|9| Heart From the Darkest Ocean||

Dyan lost all track of time and reality after they came down from their high of completion they were lying there together with her back nestled against his front. So comfortable and satiated as he stroked her arms lightly just looking at the moon glowing off her skin.

So smooth so soft. He thought touching the spots where the moon danced on the surface. He ventured to twirl a coily strand of hair between his pointed finger. He nestled his face into her mass of hair and inhaled. It was a coconut smell mixed with berries of some kind. Her skin has a floral scent to it that he couldn’t get enough of. When they were on outings doing things with Irene he would get whiffs of her fragrance and it took most of his will to keep his hands to himself.

He sighed unable to keep his mind from drifting to the series of events that led this beautiful woman to his door. The loss never seemed to make sense even after the period of time that passed. He just didn’t understand how he could lose someone so close. Part of him would think that maybe they were just on some extended trip. That happened a couple ties and he’d look after IRene for them, but he knew better than that.

“What are you thinking about?” Her soothing voice cut through the silence as much as it cut through his thoughts.

“I miss them,” he admitted.

“Who?” Her voice was hesitant as if she were afraid to ask.

He sighed. “Irene’s parents.”

She let out a knowing hmm before saying in a hushed whisper, “Say their names.”

“Joe and Katie Bell.” He held his breath when a pain zinged through his chest. “I miss Joe and Katie.” It hurt, but it felt like weight was lifted from his shoulders.

She turned to look and him and cupped his face. “It’s okay to miss Joe and Katie. It’s okay to mourn them, and it’s okay to still love them. It’s okay to love their daughter. Take her into your heart as your own blood. That’s why they chose you. That’s why they left her in your care. That’s why they chose you because she could relate to the loss. So you could heal together through the loss.”

He smiled down at the pretty woman and stroked her cheek. He couldn’t keep his hands off that smooth flawless skin.

“You’re so good with her. So good with kids. Why don’t you have any of your own?”

She stopped stroking his chest, then set up bringing her legs over the edge of the bed. She let out an awkward laugh that made his sit up too. “Daisy?”

“I’d love to have children, but this is my calling.” She looked back at him over her shoulder.

“You’re young still. Maybe one day when you settle dow--”

“I don’t settle down, Mr, Lane.” She stood up with the sheets covering her chest.

“Where are you going?” She pulled her hand from his and started looking around.

“To my room, once I find my cloths.”

“Why?” He pulled himself to the edge of the bed.

“This is not how a governess is supposed to behave. I--I-- I pride myself on being professional, of teaching a young lady how to conduct herself in a manner that will earn her respect and display grace and portray a certain air about herself.” She frowned with her dress balled up in her arms. “Sleeping with your client is hardly--Damn it!” She yelled. “Where the hell is my bra?”

One of his long limbs reached out and grabbed her arm and the other her waist and he pulled her to stand between his legs.

“How the hell did you reach me? I thought for sure I was at a safe distance.” Her voice was husky and cracked and he loved how distreveled her pretty coils were shaping her face.

“Lanky limbs always win.” He exhaled before finding her eyes again. “Is that what you want? To be away a safe distance?”

She shrugged. “It’s the wise thing to do. I’d wager.”

What happened to this woman to make her close up so fast? Had to be heartbreak. Had to be loss. She hid behind her job. The aloofness allowed her to hide from the world, but he saw her. He laid back on the bed and brought her along to straddle him. He held her eyes and pulled the sheets away from her perfection. He let out air and gazed and her heavy breasts just enough for a good handful. He reached out and weighed one then the other in his palms. The dark tip of her nipple puckered up at his attention.

She moaned and started rocking her hips against his already growing penis. He reached behind him to the night table and retrieved another condom which he placed in her outstretched palm.

She sheathed him before aligning their sexes and sitting down on him slowly. She gasped and her eyebrows pulled together. My moaned and gnawed on her lower lip as she took him all in.

He let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding as he felt her heat surround him. After a moment fully emerged she pulled herself up his length and let her weight go down. She picked up the pace rolled her pelvis and sliding back and forth on him. Her cries of pleasure were a fiendish joy of his. She grabbed a bouncing breast and played with the nipple while she rode him with a consistent rhythm.

“Oh! Oh yes! Oh shhh--” She gasped, when he started rubbing her clit with his thumb.

She frowned down at him a serious look maring her beautiful dark features.

She whimpered and her pace slowed. He grabbed her hips, held her up and started thrusting into her. She pressed her palms on his chest and he kept thrusting kept empaling her over and over until her head flew back and her body stiffened.

He grimaced as the tight contraction of her sex coaxed his body to release.



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