|2| Tight Fit |

"Why is this cabin so small?" Ania's nose crinkled, as she took in the meager interior space. Blake was certain the little princess was used to far better, but she would just have to deal with it. The cabin had more than he’d had while touring overseas.

"You're not claustrophobic are you?" He smirked at her expression. It’d been a while since he’d paid any real attention to a woman. Once he satiated his need to copulate, he was content with the solitude that followed. He couldn’t recall any particular characteristics of the last string of women he’d been with and he was okay with that fact.

The woman standing next to him judging everything her brown eyes touched, on the other hand, was someone he was sure he wouldn’t forget her or her beauty.

Ania rolled her eyes at the man. "No, but not much breathing room." He wouldn't forget her mouth either. She always seemed to have something to say. The woman pissed him off trying be defiant when people were trying to blow her pretty head off.

He crouched down near a floorboard and pulled it up taking out a gun box. He punched in the code.

"The smaller the target, the more challenging the hit." It didn’t matter how much he found her alluring. She was a job and he couldn’t afford the distraction. "It's a similar concept with noise. The less, the better."

He laughed inside at her shocked expression. Her small fists balled at her side as she approached him. “As if you’re the most pleasurable company.”

He stood and her eyes grew as they followed him to his full height. She swallowed the delicate column of her long smooth neck flexed. Her beautiful ebony skin didn’t look real. He wanted to reach out and touch her. He was certain it felt like butter under hand.

“This isn’t about company. It's about protection.” He clenched his jaw.

“How long?” She ordered, like she was talking to a student who didn’t submit their paper in on time.

He held onto his cool, mostly because he could tell it made her mad. “For what?”

She exhaled and frowned at him. “How long with I have to endure your protection?”

He smirked. “Not long at all. A day or so after the election.”

A big smile pulled at her scowl. “That’s tomorrow.” She crossed her arms over her chest. “Good. I’m not sure how long I can spend in this place. I need to shower.”

“Upstairs, towels behind the door.”

“Is there soap?”

“Not the pretty flower shaped ones you’re accustomed to, princess.”

She gave him a deadly glare, turned and marched up the wooden steps mumbling something in her native tongue.

The following bit of time, he struggled to keep his thoughts off the pretty woman who was naked upstairs dripping wet. He busied himself checking all the secure features of the little cabin. He acquainted himself with the gun locations, security system. It was getting late so he drew the curtains and planned to check the grounds the next morning. He locked all the windows and doors and kept an eye on the security cameras hidden in the trees that faced the front and rear of the lot. The control room, if it could be called that, was under the stair. Everything appeared to be undisturbed for quite some time⎼

A blood curdling scream sent him flying up the stairs with a loaded gun. He barged into the bathroom and was confronted by a shriek of surprise and perky dark nipples, flat stomach, and shaved privates. He quickly looked into the woman’s eyes as she moved to cover herself with the shower curtain. She was shivering which for some reason made him laugh. Her tight frizzy curls were dangling in her eyes as she glared at him.

He grabbed a towel from behind the door and wrapped her in it.

“This is not funny! That water heater is shit!” She squealed.

Her accent brought a smile to her face. He rubbed her arms vigorously with the towel while she climbed out the shower. “It helps when there’s a fire in the fireplace.” He confessed.

“Sure, tell me now.” Her teeth chattered letting him help warm her. She splayed her elegant hands on his chest using him as support. He stopped breathing for a moment noticing that she wasn’t shivering any more, she was just in his arms. Her body heat mingled with his stirring his blood. He looked down at her and her dark eyes were grazing over his face and settled on his mouth.

Her sweet, full lips parted.

He thought he had more self restraint than he did because without hesitation her cupped her face in his palm and kissed her.

She moaned, pressed into him and gathered him close; her arms wrapped around his shoulders. His other hand held fast to her small waist, pulling her soft, slender curves to his hardness. He was certain she could feel his penis pushing at her through his jeans, through her towel. She didn’t seem bothered by it, maybe it was even fueling her increasing passion. Her tongue glided over his bottom lip and he opened his mouth over hers. She moaned into his mouth the feeling intoxicating euphoric. Everything about her: from her tight curly locks to her full lips, round ass, slim waist, dark smooth brown skin--

He pulled away using her waist to untangle her limbs from around his shoulders.

This was not how he handled jobs! This was how shit slipped between the cracks. This wasn’t about his cock, this was about her life.

“What’s wrong?” Her furrowed brow bothered him. If she thought it was her perfection that was in question, she was sorely mistaken.

He cleared his throat. “I’ll start that fire. The sun’s going down and the temperature will drop soon.”

He noticed the loss of her heat but ignored it. He had to stay focused.

Once he finished the job, he could return to his beloved retirement of peace sitting on his beach-side condo in San Diego. He had to hang onto that even when the feel of her ebony skin kept tingling his fingertips like ghost sensations for a long gone limb.

Stay Focused.



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