She bit her lower lip examining the substantial bit of anatomy. Thick, long, veiny and dark his penis stood out, the head swollen from their play, from his need, his want for her. Excitement ricocheted off the walls of her body and mind. She stood and pulled the pants and underwear off him, then pulled off his shirt. 

She smirked. 

This is how she wanted him, how she imagined him.

She straddled him again where he parted the sides of the robe and pushed it over her shoulders and onto the floor. His eyes devoured her nudity running over her face, shoulders, collarbone, throat, her breasts, stomach and back up again. His calloused hands felt rough against her skin gliding up form her thighs, hips, waist, her back and down where they settled on her ass. 

She rubbed her pussy back and forth along his length and he groaned. He reached down to the floor and retrieved a condom from his pant pocket, ripped it out the package and rolled it over his penis. He grabbed her waist and aligned his cock with her opening, then slid inside her. 

She pressed her palms against his chest with a whimpered. The sensation of his intrusion almost too much. He held fast to her waist but slowed his urgency. She gasped the more he entered her. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back. Once he was submerged to the hilt, he sunk into the couch getting solid footing, held her waist up a bit, and thrust into her.

“Oh, fucking shit!” She belted.

“Shhh,” a mischievous smirk met her eyes when they pulled open at his chastisement. He set up pulling her chest to his. He claimed her mouth and she ground her hips on him. She whined when he pulled away and lifted her up and down his penis stretching her slick opening in the most delicious way. His thumb roamed to her clit making her breath catch. 

She couldn’t stop the overwhelming onslaught of feelings that rushed through and around and inside her. She sucked air between her teeth feeling her pussy collapse around him. 

She shrieked and held on to his shoulders when he stood with her in tow. He climbed the stairs with ease and laid her on the bed without separating their bodies. 

She reached for breaths when his muscled body loomed over her in the near dark room. She ran her hands all over his body her mind conjuring an accurate description of what he looked like a moment before in the light of the fireplace. 

She moaned into his kiss, light at first then gradually got more demanding. She arched her body into his, desperate for him to move, to do something, anything. “Blake,” she moaned his name.

He thrust into her once then used his weight to keep her still. She growled in the darkness only to be confronted my masculine amusement. He kissed her mouth, down her neck, suckled both nipples, then back up to her lips again. He pulled out then back in flexing his strong glutes. She sighed and relaxed into the pillows. He kept thrusting into her while he kissed along her jaw until he got to her ear. “Is this what you want?”

“Mhm,” she wrapped her legs higher up his hips. He leaned back to a kneeling position on the bed, grabbed her thighs and pulled her closer to him then started driving into her at a high velocity, pounding their bodies together in rapid succession. She could barely keep herself together she could feel her cells pulling away from each other. It was a blissful, pleasurable pain that stung and tingled, and confused her and felt good at the same time. She couldn’t keep it together. Once she decided she didn’t want to keep it together, she shattered into a million euphoric pieces.


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